Have you thought about bringing effects pedals into the mix? If you play guitar or have external instruments, Adventure Audio Merge could be one module for consideration, and would also give you input/output for pedals, as well as an envelope follower. Another option to think about to just bring in pedals for audio processing would be Malekko SND/RTN. I find bringing pedals into the signal flow a fun way to expand the palette.

As for filters, perhaps something really aggressive like Flight of Harmony Plague Bearing or Imp? ALM Busy Circuits MUM M8 could also be considered if you would like to have that classic Akai S950 Low Pass Filter.

Is there a particular power consumption/+12v power requirement I am not seeing here? Having two Row Power feels like overkill to me. If you do not already have the case with the Row Power modules, I would recommend a case such as a Tiptop Mantis, Doepfer, or perhaps the EricaSynths monster case. This would free up some hp and give you room for another VCA, or maybe a wavefolder/waveshaper module of some kind.

Yah the Intellijel 7U seems like a really nice case. To keep the cost down just a bit, I may end up going with the Tiptop Audio Mantis, cost per HP seems more reasonable however I can definitely see the advantage of the Intellijel with those 1U modules and that nice aluminum chassis so that's something to think about for my build.

After taking a hard look at the original idea, and meeting up with a local musician that has a Eurorack setup, I have realized Eurorack and me for live work just does not gel, however it sparked some new ideas for the home studio.

First modules arrive tomorrow :) Starting with how I want to sequence (was able to find a Variatic Sequent which I really wanted, and I was able to find a Brain Seed, thanks for showing me this one mt3!). Next step I will figure out the case, then VCO, noise/random generator, VCA, filters, LFO, headphone out/line out, a logic module, etc etc

Here is the actual build so far...

ModularGrid Rack

Out of curiosity do people usually start a new thread when the rack idea totally changes? Or is it cool to keep this thread going?

Awesome thank you so much! I get it now....the signal from the Loquilic goes into channel 1 of the mixer....then the mult is being used to feed that signal into the 12db and 6db of the LXD....and the Zularic hits the LXD / the LXD is the gate.

Howdy everybody!

I have been watching this minimal rack video on Youtube and am just fascinated by all the pattern variation this guy is getting! Hoping someone can please help me out and explain the overall signal flow, in particular how the Make Noise LxD and the multiples on that mixer is interacting with everything else. Note quite sure why the guy patches from the multiple to the 12db and and 6db on the LxD? I get how the pulse is feeding the beat on the Zularic Repetitor, and how the Loquelic Iteritas is modulating the signal....then I get kind of confused. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on an alternative way to achieve the same result, I am open ears as I would really like to build something around this idea. Many thanks!

Here is the link for the video by the way:

Good afternoon!

Interesting setup you have going on here; has given me some things to think about as I am planning my build. One thing I have noticed is you do not have much in terms of a clock source. Have you thought about adding something from 4ms, Pams workout, or a Make Noise Wogglebug? Perhaps Make Noise Tempi? Clock dividers are fun! :)

Also as I recall the Midi module you have there is discontinued. If you have a source for one that's cool (Im sure you can find one secondhand somewhere), otherwise if I were you, perhaps consider Mutant Brain, uMidi from Intellijel, Doepher A-190-3, or maybe Pittsburgh Midi 3. Thinking about it more, you can probably pull off having your Midi module also be your clock generator too, in which case you may not need something like a Wogglebug or Tempi while starting out (on the fence about that idea).

I might also be missing something here, how are you planning to mix down to to your headphone module? The VCA right to the Make Noise? A mixer module of some kind may be handy, such as Doepher A-138s Mini Stereo mixer. Another VCA could also give you some more to work with.

Noticed you also have quite a few modules from Mannequins. Have you ever taken a look at their little looper module W/ ?

Looking at this setup overall, I would also be on the fence on having the dual ADSR. As your main voice Atlantis already has an ADSR, you could consider dropping the additional ADSR which opens up some space for a filter, LFO, more VCA, or a mixer etc etc. It is very possible I am overlooking a must have aspect of your workflow where the additional ADSR makes sense. :)

Final thought: You can also consider getting a clone Plaits. There are a few makers out there that have a 6hp Plaits clone. You could then squeeze in the W/ if that strikes your fancy, or maybe some modules from 2hp or some Erica Pico modules?

Hi there!

The first thing I noticed is the redundant Dixie. If you already have the Dixie II+, I would not recommend adding another Dixie. Course I could be missing some special application (Dixie in stereo? Do they feed off each other somehow through patching?). A different VCO or some kind of filter would be a better use of that space, or some more VCA.

Speaking of space, that Rene sequencer takes up a lot of HP. I am also in the process of building and from what I read people either really love the Rene, or dislike it/regret buying it. I have been leaning towards a Pioneer DJ Squid for my sequencer (has pads, cv/gate, midi, usb...about the same price as a Rene). Another thought if you have used a Rene before and enjoy it: put the Rene in a separate 4ms pod casing (maybe the 40hp model?).

Modules to think about:
Noise Engineering Pons Asinorum
Nano Modules FONT
Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer

You're wanting to use your Eurorack live. This means critically evaluating each and every module and how you will relate to it in a live situation. Modules with a lot of deep menu diving or combination button presses to access that "one mode" are pretty shitty to deal with live... and/or remember all the secret tweaks too. On top of that, you have to learn how to get around fluidly in Eurorack. I noticed your background in studio work. I've spent a few hours under an Otari 2" setting up tape as well. So at least you understand signal flow and gain staging. :)

-- Ronin1973

Originally I was planning to build something for my office/home studio....thinking about it more...something for live use too makes so much sense!! Thank you so much for your feedback, this gives me a lot of ideas and concepts to work with. Probably going to do another revision where I scale it down to just get guitar with inputs and outputs going with the delay and some kind of modulation....this would also give me the ability to feed in things like field recordings (or an input for my drum machine).

Any advice on a eurorack case that is an ATA flight case, or is it more just buy one with the right rails, drop in a uZeus for power, a row for the power connectors....and rock n roll? Starting to think I will build this purpose specific in an ATA style eurorack case...and then later on if I still want to I can buy a bigger case of some kind that would sit on my desk at home (or a medium sized tabletop case)

I’d suggest steering clear of the micro Marbles. The urge to go as small as possible to save space is understandable, but some modules lose more in playability through miniaturization than you gain from having the extra space. Marbles is a lot of fun to tweak, but those tiny knobs would very much restrict its playability IMO.
-- Skreetis

Ahhhh a very good point Skreetis thanks! You are right, from what I have seen so far, Marbles is all about tweaking...so those tiny knobs may get annoying after awhile. I guess Marbles and Elements may be going then :) and if I really want them later someday, I could get the full size versions and put them together in a smaller tabletop case/skiff of some kind.

Thank you for the feedback mt3!

A further reduction of MI style clone modules does free up space for other ideas, and the elements clone does take up 18hp... Something to think about for sure as I have those modules in VCV Rack....

For guitars it's....yah a kind of psychedelic/jazz/blues/ambient kind of thing.

Cool modules to explore! I think the Plague Bearer and Brainseed would fit nicely for the kinds of things I wanna do. Not so sure about the SSM but I will watch some more youtube videos, thanks again!

Hi there!

I am also new, however, the first thing I notice is the amount of space the Hermod sequencer takes up in such a small case. This could easily be solved by buying a bit of a bigger case, or moving the Hermod to a separate tabletop case...maybe the 4ms Pod case

I also see two different reverb units. Just starting out, I would say pick 1 of the 2.

This would then free up/create more space for another VCO to have more wave forms, another VCA, or modulation source of some kind. An envelope module would also be something to think about, a clock divider, or a utility module...such as something for logic or maybe a switch.

Hello everyone!

After watching countless YouTube videos and doing research on my own about modular Eurorack systems, the idea of building a modular system as an addition to my workflow is starting to feel very appealing and I would love some feedback about my current idea that I plan to build up slowly so I can learn one section at a time of the larger/finished project.

Rack Idea

Link to this Rack Edit View

For a bit of background...I play guitar, have worked in studios as an engineer (both analog 2" tape and digital with various DAW systems), and in terms of electronic music creation I have mostly worked with a combination of hardware synths and software (Ableton/Reason/Logic/Motu). I guess you could say I am older than only some dirt? ha! Anyways...after a long day of work, yet more staring at a screen has become less appealing, so a Eurorack that I could plug my guitar into and loop/delay along side some percussion and other sounds sources/non-traditional sequencing/modulation sources seems fun.

For guitar/instrument input, I have both Merge and MI Ears added to this rack. I like the idea of having 2 input sources (jam with a friend? Guitar + Roland 606?...contact mic into the Ears module? lots of possibilities with pedals!). Still debating between Pams Workout as a clock, or if I would switch this out and change things to fit a few pieces from 4ms like the rotating clock divider. I don't mind menu diving, so Pams would not be a problem for me in this area (I have read some people dislike Pams because of the menu diving). I also have an interest in alternative sequencing methods, so there is the Rebel Tech Stoicheia for Euclidean rhythms and Rebel Tech Tonic for its unique approach to pitch sequencing. For more of a "master control center", I have also been pondering the idea of a Pioneer DJ Squid to have some trigger pads/step sequencing/groove options/etc...

To save space, I do have clones of Marbles, Rings, and Elements in here so that the Magneto delay and Make Noise Morphagene would fit. If there is a key idea I am missing please let me know as I could see an alternative where the Make Noise module is in a self contained 4ms pod case or something like that. Then, I can fit a different module or two in the main rack....or if the clones don't play nice with the other children, the regular Mutable modules in a separate smaller rack could be an idea. Overall thoughts on the MI clone modules would be very welcome!

I also feel like I don't have enough VCAs, so I am open to re-arranging things in this area :) Another key area I am trying to figure out is what to do for getting audio samples into the rack (to then mangle with Morphagene and Magneto). I do a lot of sound design/soundscapes with my field recorder, so it would be nice to modulate those sounds. I am thinking the Audio I/O and just run the field recorder outputs into the modular that way...maybe some kind of sd card wav player would be a better idea?

Looking forward to hearing from people, thanks!!