Defragmenteur / All: If I don't want to record via DAW on a computer but just recording (and mastering) without a computer, what would be the best way of doing so? Any recommendations? Currently I am using (as an intermediate solution) a Zoom H5 which is okay for some basic stuff but compared to the shared track here from Exposure, I can "throw away" my H5 ;-) Regarding recording/mastering I have nil experience.

I am afraid I can't help you. Mixing inside my rack is limited. My output is an Intellijel Outs which goes to my sound card input (Focusrite scarlett 8i6) then to my DAW (Reason) for adding end of the chain FX (mostly reverb & compression) and recording. Without individual output for each voice, the result is ok but flat.

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I use the 2HP TM for pitch, and it doesn't need a quantizer if you don't mind that it misses 'true notes' and comes out really random. Good for non-pitch things too of course.

Problem I'm seeing is it likes to start off at super high notes, like when blank it boots up to all max voltage, has anyone else experienced this behavior?
-- elahrairah

Yes, when it happen I turn the steps knob full counter clockwise for a few seconds then increase it.

Maths Cycle on CH1
Batumi Expert Firmware, Random Bank
Pico Logic NOR

Marbles using his own internal clock will always generate random voltage even if not patch.

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It's possible to fit 89 hp per row with the RackBrute. My 3U : ModularGrid Rack

Qu-Bit Chance seem also interresting.

Since you have Batumi, the expert firmware add a bank of 4 random waveform.

Alt Firmware 1.1 :

If you want TM to generate melodies in the chromatic scale then yes you need a quantizer.