Haha! I was JUST reading about the Quadra + Expander over on Muffs because I agree a little variety here is good. I like the idea of going that direction. I lose extra attenuverters (and slew?) but I can get the 2hp or doepfer versions or Function to replace. The Verbos Multi-Envelope will be coming soon as the first expansion to the Verbos System too, so 3 interesting flavors will be available with each system standing on its own.

Still I’m quite interested in a Batumi even with the ES-8 which has quad LFO’s available. Mainly because I love sliders and the visual feedback.

Thanks for your input, it really helps!

This will become a 9u case filled with modules that expand/support the Verbos System and the Shared System.

Expert Sleepers ES-8/ES-3 provides envelopes, LFOs, Arps, sequencers etc. with Ableton Push 2 for knob control.

Also includes Eurorack pedal versions of Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz and Hyde Filter which connect via the Retro Mechanical Labs GPI. There’s also a Make Noise Mysteron, STO, and Moog DFAM.

A Roli Seaboard Rise connects via Softube Modular and sends CV thru Expert Sleepers/Apollo to talk to the system.