Oh no...you're the devil!

Perfect Circuit has the Rubicon II in stock. Let's feed the addiction. :)
-- Ronin1973

I haven't been able to get the RUbicon II yet. Still searching.
Here is what I actually have (or will by Friday...):
I know I have way too big of a case and I still need a delay of some sort and a clock (though I do have a Beatstep Pro.)
I think I over bought, but I had an opportunity to get this stuff now, so I did...

Now, how to organize it all...

For sure. The way I took what Lugia said was in the way you actually chose the Erica over the 2HP: more value because of more functionality in the same space. It helped me choose to go with a Rubicon II, Dixie II+, and wave folder option rather than the Furthrrrr. I like the furthrrrr a lot, but with just a few more dollars and hp, the Intellijel cobo has more functionality.

Thank you, that is a very helpful way to look at it.
Especially with the effects.

I'm just getting into modular and have a chance to build my own system. If any of you have any tips on what I should get, or not get, I'd love to hear.
My goal with a modular synth set-up is to create performable, semi-generative drones and bleeps with a West Coast sound (I particularly like Suzanne Ciani), along with some sample playing and mangling.
I currently have a Make Noise 0-Coast and a Beatstep Pro. I’m not sure if I am duplicating or omitting some functions. And I've got to cut about $1000 of of this...

My current thinking is here:

ModularGrid Rack

I am looking at these modules for the following reasons.

Oscillator: Rubicon II (looking for a complex oscillator that can do through-0. Also considering Hertz Donut or the Furthrrrrr Generator. I'd really like the Furthrrrr, which is why I included it on the bottom row.)

Oscillator: Plaits for wavetable, particular vowel and drum sounds.

Filter: Three Sisters, seemed like you can get some unusual effects. But maybe I don’t need a filter or just something simple?

Low-Pass Gate: Optomix for west coast style sounds.

Stages: For LFOs, envelopes, etc.

Marbles: for random triggers and gates and sequencing. (or would a Sapel be better in pairing with Stages and Maths?)

Noise: Bastl Instruments Noise Squared. Seems to have some interesting features in addition to noise.

Maths: For… generating functions?

Morphagene: for mangling samples.

Multiples: Doepfer seems like a straightforward solution for signal splitting.

VCA: The 4MS VCA Matrix, seems to provide functionality and performability.

Ring Modulator: Looking for traditional west coast sounds, and the Befaco A*B+C does a few things.

Reverb: 2hp Verb seems like an economical solution (or Intellijel Spring Reverb?).

Delay: I like a good delay. The 2hp Delay seems fine to start with.

Mixer: Again, the 2hp seems satisfying enough.

Output: Eric Synths Pico Out. Just to get the signal out of the unit.