Changing the VCA's response to exponential and further fiddling with the envelope did the trick. Thanks, Lugia!

Thanks, GarfieldModular. I've edited the post to include my rack (although the Quadratt and Disting are not yet installed). I'll try the step by step approach you outlined tonight and post back if I still can't figure it out. Thanks again!

ModularGrid Rack

I'm several hours into using my first rack (M32, Dixie, Maths, Quad VCA) and having a blast, but there is one recurring problem I haven't figured out how to solve:

I'm running a sequence on M32 and driving the Dixie from the M32 (M32 KB > Dixie 1V/OCT). Then I send output of Dixie square wave to Quad VCA IN 1, but the sound is droning because I have not created an envelope. I then use channel 1 or 4 of Maths to create an envelope which I send to CV input 1 of Quad VCA, and now I hear "notes" being played as desired.

The problem is that when the notes "stop", I still hear a very quiet droning of the Dixie square wave. I'd like to instead hear complete silence between notes. Sorry for the noob question, but if any experts could pass on their best practice for removing this low baseline of VCO droning I'd appreciate it. I have a Quadratt on the way in the mail in case that is helpful.

Thanks again, Lugia! Based on your post, I think I can learn more from the Disting, so I'll start there and swap in the MScale if I find that the tracking issues are giving me grief. You're right about the hp math not working well with the headphone module in there; as I expand the 1U over time I'll keep in mind that I may want to remove it to optimize the row.

I didn't know what an envelope follower was, but reading about them blew my mind as I hadn't really thought much about that application of modular. I may need to dust off the electric guitar down the line.

Thanks, Ronin1973. The M32 does have a noise source in addition to the one VCO, but the 1U module you mention looks like it has a lot more than just noise to offer. Also, thanks for the recommendation on the Mimitec Digitalis. I'm definitely going to eventually want a dedicated sequencer module that's more intuitive to use on the fly than the M32's sequencer.

I definitely plan to take it very slow as I have a lot to learn about these modules before understanding where to go next, but I've seen enough warnings on this site and others to know that is easier said than done.

Thanks, Lugia! Any thoughts on the Pico MScale for M32/Dixie pitch tracking? Could I replace with Disting mk4 (which seems to do precision adding and a lot more) instead?

I greatly appreciate this advice. It's given me a lot to think about in terms of future direction and helped relieve some anxiety about the footprint of the M32. For now, it provides some functionality that I don't have in other modules (e.g. MIDI, Sequencer). But it sounds like eventually I should replace with more efficient modules.

Thanks, Quantum_Eraser. Good call on the effects. I wonder if there's a way for me to squeeze something on the more basic side without breaking into that bottom level? I know there is a 1U digiverb module, so that may be an option. I'll definitely check out the ALM Tangle Quartet as well.

I always have fun playing wavetable synths, so I'll give those oscillators a look as a potentially better compliment to the Mother-32.

I bought a Mother-32 six months ago to test the modular waters and ended up buying an Intellijel 7U 104 hp case with a few 1U modules yesterday. Although I have experience with semi-modular now, I'm still basically a noob when it comes to Eurorack. My goal is to set up a beginner rack to learn the fundamentals before wading into more specialized modules down the line (I even purchased the blank plates as an additional reminder to avoid impulse purchases). Here's what I'm planning to start with:

ModularGrid Rack

Note that I haven't ordered the Pico MScale, Dixie, Maths, or Quad VCA, so I could still reverse those decisions. I don't have any firm plans for the future but am intrigued by the idea of adding drums (maybe paired with Trigger Riot) and am not married to the Mother-32 long term. I love the sound but find the sequencer difficult to use and wish it had more than one VCO. My questions are:

1) Any general feedback on this design?

2) Any suggestions for future expansion?

3) Does the placement of the modules matter much, and if so is this layout sane, or is there a better way to go?

4) Does the Pico MScale make sense here? It's designed to improve tracking between Mother-32 and other VCO, but I suspect there may be a better way. Do I have anything in this design besides the MScale that could do this (e.g. Quadratt or Maths)?

Any advice or insight greatly appreciated.