I should have elaborated more on the sh101 vibe, I know the Atlantis isn't an exact clone but that's sort what made want it more from the demos I've heard. I appreciate that it can get in the realm of the 101 but can do much more. If I were to pull the Atlantis out of the rack I would probably go with a Malekko Manther. That box is wondeful, and what inspired me to pair a wavefolder with the Atlantis.

I do like your idea of potentially replacing the Atlantis with a Rainmaker though. How does Rainmaker compare to the Strymon Magneto or the 4ms DLD?

As far as the mutant brain with the digitakt, is there any reason to go with that instead of Yarns other than the HP?


Thanks for your response! I'm going to look into those micro MI modules. I'm pretty set on Atlantis as my main analog VCO because I love the SH-101 sound. I've heard good things about Three Sisters, I will just need to see how it compares to Polaris. As for sequencing I'm pretty set on using my digitakt. Is that why you mentioned the mutant brain? I've seen people talk about it correlation with the digitakt, but how would I go about running that with Pam's?


ModularGrid Rack

Here's what I've been working on, at least for starting out this would be the build minus one of the 1u quadratts. I'm looking to have a rack that can cover a lot of territory creatively from generative ambient, house, and Idm, to Berlin school.

I'm doing my build in the intellijel 7u 104hp case. I'm looking to use a digitakt as my main seuqnecer and drum machine but that's where I've been having some headaches with using that in conjunction with yarns and Pamela's new workout. I was thinking about usuing a midi splitter as well to take advantage of the 1u intellijel midi interface as a way to clock pams and yarns together from the digitakt.

If anyone else has some thoughts on arrangements or more modules to fill the empty space I'll have while starting out that would he wonderful. I'm definitely wanting to add a delay module down the line, possibly the 4ms DLD or the Strymkn Magneto.

Critical options more than welcome.