Thanks again for the thoughts!

So here's what I did, in case anyone cares ;)
- Removed most of the drum modules (except the kick drums - I like having the full control)
- Removed the Matrix Mixer (no space, might come back later)
- Might remove Rings + E350 at some point, when I need more space
- Got a Chronoblob - patching stuff into the feedback line is awesome, lots of fun here
- Got a SY0.5 - Super cool for basslines and bloopy stuff in little HP
- Got a Serge 8XL - Very hands on, lots of patching points
- In the future I'll get some more small utils, like a 3xMIA and maybe another VCA
- I also rearranged things so that the "performance" modules are in the bottom row for easy access

ModularGrid Rack

Thank you so much for the detailed answers! Let me try to address some points:

  • Drum modules: Yes, I've been trying to make modular drums even though everyone said not to, and yes, it was a bad idea ;) I'll keep some of the modules (I like the Kick modules quite a lot) but most will be removed and I'll just use my Analog Rythm for this purpose.
  • Too many VCOs: So I have the Cs-L, Mangrove, Odessa, E350 (and Rings). That's maybe a bit too much, but I'm not sure which one to get rid of. I'm tending towards the Odessa because even though I really want to like it, I have a hard time getting useful sounds out of it. Does anyone have some "special tips" for this one? Or maybe the E350 because even though it sounds nice, it doesn't add much that the other modules don't already provide.
  • trigger/gate combiner/switched multiple: Gate combiner should be already covered with the Plog in OR mode. Switched multiple sounds like a great idea, I'll look into that!
  • Clock modifiers: Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have a look at those for sure.
  • Sequencer: Stages looks interesting, I'll dig into that some more. I also thought about the Verbos Voltage Multistage, but I'm not sure if it's worth the money/space.
  • Disting/FxAid: I'm sure these are great modules, but I'm not a big fan of multi-purpose modules. One of the reasons to go modular for me was to have a "one-knob-for-everything" approach, and rather no "small computers" in my rack.
  • Delay/Reverb: Reverb I can do in the box (I have a FaderFox PC12 mapped to a bunch of send channels in Ableton), I don't see a need for a modular variant. Delay seems like an interesting idea, the Chronoblob seems cool. I had a Magneto once but never really liked it.
  • Other FX: Not sure tbh what else is there really, I guess combining smaller "building blocks" goes a long way. I'm not really into distorted sounds, so that's out. I like the phaser, the ring-mod in the Cs-L and the frequency shifter. Is there anything worth getting in that area that I don't already have? I love the idea of patching random things into the delay feedback, will definitely try that out.

Hey friends,

I would love your thoughts on my rack setup and how to potentially improve it.
I'm making hypnotic/deep techno (evolving textures+percussion, not so much melody) with it and use the rack pretty much for all sounds except drums. I also have an Analog Rythm and a DFAM. I use the Befaco outs to multi-track everything in Ableton, which is where I also apply "static" FX like delay/reverb/etc. The uMidi is only used as the clock source. I used to have some more drum modules but I'm moving away from that now.

Here are some of my concerns:
- I feel like I have almost too many sounds sources but not enough things to do with them
- A lot of gate/clock sources but no real clever way to turn them into unique patterns
- The two Tiarans are great but I might need something more sophisticated for sequencing CV (not pitch but rather CV for modulation)
- I would like some more crazy FX modules (I love the Deflector shield) (but rather no multi-fx stuff like Disting/FxAid)

What would you add/remove?

I'm looking forward for your ideas!


ModularGrid Rack