I ordered the modules and 7u case just as designed. Very excited to get started. As you can see, I've started to design the top row as well!

What Maths is is a simplified analog computer that's been set up to work in a Eurorack synth environment. As such, it outputs complex voltage curves (like an actual one does) but it doesn't use Boolean logic per se. Boolean works well in a digital environment, but it wouldn't really be useful in an analog one unless you had some way of translating voltage levels/behaviors into on/off pulses, such as with a bunch of comparators.

Marbles is similar...but again, not a Boolean device.
-- Lugia

The more you know!
Thanks Lugia.

Hi Garfield Modular,

Thanks for your insights! Could you recommend a linear VCA? And as far as logic goes, does Maths and/or Marbles fit the bill?

As for the in/out, yes, that's a definite purchase in 1U. The other option would be to get the ES-9 coming out, but then everything doesn't fit so snugly. :)

I'm not expecting to compose a symphony on this thing, just do between 1 and 3 voices at a time. I'll pipe them into Ableton when I can add additional tracks from VCV Rack or Reaktor Blocks - or just other non-modular content.

At the end of this journey I want to make a system that I can sit down and tweak until I find the sounds I'm looking for, not something I need menu dive with. I think I have that with this simple system so far (aside from Pamela's Workout).

I appreciate you taking the time to respond.


I'm building a single 104HP row that I'm going to be using primarily with Ableton (thus the ES-8). I will expand it to another row sometime next year, but this has to be it for now. I'll sequence, process effects, and provide additional LFOs and envelopes through Ableton and the Push 2.

Take a look and let me know if there are any 1U "must haves" I can get for this case (it's the 7u Intellijel case that has 2 104 HP rows as well as a row for 1U modules). Also, am I missing anything obvious? I feel like this is a pretty basic design.

Additionally, my goal is to make melodic ambient music. I also like to have interesting percussive sounds. I would have liked to include the Plonk as well, but decided to go with Pamela's Workout to provide a clock and sequencing for when I'm not connected to a computer. This is the module I'm least committed to, seeing as I'll be connected to the computer most, if not all, of the time. Not to mention the fact that there is quit a bit of menu diving.

If you have any thoughts on other modules I should add to the second row, that would be appreciated as well. I was thinking of some additional voices (plonk for percussive sounds and a "gnarly" sounding oscillator for drones), another filter, reverb and delay, a tactile sequencer (I'm liking the Polyend Seq and the Sequentix Cirklon as well as Erica Synths new sequencer, but might consider another in-case module if it was easy to use).

This is my first modular synth, so I'd value any of your thoughts on my plunge!