A few things to consider: Disting does a lot, but not all at once. To get anything out of the modular format, you're going to want a lot more modulation capabilities and utilities. Envelopes, LFOs, mixers, mults, quantizers, sample and hold, etc. All the stuff that Disting can do, but dedicated modules for those functions.
-- farkas

Yep. My thinking was having many functions in a small unit would help me figure out my next steps for expansion.

I have read and heard, um, "mixed" reviews on Cellz and Chipz. I haven't used them and don't plan to, so someone else here may be able to comment on their usefulness, durability, and sound quality in practice.
-- farkas

I've heard the same, but given the bundle itself is only $60 more than the case alone, I think it's worth trying out the modules.

I don't know what your total budget is, but I would REALLY recommend saving up a little more and investing in a system that is a bit larger if you really want to get into modular. What exactly do you want this system to contribute to your music that can't be accomplished with a different format? Tiny systems like the one you are proposing aren't all that useful unless it's targeted towards a very specific sound or process. What kind of music are you playing?
-- farkas

I see this advice a lot and it makes sense. I think it's important for me to start focused, though, and not overwhelm myself at the beginning. Also, it's frankly cheaper to just buy a second nifty case down the line than get a 6U case now it would take me years to fill. Please tell me this is misguided if you think so, though!

At the risk of sounding like IDK what I want to do, I'm genre agnostic. I like to make IDM, techno, hip hop...kind of depends on my mood. I want to start with modular because I like the idea of really shaping the sounds I'm getting out of my synth so I can get that much closer to producing the music I hear in my head. I'm also not tied down to keyboards since I can barely play one and I'm want to explore new ways to create melodies, surprise myself with new sounds, and find new inspiration.

Just wanted to throw some ideas and food for thought out there. Let us know if we can answer any further questions.
Have fun and good luck!
-- farkas
I appreciate it!

I've been tentatively trying get started in modular for awhile now, but I think it's time. I plan on using the rig with my Digitakt as controller/drums/samples, and eventually hope to incorporate the modular rig into my full setup where Digitakt controls several keyboard synths.

I'm planning on getting the nifty bundle (with cellz and chipz) and adding Dreadbox Eudemonia, Expert Sleeper Disting, and nanoRings. My thinking is I'll try to fill up about half the empty space now and leave about 30hp to expand when I get a better sense of where to go next. That means I have another 8hp left after those modules (maybe some reverb? another filter?).

My question: Am I overlooking some sort of utility (or simply useful) module I will regret not having from the start?