Most of the modules I like are already named, especially in the first reaction to your question.
(Sound Machines LS1 light strip, DivKid Mutes and the Acid Rain Navigator).

But 1 great solution I like very much is not named yet:
the Lapsus Os from Noise Engineering.
I really like that module, I have 2 of them in my current system.

Thx JimH,

I know it are all voices, including the filters, but I only have 2 voices (both Hysteria's) for playing melody and bass.
(Antidote, mco with Carbin are mainly (almost sololy) for percusion, and the forbidden planet will be used on the melody and bass, so it is never a stand alone voice.)

I already changed a lot, but that is not yet visible in this post, in my racks is already another version, I wrote most in my reaction:
I ditched 1 Antidote, and a lot of double modules, only the 2 Hysteria's is still a double in the chromatic modules.
The MCO I want to keep for making custom drumsounds, but maybe 2 tiptop one samplers are still redundant, that is option, but only takes 4 HP.
also I went from 2 rows to 3x 104 HP, so space is not as important it was before.
I added a Butami, Maths and some small modules.
I was considering Veils but I am not sure yet, that is more as a mixer, there are other VCA's more for modulation etc. So a pair of ADE 50 (abstract data) was more interesting (6 vca's in total), but I do not know if that is still available.
So for now I added 2 ADE 50.
For Mixing I have an Eudemonia, an Utopia, 2 A138N's, a A138S (stereo) mixers, the Percall and 2 channels on the Rosie.
I also added 2 Malekko Unity mixers.
I already have a Pamela New Workout, but I do not like the deep menu diving, so I have a set of triggers/clocks etc that I use for all my patches, and because the display is not really good visible in darker places I almost never change those parameters.
I will look to other smaller/cheaper 'Euclydian' modules, and maybe the Disting EX can be a help to that.
But the Disting is also still a question mark, I like to have so much power by hand, and the original disting with the small display is not what I want, but the EX is a lot of space and money (and still deep menu diving).

This rack is mainly to be used for techno and generative music.
So the one thing I am missing is randomisation I think.

I have only 3 real voices in the rack (2x Hysteria and the MCO).
The Antidote are also voices, but I mainly use them as processing modules.
And the 2 other you could name voices are the clap and the pico drums, but these are dedicated to drums.
And yes sampling is also a kind of voice, but these are also specific for drums.
so for drums/percussion I have the 2 antidotes / 2 samplers / 2 dedicated modules and the MCO.
For normal voices I only have the 2 Hysteria modules.
And a lot of the other chromatic modules are about modulation (lfo's/envelopes), mixers and filters.
But Maths and a bigger case are good options.
I had already removed 2 chromatic modules, and I am thinking about 3 other modules.
First the antidote, maybe 1 is enough, and also nostalgia and Dystopia, that also leads that the second Eudemonia can be seen as overkill.
The new version is now without those 4 modules, and added the Batumi / Maths and Pamela's new workout.

I had reasons to keep 2 Utopias, but how nice the features are, it is not worth 2 times 10HP, so I ditched the 2nd utopia also, and 1 buffered mult, the chromatics work good together, there is almost no need for them to have a buffered mult, and there is enough mixing in the rack, so I also ditched a unity mixer.
So from the starting 16 chromatics, I have now 9 of those modules .

Quick answer :
I have a MiniBrute 2S and a Keystep, for now that are the sequencers and keys/pads.

Newest version of this rack :

I also found the PanMix from Happy Nerding, maybe that is another option, that is 6 channels mixing, seems to suit the situation better.
(and my wish list is growing again, but I can delete some from the list maybe with this one).

I know the following is not about panning each percussion module, only the last option is about this I think (hexmix).
But you could use the stereo mixers to the Rosie Return stereo set.
Problem is that there are not many input channels in most mixers.
BTW dot / ll8 and Burst seems like nice combinations.

Already thought about the Befaco - Percall (on my wish list)?

MylarMelodies has a 'suggested systems' techno machine item on YT.
There he is using the Befaco Percall partly as mixer.
I am also changing very slowly evolving to a percussion rack, but my budget has been slashed this year (because I am in between jobs now).
My 'optimal' stereo set would be 4 Percalls to a Doepfer A138S stereo mixer, but that is very expensive.

(Title: How to make a TINY live techno modular synth in only 62HP.)

Another option (see my "end game" rack) :

Rosie + pico DSP
combined with 1 or more of the following:
Axys (on my wish list)
X-Pan (on my wish list)
I have a A-138N for each (Rosie) channel.
and a A-138S between the Pico DSP and the Rosie (stereo return input).
But I do not know if this would be possible with the hex modules.

another option :
MixZ tiptop (combined with TipTop drum modules) (on my wish list)
There it is possible to bus audio, instead of the need for cables.

Or going to 'real mixers' like HexMix / Hexpander / Hex VCA combinations. (also on my wish list)
like you said yourself.

Tips on this idea ?

I really like the Chromatic series, I have purchased some already.
Thinking about making a stand alone set from mainly chromatic modules.
But I have some uncertainties regarding this composition.

1) I have a feeling I can not put the Percal to its full potential .
2) there are 2 modules I am not sure enough to have 2 copies: Ataxia and Euphoria

Do you have any thoughts on that ?

I think I take it to another direction.
If I add the Doepfer A-138S (Stereo) mixer with panning, I can use that also for other puposes.
But I can mix the 2 Return signals hard left and right, and add 1 or 2 other signals the way I like (left/middle or right).
That seems to be more flexible then my original wish.

Maybe an even better alternative is the Make Noise XPAN.
But at the moment I do not think I have the budget for it.
The idea behind it is a little better for me, and I like the Aux in for decentralized mixing.

So for now I think the next purchase is the Doepfer A-138S, then I can concentrate myself on other area's in the rack.
Maybe it will bring some noise, but for now it will be enough.

OK, I'll, exactly, is this supposed to work? No oscillators, no VCAs, no mixers, no attenuverters, and other things besides those are missing, too.
-- Lugia
Maybe the filter has self oscilation ?
But I agree with you, it lacks a lot of important stuff.

I think in that case a ladik out could be enough, it is only 4 hp I thought, so you save some space also.

I think there are nice options in there, but it is not cheap, most modules are a bit expensive in my eyes.

You have not explained what you want to do, but for most purposes you need a output module mostly with a mixer.
To stay in the Make Noise modules, the Rosie is not a bad choice for most purposes as output module.
Only if you want full stereo paths (not all the modules you put in here are stereo), then the Rosie is not the best choice, unles you use the X-PAN (also make noise) as mixer and link the outputs to the Rosie's return inputs.
The X-PAN also pairs well with the Dynamix (not produced anymore) or Optomix, and some other modules for decentral mixing.

I use the Rosie (mono path / stereo output) with the Pico DSP (an Erica Synths module, not a make noise module).
For both channels of the Rosie I have a mixer (cheap, slim and modern Doepfer) and a VCA.

I hope this works :
ModularGrid Rack

I really like the Ladik in- or outputs like the Ladik A541 (I have 3 dual inputs (A545) and 1 dual output (A540)).
But I prefer not to use them as end module.
I use it to interface other gear (2 semi modular synts both stereo outputs, and 1 effect box dual in/dual out), but not as final output module (to an external amplifier or mixer).
For that purpose I took the Rosie in combination with a Pico DSP, the Rosie has 2 inputs (1/8 mono: eurorack level) and 1 output (1/4 stereo line level) and a headphone (1/4 stereo) output.

But it has also a send (mono) and return (dual mono) which pairs well with the Pico DSP.
The only thing I encountered is that both channels take the same amount of processing (by the DSP) so I don't have the possibility to mix processed signal with another unprocessed signal.
Then I need to put the effect between the mixer/VCA and the Rosie.

A nice option for movement in LFO's is the Batumi.

I have a small question.
I have the rack as I showed here:
2 rows, in each row a Dynamix, Mixer and VCA.
The out of the Dynamix goes into the mixer, other sources also go to the mixer, the mixer goes through the VCA and the out of the VCA goes to the Rosie, and the Pico DSP is used with the send/return from the Rosie.

My problem is that both channels are now processed by the Pico DSP.
The output of the rosie is line level 1/4 inch stereo output.

What I would like to have is a small mixer with 1/4 stereo line level input, and also double eurorack 1/8 mono imput.
And mix that together to a stereo (1/4) output with a crossfader knob/slider.
anyone know a single module with that possibility?
I know I can use a double IN and double OUT with a stereo mixer.
But that is a lot, I prefer to keep it in about 4 a 5 hp.

Btw, it are 2 independent rows, when I need to travel, I can take only the row with the rosie, and do not need the extra unprocessed line, but at home with more gear, it would be a good option to mix a line level with eurorack in the rack after the rosie.

Any suggestions ?

I would go with an Make Noise - ModDemix and a Expert Sleepers - Disting MK4
Or a Intellijel Designs - Shifty and Disting MK4.

But if I had only 2 HP more space I would go for a
Tip Top - Folding processor
or a Doepfer A-110-6 (Trapezoid Tthru Zero quadrature VCO)

just my 2 cents (or was it 5 cents ? ) ...

I got some more modules in my rack and have some on my wishlist for the next 6 months.

The upper row and left part of the second row (all to the Curtis Filter, which I could get for cheap)_are already in my possession, but the right part of the second row is my wish list (shor list).

Any idea's about those modules, in combination with the modules that I already bought ?

This in addition to my MiniBrute 2S, and a Dave Smith Instruments Tetra.
I am waiting for a AE Modular case with a delay module, and try to save every month a bit for a make noise 0-coast.
So I have not planned very expensive modules for the second halve of the year.
Even the plan to buy a make noise maths is put on hold to the first quarter of next year.

ps. I also added a 4ms - rotating clock divider to my wish list, but I do not see it in the image of this version of my rack yet.

I received the Fold Processor, and tested it in a first try out session. I really think this gave my rack a great boost, that was a very good suggestion from Lugia.

Thx Ronin..
For now I ordered the Fold Proc., first I have to research what that brought me when I got that module.
But when I want to add another voice I will keep your words in mind.

I am not a expert yet, but looking at other racks give me inspiration too ..

I noticed 2 things .

1) MI Peaks, that module is not available anymore, off course it is possible you have it already, or that you can find it on second hand market. or there could be a clone, but I thought better to write it down, to be sure.

2) what Ronin said about the Function, you can also apply to the Contour, but the contour is fully ADSR, if you want that, it is a good choice.
(I have a Contour too, and maths is still on my wish-list, but i have 2 rows, and am planning to go to 3 rows)

Ha thanks, I think I got my final idea for that part :
My current idea is that first of all I will go for the Fold Processor, then the Doepfer A-110-6, and keep Plaits as an option if (or when) there is budget enough for it. Better to have that with good partner modules in the house.

My next point of interest is sequencers (thinking of that in a broad way). I have the MiniBrute 2S (and also the Keystep) but I also want something in the rack itself, I will receive the sequential switch (doepfer version) soon, but there are also some options I like to consider:
I like the doepfer A-155 because it looks really easy to use.
But besides the size , I think I miss one important option, a kind of 'end of loop' mechanisn/output.
I think in functionality the Varigate 4+ is a very good one, but I think it is really a little harder to use because you use the same sliders for different settings, and that makes that it has a less good overview, and also this looks more difficult for live performances.
I think the voltage block has a better overview, but it is also big and I think it takes a little too much out of my budget for the kind of module it is.

MI Stages is not a real sequencer I think, but it comes close in my eyes and it is easy expandable, to have more stages or other kind of sequencer like modules connected. So it is very fexible in my eyes.

Then I like the Pittsburg Lifeforms Micro Sequence, it looks like a good mixture of value for the bucks and easy to use,. bnt in a small package.
Anyone a thought or 2 on this subject ?

Ok, that is 1 down .. the Dixie II+ is now disappearing from my path tot my 3th gen Rack, (maybe there will ever be a 4th gen, we will see then again with the Dixie III ++ maybe), still need to upgrade the newer racks.

I will try to dig up some video's with the A-1110-6..

What is your take on the MI Plaits? I really liked the demo of that sweet thing .. How would you compare that to the A-110-6 ?

Ha that is a nice suggestion I think the Fold processor is (from now) on my shortlist.
At the moment I mainly use the MB 2S as seperate VCO/LFO couples, direct outing the waves(etc) to my rack.
Sometimes I use the pitch from the buttons, and gate and vca / attenuators also direct.
I did not use the sequencer yet, so I have some learning curve there, and also I need to find out if I can output the voices further in the stream, where the Brute Force is used. For now I can use the direct VCO effect like metalize, but not yet the Brute Force.

But all those options ))
I now really need to think about the VCO part, I really liked the MI Plaits and also the Int. Dixie II +.
(I already had added the dixie II+ to the 3th phase of my rack.)
But Now I have the 110-6 and VOID Gr. as alternatives..
Did not know Modular was so diffucult :)
Dixie has Sub, Void Gr. is really Dual, and Plaits is more chord-ish (with some cloud effects etc).
So I need to finetune some direction for my rack I think.

For now I think TA - Fold Proc. and MI - Kinks are the next 2 purchases, that are the save ones for now.
Maths have to wait for the third row I think (at the moment in fact I only have 2 rows, but I will get another row in June I think).

Ok, Thx, Lugia, (oh hope we did not steal this thread away from Palme).
First thing I have done is to buy a 'power tester' to be sure all earthed sockets in my kitchen are well wired or not.
Then I will try to find out what the possibilities here will be with your example in mind.

There are 2 points I am thinking about:

I saw Lugia talking about the TipTop Audio - Fold Processor, and because I have no serieus filters at the moment in the rack, maybe this is a good opportunity to shape my first voice from the RackBrute.
The second voice I regelary use to sync the STO.

""Another thing is I am thinking about is to put a 2nd dynamix in the mix and use it to 'shape' the stream to the sync (of the STO) to 2 different syles after each other. But maybe there is another module doing something like that ?""
--Need to rethink this point--

But then still I would like to go further on the melodic part ..
Any suggestions ? Or feedback about my plans , or about my current rack?

Till now, my idea is the following rack, (the second row are the modules I want to buy in addition to the existing first row, Make Noise - Maths / TipTop - Fold processor / Make Noise - Dynamix (a second one) / Mutable Instruments - Kinks ):
(I also forgot the Doepfer Sequential Switch wich is in the front row because I also ordered it, so I think I also will look to the switched multiple. but both are not visible, I can not refresh the screenshot.)

and for the longer run the next rack I have in mind :
(3th row are the new modules for this version)

FYI, if you're seeing 110 volts across these devices, then one of your voltage legs has a wiring fault. Power systems in Europe tend to use balanced power, which puts half of the total line voltage on each voltage leg. This sounds very much like one of the legs is going directly to ground, which is a serious -- and potentially dangerous -- problem. Again, I cannot more highly stress the need for ground fault testers to be part of any electronic musician's "must-haves", both for studio use and to check live venue power situations.
-- Lugia

I do not know how it is in other countries, but here in the Netherlands we have 1 Phase : 220/230 Volt and a zero wire to the sockets, and another earth connection for 3 prones plugs.
In the 70-er years it was normal to have 2x 110 (even 127V i think ) phases to the sockets, but that only is normal in older parts of towns, but the modern houses have 0/220 wires..

I just got my Arturia RackBrute 6u. And there seems to be some ac leakage which, when go softly touch the front plates of my modules I can feel a buzz. I also suspect that it messes with my modules, my marbles clock input is super sensitive, and randomly fires if I plug a cable into it. And I can hear slight seemingly random pitch variations in my telharmonic, I use an ungrounded plug. Will changing to a grounded plug work? Or what should I do? I have tried with both the supplied ac adapter, and an ac adapter from my make noise skiff (which don’t have this problem)

-- Palme

I had the same problem with the Rackbrute, I measured 110V AC (exactly halve the Current in Europe), I have contacted Arturia, and they explained that their gear should used in a grounded socket.
I needed to get my power from the kitchen, but I would not let this get me away from Modular.
For the RackBrute this was a solution but I am not sure this is a total solution, because I ask myself if this is doable in all live situations.
Also I found out that between the earthed RackBrute and the miniBrute is a almost 100 Volt AC difference, I bought another power source with an earthed power plug, but that did not help.
My solution now is to have a constant patch cable between my PNW (a clock port) en the MiniBrute (sequencer clock in).
Same problem was with the keystep, but that I do not use at the moment.
I have also a basic Doepfer case and I noticed that a lot of modules use the rails as ground, but in the doepfer case this is not earthed. So they build up a power difference most add between 10 and 15 volt to the rails, and that also leaks to the front panels.
So with 5 modules I already had around an 50 volts difference with earth, and felt shocks when i touched the panels.
To be honest it shocked me that this problem is not covered right in a lot of cases and modules, but for now I have learned to cope with it, hoping it will not trigger the electrical protection systems in my house.
I have put the PNW in the doepfer case, and have a permanent patch to a MI Links, and from the MI Links the patch goes now to the MiniBrute 2S.

Hi folks,
This is my current rack:

(ALM - Pamela's New workout / Xaoss - Batumi / Noise Engineering - Lapsus Os / Make Noise - Contour / STO / Make Noise - Dynamix / Make Noise - Rosie / Mutable Instruments - Links)
This all combined with a MiniBrute 2S

On my shortlist: Make Noise Maths, Mutable Instruments Kinks

I think modulation motion is covered for now by Contour, Dynamix and a lot of LFO's (Batumi / Pamela's new Workout / MiniBrute 2S / and the expected Maths).
I try to find a new module every month, and my current idea is to increase melodic motion.

Any suggestions ?
I am especially searching for 'golden couples', modules which work very good together with the ones I have (in the middle row).