Hi Schwuah,

He, he, you got yourself quite some Intellijel stuff in that rack ;-) If this is what you want :-)

Some little feedback: You got yourself quite a few interesting and fancy modules, though I feel you could have one more oscillator and one more LFO and perhaps you should consider an ADSR module too. Quad AD is nice but sometimes it's good to have a ful ADSR too.

Or, and that would be my next piece of advice, keep it as it is, still add a bit more of oscillators, LFOs and envelopes and put that in a 7U * 104 HP unit (instead of 84 HP). Gives you just that extra space. Because with the 84 HP planning, you have no space left at all for any (near) future extension and you will be forced to buy an additional case, so why not going directly for the 104 HP case?

Last one, do you really need two pieces of those 1U - Quad Annuators modules? Personally, I would be happy with one of them and have some space left for one or two other interesting 1U modules.

First I had to get used to your rack (because of all the Intellijel stuff) but I actually like it, just do yourself a favour and get the 104 HP case then you are ready for the future too!

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.
-- GarfieldModular

Hi Garfield,
Thanks for the lenghty review! This is my reasoning for getting all-intellijel 84hp/7u:

I'm not gearing up for the future, I want to build a dream synth with a final state and form. Intellijel also provides cheap repairs post-warranty (2 years) for their modules, meaning I'd have these modules around for a good while. They also happen to look good, and the case is absolutely killer.

You're right about all that was missing, and I've probably rearranged some of accordingly.

The reason I previously had x2 quad attenuators was due to the large amounts of waveshapes from Rubicon/Dixies that I want to mix, while being able to subdue modulation. I don't have a larger mixing unit.

I'm not a big LFO guy...

You stated that the rack is for sequencing. Steppy only does gates/triggers... no CV/note values. How do you intend to actually sequence with it? I wouldn't depend on the MOTU for CV as you'll find it's a bit clunky going back and forth from your DAW to Eurorack just to get it to play a note. If you insist on using your DAW a MIDI to CV converter might be much more intuitive or a dedicated module like an Expert Sleeper FH2 might be a little more along your lines.

Sequencers are really a matter of use/preference... so you can go for something like an Beatstep, Eloquencer, Squarp, Toolbox, Westlicht Performer, etc. But I would definitely have some sort of hardware sequencer around... they are also great modulation tools for filters, etc.

-- Ronin1973

Scales is a pretty nifty sequencer; Plog will be interesting for controlling both Scales and Steppy. I know Steppy doesn't do CV. I also have a Beatstep Pro, but I'm more interested in using Steppy for sequencing modulation and timbres.

Sequencing hardware with VCV Rack works flawlessly in many cases, although it is not very tactile/satisfying. I have three Mother 32s that can do the MIDI/CV, as well.

Can you post your latest updated rack in the thread? There are some big differences between what's in the thread and what I see when clicking the link to your rack.

This rack is full... which is always a bad sign.

You've dumped a lot of the "good" Intellijel modules like the Morgasmatron and left yourself with some of the more vanilla ones.

You can never have enough VCAs. But you've reduced your count to two. That's not good, as VCAs can do more than modulate volume levels.
-- Ronin1973


Yep, you're right. This is more of what I expect, the modules I really don't want to get rid off.

My plan so far for an all-Intellijel 7u (84hpx2) case.

Emphasizing FM and sequencing. Mixup can be directly coupled to the 7u case's 1/4", hence the lack of 1u audio connections.

Tips are welcome.