Thanks for the posts regarding power. I wanted to err on the side of caution as a beginner. Plus i made the case myself and didnt feel confident with installing power, so this seemed like the best option for now. I read that i should look at having a 'beefy' power supply to have plenty of headroom, hence the 2 row powers. So far i have only 1 row installed and am taking it slowly learning as much as possible about each module. and Wow! what a fantastic journey, modular is amazing.
Made even better by the community that surrounds it.

For Dub, Ambient, Experimental & Crazy Space Sounds.

Thread: My First Row

Wow thanks. really given me something to think about.
I think, for now, I will go with what I know and go from there.
So an MI Marbles in the rack, which I am familiar with from using in VCV rack and possibly an Arturia Keystep or Beatstep for stand alone.
Once again many thanks to all. Think I can finally get 1st row finished now.

Thread: My First Row

Thanks. Good comments.
I have got several incarnations of a final build, with more vcos and modulation and resonance. this is just what I have sourced so far and love the sound of.
just a bit stuck as to whether or not to go for sequencer inside the rack or not.
maybe i will go for random inside and step outside.
looking for recommendations.
I have considered the Rene/Tempi combo but takes up a lot of hp. Marbles has had the most positive comments. I also looked at, as an interim, the pico seq. might even attempt to diy a turing!

Thread: My First Row

Many thanks for taking the time to comment. I am on a learning journey currently and appreciate any help.
At the moment I am still finding out what each module can do, taking my time and am just creating loops. mixing them in with my other synths, which is fun. My thoughts for control are still in dispute. On the one hand I would like an outboard sequencer to control everything , Squarp Pyramid and Analogue Solutions Generator look fantastic but realistically a Beatstep Pro would probably Suffice. The other that is tempting, for a more organic feel, is some sort of random module like the Turing machine (or Marbles). Another idea I had was to get a semi modular like the Mother 32, which has a sequencer too). So comments/arguments for and against for these would be great.
I will bear the synth voice in mind though, mother 32 would be the first choice I think (although the Grandmother is lush too). I agree the Manther does look awesome and only 26hp! was looking at the Pittsburgh Lifeforms too. I did think I wanted to create my own synth voice though, and would need to add another 1 or 2 oscillators and definitely more modulation. so food for thought, thanks.

Thread: My First Row

This is where i have now got to on my 1st row and wondering where to go next. would like to get levels under control ( clipping quite a bit ), so i guess some sort of attenuator or would an output module be better? I quite like the look of MI Shades as Dc offset could be useful? Intellijell Triatt? Or should i just go for the 2hp Trim for now? or the ALM Hpo for line level output. Lots of good comments on the Rosie too.
Any views on Lfos would be helpful too. looking at the Batumi but I am also drawn to getting maybe a clock generator/modulator instead like the qu-bit pulsar.
any thoughts/views would be gratefully received.

latest incarnation of eurorack for under £1000.
purchases so far...
erica synths wavetable - £140
4ms row power + cables etc. - £140
rails - £40
offcuts of wood from dads shed - free
next purchases..
make noise maths - £250
MI ripples - £145
doepfer mixer - £52

think i may go over budget slightly.

Great. thanks for the comment.
Wow really cool. mixer and outs for 1/2 the price of the rosie!

starting my 1st rack. Tight budget so starting small. One question I do have though is whether I need a dedicated output straight away? I like the idea of the Rosie for the send and return feature which I guess would work well with the pico dsp or other fx. or could I get away with using the Alm Hpo?
any advice welcome.

Cool. thanks for comments. yes will definitely add in audio out.and look at a quantizer. other make noise bits look useful too.

My first foray into the world of modular synthesis.
I am an enthusiastic amateur and enjoy creating synth soundscapes. Hoping to add some more interesting textures/sounds.
I currently use a mixture of plug in synths / vcv rack / korg minilogue and roland piano.
My research has led me to believe the modules in this rack would be a good starting point.
I plan to build my own rack using the doepfer A-100 DIY kit.
Any thoughts / ideas / suggestions would be most welcome (before I hand over any hard cash to dealers!)