a set up i will procure my self in the near future.
this is a patch o one narly square wave bass and an improvise subh made of sinewave.
the bass line vca is the clean out put of the crush delay and the subh is a full wet glichy output( aka send out)
if you have this set up, let me know how it sounds.

have a nice one

Thread: Patch #1

i Don't own this, yet.
I will slowly build it. till then the sound in my head are patched this way.
if you have a similar set up and patched to have nice pad for a lead, weird experimental stuf, a drum maschine, an improvised subh with some reverb and the posibility to mix in a bass guitar, let me now how it sounds.

have a nice one

I know about vcv rack and I’m using it since 2 years ago
But im still dreaming for a hardware rack and jut making the connection in my mind

i don't have any moduler system but i like to think about them. so i made this. i don't know if it work. or it sounds good. in my hand it does. if you have the modules and you try this, please let me now how it sounds.
have a good one