I added the Ladiks, moved things around to cancel out the cable PITA a bit, and added an EG and LFO. I will still tweak placement a bit more. For the send/return to the stomp boxes, I would go Eurorack signal->A-520 in->A-520 out->P-520 in->P-520 out->Stomp Box in->Stomp Box out->back into Rackbrute?

Thank you this is helping out a lot!

Thank you the-erc///not hijacking at all!

Careful...the 531 mixer doesn't have CV over levels, but over panning.

This build can't properly support huge modules, either. You need to sort out how to get the modules down in size so that you can make something usable here. One example would be the use of the SND/ can get the same basic functionality out of a Ladik A-520 and P-520, with the sole difference being that you'd have to control your I/O levels on the stompboxes themselves. But as for the space difference...that would half that, and the COST...$78 sounds WAAAAAAY better than $500!

One other thing: you'll probably find that you'll hate having your control surfaces on the top row. In that position, you'll have patchcables all over them and they'll be a PITA to work. Bring them to the bottom row, then all you have in the way will be the 2s to/from patches.
-- Lugia

So the quad VCA is justified with no mixer cv?
I will have to play with the placement. I had the Planar and other modules in the bottom row and I busted the power limit. I will take another look at how I am balancing/placing modules.

Thank you!

One note here, the Swarm has its own case and power I think, so you could host it separately and save a bunch of space in your rack.
-- troux
Thank you...I was actually gifted the Eurorack version of the swarm (and the Indian resonator). So I would have to get a separate case.

ModularGrid Rack

Hello all. I am building my first Eurorack rig based around a Minibrute 2S and a 6U Rackbrute. I will make techno with occasional excursions into other genres. My goals are:

  1. To augment the Minibrute's voices (the Swarm and Indian Drum)
  2. To get my outboard effects into the system (the 4 SND/RTNs)
  3. Have a good filter

I plan to use the ES-8 to connect to VCV Rack. I can get EGs and LFOs there. I was thinking the VCAs might be redundant with the mixer has volume CV, but it might be good to create a voice and send that to one channel of the mixer?

Also I have all the drum boxes and samples I need for percussion.

Thank you.

Making the leap to the Arturia's Rackbrute for the Minibrute 2s. My main goals are to, add logic to sequencing, provide effects/sound shaping, and integrate into my studio.