Your voice sounds fine to me and I understand every word, yes, you have an accent, but everyone does - so what?

The truth:

Some people will love your voice, some people won't care and just be interested in what you have to say, some people won't like your voice.

I doubt it will happen, but if anyone gives you a hard time about it, the problem is theirs and you should just ignore them - simple!

Be free - spread your wings and fly :)

Thank for making the video, it's something I have done a long time ago, but nice to see this idea again!
-- Kel_

I really appreciate what you say on your comment:)

I don't know how to say my heart in English haha, because I am really good at Korean and I have thousands of thanks in my mind in Korean.
I really appreciate your comment, you make me I can believe the world is still warm and full of love.

Superb! Thank you very much!

-- yalivec

Here is link for tutorial video.

I realize my english speaking voice is really funny. lol

I can’t decide whether open this video to public or not.

Hey, DonghyukHeo, love your videos very much!
Could you make a video or at least describe here in more detail the process of how you split midi files into various osc?
Please, it would be very interesting!
Wishing you all the best and waiting for new tracks!
-- yalivec

Hi, yalivec.

I'll make a tutorial about it soon.

Hi, Garfield Modular.

It usually took a day or two to make MIDI file.

The procedure is quite simple. Download MIDI files from the Internet and split it into 2 or 3 tracks to send each oscillator.

There is nothing between my modular and audio interface(Focusrite Scarlette), just putting 2 output from modular to 2 line input of Scarlette. I'm using Ableton live as a DAW. I do not mix it, but auto-mastering it in the

I don't think I can deal with full orchestral symphonies now , they needs so many modules...

I hope to be able to do it if I can get more modules one day.


sooooo many notes

New video for my classical music on modular synth colletion:)

I separated piece into 3 parts(melody, chord, bass) to manage polyphony

2x Rings : 1 for melody, 1 for chords
Plaits : bass

Envelope and Filter

A138s and Quad VCA

Hope you enjoy and please subscribe my youtube channel:)