I was wondering if anyone used Neutron Sound QAT and/or QVCA ?
QVCA seems to be the classical OTA/TL0X4 design which from other modules I've tried is a bit blurry (for audio) when compared to say Veils..
For CV duties I think I could be better off with the quad attenuverter.

I'm looking for a vector space quite some now; I'll definitely snatch one if it pops up in a good price!Seems like a well though out module..
Batumi and Zadar are nice dedicated LFOs/EGs.
I'm quite pleased with O&C quad LFOs which is less than half their price..
I don't quite like the envelopes on the O&C though, I don't like the Peaks' envelopes either; can't exactly express why they just don't feel "right"/snappy enough..
My other gripe with Batumi is that it's basic signals only and I think I'm quite covered on those with my two Stages..
I should take a closer look to Tides v2, it seems more useful than Tides v1.

ModularGrid Rack

This would only require me to purchase a A-140-2 and build a second O&C and a kinks.
I think this would be a more balanced setup altough this time I feel I would require one or two signal generators but peaks could provide a starting point if a patch is geared towards percussion.

idk why but the image is still showing the old rack ..

Thanks for your insight Lugia..
Really appreciate your constructive criticism and I'm not that proud to admit that I really liked how all these black and gold panels look together; but was often frustrated when patching as there was always something missing..

On to your points:

1) More VCAs (I have the 132-3s I could use and maybe get another Veils down the road as I like how clean it is)
2) Ditch Shelves and Rings; use Ripples and Wasp VCF for EQing/shaping sounds (gain some space for properly expanding)
Maybe ditch Edges too and build its 10hp version or just see if I'm missing anything.
3)I actually do have attenuverters from Blinds so I could maybe get some more (maths?!)
4) I like A-171-2 and plan to mod it for it to be more usable; maybe incorporate it to my main rack
5) no idea about the expert sleepers stuff; never used any of their modules but may need to take a closer look.
This may help to incorporate the modular in a hybrid setup more easily.
Could you please be more specific about utilities that you like/use ?
CV processing utilities, trigger generators etc?

I'm about to finish my current 12U setup but often feel that I need more modulation and that I have more noise sources that I can use effectively.
This is a general duty rack but mostly oriented to drum duties maybe a synth line too and is supposed to be used along a machinedrum and a laptop running Ableton Live..
I was hoping to get into generative drum/percussion style patches to make things more interesting but probably need more probability modules and trigger generators so for now I'm just focusing on extra modulation.
I frequently patch it on its own and I seem to exhaust the modulators and VCAs pretty quickly so was thinking the following:
Get rid of Braids and Edges and replace them with NLC sloths, a second micro O&C and maybe a second Veils.
Another plan is to get the second O&C and a Pam's workout and start from there..
I could probably put aside Rings too since I'm not using it that much although it's nice for some additional bleeps.
Without Rings, Braids and Edges I think I could have a lot of space for extra modulation and maybe some more triggering options..
Any suggestions are welcome since I think I'm a bit stuck at this point.!
ModularGrid Rack

I also have a second rack in the making which temporarily serves as a storage rack for the modules I don't currently use a lot.
ModularGrid Rack
I could probably mix and match some modules between these 2racks if anyone has any ideas..Obvious choice would be the terminal tedium but I haven't finished it yet:P