I really appreciate the time you guys have taken to do this. I would be so lost without all this feedback. I m also wondering what outboard would you recommend for this control rig?.

The structure 344 uses size M3 6mm screws.

Okay, ty for all the help again :). The Mantis seems to fit the bill more. The Ic9 is a bit low on power for the modules i want.

i have been looking into prices on different cases and atm, i am leaning towards Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP series. The doepfer lc9 also looks very good. I really like how it seems to be stackable.

@ Lugia, that's actually a really good idea. and i can also start very small that way, and if i end up wanting more out of the modular later i can simply expand.

Thanks again guys, this is suepr helpfull. What i want the most out of the rack, is the ability to make slow evolving ambient melodies, drones and textures. Also to step away from VST*s. I want to be more hands on, but no need for it to be stand alone. I will start over with the build, and take all of this feedback into consideration.

Thank you guys for the feedback, i really appreciate it. I use Abelton 10 suite and would like to be able to send the modules to different channels, instead of recording into 1 channel for all the audio, that's why i chose the ES9. The only modules i am certain on atm is Morphagene, SWN, Harmonaig, Tapo and FX aid. So i should build around those and then find a case.

ModularGrid Rack

So what I am after, is ambient drones, textures and evolving melodic sequences.
What would you guys remove/add to this? as I am new too eurorack, any feedback is welcome.
I allready have Arturia keystep pro, Røde NT1 mic, Steinberg ur28M.