Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Thanks a lot for the explanation on how to get or build this sound. I am going to try that for myself, quite interesting approach :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh yes, nice track! I was about to go to sleep when I came across this track. Lovely, subtle and relaxing. I am sure I will sleep good after this track.

I love those kind of... what is... water drops? Nicely done, how did you do that?

Thanks a lot for this and goodnight :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Gabor,

That's a nice experimental track :-) How is the usage of the Intellijel Joystick, are you happy with it? I saw you were using it here. Is it easy in use? He, he, love to see your OP-1 being part of your setup, nice synth!

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: My Rack

Hi Pbcognein,

Please note that this forum is in English, so it would be nice if you could let us know in English what you were trying to tell us?

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Sislte,

Yeah, nice beat! As always I love your creativity you put in your tracks, it becomes your kind of trademark :-)

No boos from me, only a big Bravo! Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Mowse,

No way! 2 hours live-jam? That's fantastic! How did you managed to do that? You must be in a very good "condition" ;-) Any link to that 2-hour session? Would be interesting to listen at during a dull meeting or something like that, to brighten up the day by your live session!

Nice intro by the way :-) Thank you very much and kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: Happy 4th!

Hi Mowse,

Oh yes, nicely done. For me it's okay if it's every day the 4th of July :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Wow that sounds pretty advanced! Very nice rhythm as well as nice and interesting sounds!

Regarding the drop-out parts, I feel that's totally okay, gives it some nice variation to the track, so I don't mind those drop-out parts, I actually feel it completes your track.

Thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Wavne,

Wow! This is beyond enjoy, this is amazing and fantastic at the same time :-) And I am only talking about the harmonograph...

But then you connected it, with sensors, somehow the harmonograph with your modular system as well, that makes it even more amazing. From all the modular synth "usages" here on this forum, I think yours is the most amazing and beautiful way of combining two different devices so harmonious!

I would love to see more videos that combine this amazing drawing together with the music it creates with your modular synth! Beautiful!

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Farkas,

What sequencer did you give yourself? I hope you will make a demo track with that? Can't wait for that, I am sure you make something nice out of it :-)

As from Monday: Have fun with your new sequencer and till then have a great weekend, Garfield.

Hi Itsso,

Regarding your question: So, get those moogs out of the way. Does that mean that it is indeed a good idea to add a whole new chain to start building a proper eurorack setup in stead of just adding some FX?

That depends on what you want, either way is okay. You can either run a rack with your Moogs together or you make your rack an independent device; that still can run with the Moogs by the way. It's what you prefer :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Farkas,

How can a weekend better start than with a video track of yours? :-) The amazing thing I always feel with your tracks is that you completely make that with your modular system, that's pretty impressive!

At certain moments and parts of your music, it reminds me a bit of Cocteau Twins and earlier music of Dead Can Dance :-) So I guess your late 70s/early 80s fits quite well, I like those references to those "good old times" ;-)

Personally I wouldn't mind if you would clean your video/recording heads to get slightly bit clearer video effects ;-)
I am just teasing you! It's obvious you do this on purpose, nice that you used Cure material for that, not that much is left of it but it's nice to know :-)

But that's the fun-factor of your videos, it makes the listener and viewer curious to what you come up with next, so keep it coming and thanks a lot for having such a good start of the weekend! Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Itsso,

I had a look at your rack, the size of the casing is okay but I would remove all those Moog modules and leave them in their own casing, that saves a lot of space and money on the long run. Considering that you want to create music for your films, why don't you take a workstation instead of a modular synth? A workstation is so much easier, has so much more sounds ready to start with? You might want to reconsider if you really want to go into Eurorack for the purpose you mentioned.

If you insist on staying with your Eurorack then of course I wouldn't stop you :-) But look then into less fancy modules and more classical components like VCOs, EGs, filters, LFOs and VCAs to start with. One or two effect modules perhaps, a mixer and an Audio Input/Output interface/module.

But please consider a workstation, I think for film music that might be an easier start. Good luck with the decision and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi BrainBasement,

Leave the free space as it is, don't fill up everything in one go, you need the free space for adjustments in your rack as well as your opinion on certain modules might change and that costs HP space :-)

If I were you I would ditch a few of those nice looking, fancy modules and concentrate a bit more on building up some experience and then slowly add more modules to the rack. So keep 1 or 2 rows free for the moment and start a bit smaller (it's good though to have a larger rack, so you don't need to buy a smaller rack the size of the rack is fine).

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Sumo,

You got quite some "bling" in your rack ;-) Or fancy modules, which is of course on one hand very nice, tough for a small rack like this perhaps a bit too fast to start with, reconsider the (larger) modules like: Rene, Falistri, Arbhar and Mimeophon. Also consider either a larger rack or plan less and keep some space free.

Since you have already planned a quad VCA, perhaps you can ditch the µVCA first and consider it for a later stage.

Beside (or instead of) the Stages you might want to consider additional EGs and LFOs as well. One more filter wouldn't harm either. If I am not mistaken, I only see one oscillator (Plaits)? Consider at least one more oscillator, an analogue one perhaps (VCO)? The combination of Plaits (DCO) and a VCO might be nice.

Consider to start with a few modules only, keeping some space free, build up experience and then add a few more modules, you will see that your opinion on the original planned casing might change here and there a bit. In general I would focus a bit more on classical components (like VCOs, filters, EGs, LFOs, VCAs, etcetera and a bit less those "real nice" (i.e. fancy) modules, that's more once you build up some experience with your rack.

Well, good luck with the planning, keep reading & checking on everything to obtain more information and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi OldTimer,

I am not sure if you have any external equipment? I guess the effects you will do with your guitar pedals?

Your original plan to use the Plaits & STO is I think a better idea than Plaits & Kinks. If I were you I would look into at least one more filter, I am missing LFOs I think, a Eurorack mixer before putting the signal to the outside world and do you have an external sequencer? If not you might want to consider that too.

The Maths is of course a good module but for small racks it's rather large, so you might want to replace it by a smaller more efficient module.

Even if you want to keep this as a small rack, go for at least 3 rows instead of just one here, keep at least one row empty for future use.

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Gabor,

This is very interesting! I will be honest when I started this track, the first few seconds, I wasn't very sure... but wow, how you kick in one after another nice sound, making this... this... this composition I think it is, complete and how enjoyable it is the further you get into listening at your track, yes that's seriously nice and you have some very nice sounds up your sleeves here in this track for the listener.

Top notch track for me, thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Thanks a lot for your reply and honest feedback here, much appreciated! I like the reference to War of the Worlds :-)

I will keep those transition point lengths in mind and, yes, throwing in here and there some samples might be indeed a good idea.

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Gabor,

Thanks a lot for your reply and kind words. Yes, of course, you right, no matter if you do something in 10 minutes or in one year, as long as you have fun with it and enjoyed making the music versus noise, it doesn't really matter. I agree :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: mantis case

Hi Nillus,

Right noticed, HP is valuable, so why not straight away taking a larger case? ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thread: Midsommar

Hi Gabor,

Wow, that's a nice experiment of which I would say was very successful! I like that beetle, especially in the beginning, pity it got eaten though at the end of the film by ants; was that the same beetle or a different one?

The greenery of the forest is just one big feast for the eyes and soul. The music completes your experiment very well.

I wouldn't mind if you come up with more of these kind of experiments! Well done and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Jingo,

Thank you very much for your kind words. Ha, ha, and interesting remark about twin peaks :-)

Well you kind of invited me and encouraged me to publish something, well, voila ;-)

Ha, ha, well the next thing to share might take yet another year, at least a track from an album that is. Perhaps if I got an interesting patch that's so funny or interesting that I might share it, let's see. For the moment I have other stuff in mind to do with my modular rack, not 100% sure about that though. Once I made up my mind about that, I will let everyone know here about it, but that's rather (far) future stuff, at least till it makes sense in practical terms, but let's see.

I also want to work on my percussion with my rack, I am waiting for a decent sequencer to be released (aiming at the Endorphin.es - Ground Control), then need to build up experience with that, so before any music, ehm sorry, any noise comes out of my rack, a year is a quite good estimate I think. While I am waiting for that Ground Control to be released I try to work on that above mentioned idea.

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

I wish you all good luck ;-)


Hi Jingo,

Thanks the weekend was good. Looking or better: hearing at your track, then your weekend was good too! ;-)

Just one word: Beautiful!

Loved the track and thanks a lot for closing the weekend just as fantastic as this. Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Klciuum,

Nice video as well as nice background music :-) Modular synth music?

Pity you didn't mention the costs for this casing, would be interesting to know (including power supply specifications).

Thank you very much for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Mowse,

Wow, yes! Amazing, no agenda and then this kind of demo :-) Ha, ha, that LFO-Filter kind of duo (I guess that's what it is) starting at 0:50 is a nice starter but then talking about transitions ;-) At 1:03 adding that sound there, yes, nice! And that naughty bass that's kicking in at 1:27, wow, ha, ha, yeah, impressive I would say. At 2:27 another nice sounds kicks in (what sound & effect is that?), I love those kind of moments, that are the nice surprises for the listeners! You practically keep doing that over the entire track, so well done :-)

You think that a DFAM would be a nice way to tie off your Moog rack, well yes, I guess so. Then again, I am not worried at all, I think anyone (or yourself) can give you whatever module, it doesn't really matter what module and I am certain and very confident that you will make something fantastic out of that! So don't worry about that, follow your guts, and if that's to add a DFAM, then that's it, just do it, I am sure you will come up with something good out of that :-)

I can't wait for your next demo (while listening yet another time to this demo), kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Troux, Mowse and Farkas,

Thank you all for your kind words, that's really comforting me :-)

Troux: Ha, ha, interesting to read that you feel bits of 20th century classical at times, didn't expect that but on the other hand I have been grown up in the 20th century, so that might explain :-) As you noticed, I love to use the frozen-reverb of the Ventris of Audio Source, I just couldn't stop using it, it gives kind of ambient accents to the whole thing. Perhaps I used it a bit too much that frozen option?

Mowse: Thanks a lot for the details on your focus on transition and progression. At 03:45 the arpeggio of the Sinfonion kicks in, the voice of that arpeggio is done by the STO of Make Noise (using the Ventris reverb effect pedal). At 07:45 or just before you hear the effects of the Erica Synth - Black Hole DSP2, around 07:45 I kind of "cut off" that effect at 07:42 the first "cut off" and at 07:47 the second "cut off", by just reducing those effects parameter knobs on the Black Hole DSP2. The voice used there is the Intellijel - Rubicon2. Before 11:20 that cloudy-voice is the E330 (voices 11 & 12), after 11:20 mixture of sounds of voices 1, 2 & 3.

Farkas: Thank you for pointing out the room each sound has to breath, I actually hadn't really thought about that until you pointed that out here, so thanks a lot for that marker point :-) Yes, ACL modules are nice. In this track you can here the Sinfonion at full action at certain times. The voices 9 up till 12 went through the ACL - Audio Interface (via the Grand Canyon effects pedal) to the external mixer. The big con of ACL are their prices :-( So there are still plenty of ACL modules on my wish list ;-)

Thank you all and kind regards, Garfield.

Hello All,

After a lot of doubt and still not sure ;-) I kind of decided to publish one track of my test album "Netherlands - A", the last track called Azewijn (Conclusion). It's a kind of a "small" summary of the rest of the album.

I have been for more than one year now member of this forum and I have now almost exactly one year my modular system but so far never published here anything, so let this be the first publication ;-)

This kind of test album I did, was for me a test to see how difficult it is to create an album, pretty difficult I would say, especially then when you like to have it all perfect like me, being a perfectionist, realising that it's no-way near any kind of perfection, far from it, I would say :-) But it was good that I did it, I guess. Most of it is really just test material but this track above here is the one I would like to share with you.

I would appreciate your feedback on it, especially if you see (rather hear) which parts I could improve to increase the quality of: recording, mastering, stereo effects, well and whatever you can come with and I have no clue about ;-)

I have to apologise to everyone I have commented about the stereo effects I was mentioning in my feedbacks over the last half year or so. When I did record this album, only then I realised how difficult it is to get some decent stereo effects in your tracks. It's so difficult to get that properly done, so my huge respect to those who are able to do so! As well as a lesson learnt for myself...

The track has no percussion at all other than the Tea Kick from Bastl Instruments. I had the percussion parts not really ready within my rack and still wanted to record something. So one of the reasons why my track is rather boring, it's the lacking of percussion.

Since I am always begging you for details on how you did create that sound or that track, etcetera, I can't withhold such information for my own publication I guess ;-) So here are the details on this track, it exists of 12 voices:

Voice 1 - Mutable Instruments - Plaits
Voice 2 - Doepfer - A-110-4 QZVCO
Voice 3 - ACL - Variable Sync VCO
Voice 4 - Doepfer - A-111-4 Quad VCO
Voice 5 - Make Noise - STO
Voice 6 - Make Noise - Wogglebug
Voice 7 - L.E.P. - Lumanoise, 808 Cymbal Drone Generator
Voice 8 - Intelllijel - Rubicon2
Voice 9 - Doepfer A-111-2 VCO
Voice 10 - Bastl Instruments - Tea Kick
Voice 11 & 12 - Synthesis Technology - E330 (voice 11 through LP+HP filter, voice 12 through BP filter)

Beside the above voices of course used several other modules, the main central component for most of the sounds (not all though) is the ACL - Sinfonion.

I didn't use any input device for playing tones or something, my name is still Garfield, hence lazy, hence not putting any notes into the system ;-) So everything was produced somehow by the modules themselves.

All the "noise" has been produced by my modular system with the exception of two effect pedals: the Ventris Dual Reverb from Source Audio (beautiful reverb effects pedal) and the Grand Canyon from Electro-Harmonix. Other than these two components, everything else was done by modular. Other effects, i.e. by modular, were: Erica Synths - Black Hole DSP2 and Intellijel - Springray2.

Recording was done with the Zoom - H5 recorder at 24 bit/96 kHz, reduced it here for publication to MPG3, sorry about that...

Thank you very much in advance for listening, have a nice Sunday and kind regards, Garfield.

Edit: Removed typo.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh yes! After Troux (see his post here in the You section as well) let me travel with "my spaceship" (I wish that was true) into space at an undefined destination. I was just about to arrive at my space-destination when Troux album was finished. Luckily I took your track with me on this space journey as well. So I hit the button and wow, I am now beyond our galaxy, not really knowing where I am to be honest, but enjoying your music while travelling here in the dark with here and there a star-light at the horizon ;-)

At about 3:00 you kind of hyper-spaced me even further, that hand-clap rhythm is nicely done! And further down the track that's getting nicer and nicer.

You bring me so far into the outer space that the Internet connection is getting weak here, so I must hurry sending this post before you even hyper-space me where no longer Internet is possible ;-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this, enjoying this a lot and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Farkas,

Wow that's impressive, all modular :-) Interesting how you "processed" the vocals with Plaits and via the Ochd. Looks like this Ochd I am going to put that module on my wish list :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing the details and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Troux,

Yeah! Nice long tracks, if you let your mind go, I could imagine being in a spaceship (not too big one) with glass all around looking at the "space" passing by, while listening at your music.

Not just one track, no-ooh, a complete album! :-)

So I continue listening at your music and once I arrived at my destination in space and if I got Internet there too, I will let you know ;-)

Well done, thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Farkas,

He, he, very creative and interesting visual effects :-) Good that you warned us ;-)

From a music point of view everything done by modular? If yes, those samples by Disting?

I am curious to see what you come up with next :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Troux and Jingo,

Both thank you very much for your kind words and trying to convince me :-) Give me some more time and once I know on which platform I want to publish it, I will try to publish here something in the You section.

Jingo, your second demo is just what I need after a bit hectic Friday of work, relax a bit, I love that repetitive patern, indeed subtle but yet interesting enough for the listener never want to stop listening at it. So yes, well done!

Thank you, enjoy your weekend and kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: New Thing

Hi Sweelinck,

Thanks a lot for sharing your "Vorwerk Chicken", that's lovely creative! :-) There is a lot to discover in that track, it's the not so obvious approach that I like here a lot!

Do you have more of such nice surprises? Thanks a lot and kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: DivKid Ochd

Hi Gabor and Sweelinck,

Gabor: Thank you very much for sharing your demo. I like it because you didn't went the obvious way but instead you made it nice subtle and controlled. Yeah, quite nice :-) You didn't overdo it and because of that less is more in that case; to use a phrase from Sweelinck ;-)

Sweelinck: Ha, ha, just teasing you :-)

Of course you are right that less can certainly be more, it depends I believe a bit on the situation and circumstances. In my opinion it's also quite personal if one rather prefers less is more or more is more. I guess I am usually more following the "more is more" motto but in certain situations I can understand certainly the less is more approach :-)

By the way, my comment about one never can have enough VCAs, etc. Yes I stick to that but with a lot of humour in it as well, so one shouldn't take that too serious and as already mentioned, depending on a situation it's more or less applicable.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Joelstj,

That's a bit difficult, because you have for yourself to build up an opinion on modules. That's why the "homework" of reading, checking and listening at demos is so important to create for yourself a view on a module and after done all that, just buy a few modules (not too many), get experience with those modules and then you will realise that you have to adjust your own opinion on certain matters a bit, once done that you can do a kind of "second round" of checking everything, buy a few modules again, build up experience again and you will again realise that you might have changed here and there a bit your own opinion on how you are looking at modules. That's something you have to do yourself, nobody can do that for you.

To give you a few ideas (and please keep in mind that doesn't mean the rest is not good or not interesting, there is so much that it's undoable to discuss everything):

VCOs: Plaits & STO are nice ones, a simple but good one is Doepfer - A-110-1 for example or the E330 from Synthesis Technology is a nice one too. The Dixie II+ from Intellijel seems to be nice (it's on my wishlist)
EGs: Doepfer - A-140-1 ADSR, simple plain but good, especially to start with. A lovely tripple AD is the one from Hikari Instruments - Tripe AD, I love that one, Make Noise - Maths but you got that one already and also the Contour is doing well
LFOs: ALC - QLFO, Doepfer A-145-1 (I use this one a lot, straight forward but reliable in almost every patch), Erica Synths - Black Octasource if you want to go really crazy but consider this one only in your 3rd or 4th round, this requires some experience with modular synths
Filters: Doepfer - A-124 VCF 5, Wasp filter, fantastic filter, Euporie from I/O Instruments, rather new brand, I just got this filter but I think it's good, I need to further explore this one, Erica Synths - Black Dual VCF --> interesting filter with quite a few interesting options, Instruo - Tràigh filter is quite good too.
VCAs: The VCA I love most at the moment is the Waldorf - DVCA1, it's a fantastic module, Erica Synths - Black VCA is nice too, Doepfer A-130 (lin) & A-131 (log) are good too. Patching Panda - Punch lovely bitey VCA
Effects: Intellijel - Springray II, lovely spring ray effect with up to 3 tanks, Erica Synths - Black Hole DSP2 is not too bad either

For a mixer you could consider the Doepfer A-138p & 138o combination, that's chainable, so if after a while 4 channels aren't enough, just add another A-138p to it and you got yourself 8 channels :-) But it costs HP space...

This is such a small selection of so much there is outside, you really should look for yourself around. If possible have them tested at your local dealer. I have done that (testing of modules) a lot and I had to keep adjusting my opinion about certain modules.

Well that should give you some food for thought ;-) Good luck and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Gabor,

Thanks a lot for your recommendations on music, I will check those out (I am a bit slow on that, so that might take a while; but of course Ramstein I know ;-) ). Another band that impresses me with their usage of electronic sounds and also their quite good recording quality of their albums is Yello. I am not always too much fond of their music style but they have some very interesting tracks, with tons of nice electronic sounds to discover in their music and because the recording of their latest albums is quite crystal clear so it's really enjoyable to listen at them doing their great job :-)

While writing this message I was listening at some of the Elektro Guzzi stuff and yeah, that sounds pretty interesting, I think I am going to try out one of their albums. Thanks again for the recommendation!

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Jingo,

Yes, I can't wait to hearing more nice stuff from you :-)

Ha, ha, good question. I think, if I have to be honest and that's what I want (to be honest), then I have to admit that I don't make any music...

I make noises with my Eurorack, certainly :-) I think I can manage even a little bit of sonic journey kind of stuff (to use a few funny words), getting quite close to that I guess. I am especially good in disturbing ears ;-) But making music, as in: pleasant to listen at and really enjoying a good piece of music? Nah... I am still far away from that.

Then the other thing is that I haven't released any "noise" yet, still a bit hesitating about that actually... Slowly thinking about it however and I am not sure if I should go for Soundcloud indeed or You Tube. Perhaps starting with Soundcloud?

I am also not sure yet about the music, eh I mean, noise-style yet. Either experimental ambient or just generally I prefer to name it (as in the old days how it was meant) "EM" (Electronic Music), however in the way as we know it from the 70's & 80's from bands like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, JM Jarre, Kitaro, Tomita, etcetera. Nowadays, I do have the feeling though that Techno and related styles are using the Electronic Music style name for Techno & Co but I feel that's not completely right looking at what kind of music TD, Schulze, Vangelis, etc. make/made. But that might be just me.

To summarise: I would like to go more into the old days EM, not minding a bit of a modern touch though.

So once I have decided: If I am going to publish something and if yes, where I am going to publish it (Soundcloud or You Tube) then I will put that here in the You section of course :-) Still a bit nervous about that idea though...

Keep up the nice music and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Joelstj,

Since you plan such a small rack, start with removing the Mother-32 from Moog and the Make Noise - Morphagene and then consider a classic setup of minimum 2 VCOs, 2 filters, 2 EGs, 1 or 2 LFOs, 2 VCAs, mixer, audio module you got already so that one can stay and the Maths module is large but if you wish you can keep that as well, almost half the world got one ;-)

Brutal on removing these two modules (Moog + Morphagene)? Yes indeed but they slurp up so much space that's not worth it for such a small rack. The Moog can work in it's own case so leave it there first till you got a mega rack and you don't care any longer about a 100 more or less HP space but till then better leave it out :-)

Doubtless, the Morphagene is a fantastic module (it's on my wish list too) but not to start with and not with such a small rack.

So consider at least 3 rows of 84 HP to give you a bit more flexibility in the near future.

Consider working on the above classic setup and then take it from there, build up your experience and take it slowly on increasing the numbers of modules. Don't buy in one go an entire full rack, that's not recommendable.

Good luck with your planning and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your extensive reply, also the information on the Deluge, very interesting!

Most of your arguments understood, still please consider a 3 row casing, you don't have to straight away put it full with modules but at least you have a bit of space to expand.

With either 2 or 3 rows, I would indeed drop any kind of sequencer stuff since you got the Deluge already. Use the Deluge first to save space in your rack. Once you got this rack full and you are ready to go for the next level then you still can consider what kind of sequencer should replace the Deluge but you will see that wouldn't be an easy task, so stick with the Deluge first.

You asked for another VCO that might go well together with the Plaits (I would go for the original one, better user interface, which is important, for me at least), I think the Make Noise - STO might be a good choice. I use these two (Plaits & STO) quite often together and I am with both more than just happy, they belong to my favourite oscillators.

Financially, consider to stretch your budget either now or on the short term, Eurorack is really fantastic but it ain't cheap! So don't fool yourself by believing you can keep this semi-reasonable... no it wouldn't ;-) At least not, if you are really going to "dive into Eurorack"...

But above all, just get a casing (or make it) and start with just a few modules (since you got already the Deluge) and then slowly start extending it while increasing your experience and then sooner or later you will find your way into it and of course you are always welcome to drop a few lines here so we can try to support you into your sonic Eurorack journey :-)

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: DivKid Ochd

Hi Defragmenteur,

Yes I agree with that. Then again... you can never ever have enough VCOs/DCOs, filters, VCAs and a good assortment of effects and EGs wouldn't harm either ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Edit/P.S.: Forgot to wish you good luck with your Ochd module, I hope you like and enjoy it :-)

Hi Aphew Goodman,

Oh my goodness! I love this! And your percussion skills, that's definitely something to be jealous about. I wish I just had a few percent of your percussion skills :-)

From a music type, point of view, it's different kind of music but I think you might appreciate music from "Die Wilde Jagd" (band name), that's electronic music with percussion and the percussion is making the music fantastic there too, like your demo here. I know, different styles of music but if you have some spare time try out Die Wilde Jagd, you might appreciate it :-) The big pity is that they only have so far two albums released that's indeed not much however top notch stuff.

By the way, you forgot to mention the OP-1 ;-) Nice one too!

Now you made me so curious about your percussion skills versus electronic music, now I "want" more demos to hear from you :-D

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: You are welcome regarding your other demo.

Hey Jingo,

Thanks for coming back to me on the details. Wow, that's amazing that you have done all that by modular and DAW-less, fantastic :-)

I am sorry, but I will be honest here, I am not much of a Techno person, it's not my cup of tea. Your Fall Asleep is however a nice exception to that, I feel. So if you are going to make more stuff like Fall Asleep or more into non-Techno, please let me know :-)

Good luck and enjoy making music, kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Mikecd,

While I was looking at your rack layout and writing my reply to you, you wrote another message :-)

Don't use the rack power supply for powering your Deluge and your Arturia Keystep; you are going to need the power of the rack for the modules themselves...

Since you consider to DIY rack then go for a large rack, 3 or 4 times 168 HP or something like that and add power supply once needed. In that way you save some bucks as you already mention it and at least you will have some space to grow with :-)

Please check my previous post too.

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield.

Edit: Removed typo

Hi Mikecd,

Sorry, my Japanese (assuming it's Japanese) is close to zero, what means won kenobi?

You might be inspired by the minimal size of Ricky Tinez's racks but please keep in mind that not many people have the experience like Ricky to be able to get some decent sounds out of such small casing.

It's as a beginner much easier to start with a large rack, not from the beginning planning it full though, leave from a three row 84 HP rack at least one row empty for future extensions.

If I am not mistaken then Rings (Mutable Instruments) is rather an effects module or a filter if you like than an oscillator. So what you could do is place it next to Plaits (Mutable Instruments as well) module, these two might go nicely together. I got the Plaits (DCO) and I like it a lot and I am now planning a Rings to add to it.

You mention the Ochd in the same context of being a filter but if I am not mistaken (the Ochd is rather new and the first few videos/sounds are appearing here on this forum and they are indeed amazing) it's an Octa-LFO rather than a filter.

You are mentioning sequencers but you got already a Deluge! You are making half the world population bloody jealous with your Deluge and you are still thinking of adding sequencers to your rack? ;-) On the long run yes, you might need that but for the moment put additional sequencers on a low priority (that's at least my advice). Your Deluge will out run on that level for the moment your needs within your Eurorack. Save the space of sequencers because you will need the rack space for (currently) more important modules and functions.

By the way, how's the Deluge? Are you happy with it? Could you please share some experience values with us? I heard only good news about it but the big pity with the Deluge is that no dealer has it, so you can't really test it, it needs to be bought "blindly" so to speak.

Another advice is to do some more reading, checking and planning "home work", take a few points of my above advice into consideration and once you are ready show us your updated (larger I hope) rack :-)

Good luck with the planning and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Later On Maybe,

It certainly helps when you have the sequencer and most of the effects external so you can optimise the space here in this rack.

My advice is to not plan the rack entirely full but leave close to one row empty first, gain some experience with the modules you are going to start with and then review your own planning how you like to proceed.

Though you mentioned that you would like to have a complete voice like the Atlantis, for a small rack like this I would reconsider that if I were you. Instead you could consider to take a hybrid modular system, like for example a Neutron. A) It's much cheaper and B) it saves you a lot of space in your rack.

The Atlantis is 40 HP that is 19.2% or almost one-fifth of your total available rack space... are you sure you want to fill up your rack with such large modules and soon need to buy yet another rack?

The same question goes for the Harmonic Oscillator from Verbos, I don't know the module but I am quite sure it's a fantastic oscillator, especially when you look at the price then it must be something ;-) Look at the HP space as well... 32 HP, another 15.4% gone.

So leave these two modules out and you save yourself 72 HP or 35% of rack space --> that's more than a third of your total available rack space! So you might want to reconsider these two modules.

Instead you could consider a Plaits from Mutable Instruments and a Dixie II+ from Intellijel; just some examples, you can add any other oscillator you like. My advice is start simple and when you are ready for it you still can buy another rack and go for the large & heavy stuff.

The 1 U passive multiple, do you really need that when you get started? Perhaps not yet, right? So my advice is to leave that out first and keep some 1 U space as a reserve. The same goes for that FSR 1 U module, I am sure that the first few times using that module is a lot of fun, but on the long run a good investment? Perhaps consider an expression pedal instead on the long run?

Instead of the 1 U pedal module I would consider a 1 U Audio I/O module. Then once you bought your 2nd Intellijel 2 x 104 HP case then you could consider the 1 U pedal module. You don't believe me that you are going to need a second rack? Well the way you plan your rather large (don't take too small modules either though) slurping HP-modules ;-) You need a 2nd casing faster than you can say: "Shit my first rack is already full! I didn't expect that to happen" ;-)

I might overdo it here a little bit but I hope you get my point :-)

Oh yes, I am not sure but I don't think I saw a mixer in your rack, consider a four channel mixer so you can mix that to a stereo output to your external mixer.

I guess for a starter this should help you a bit I hope, shout if you need to know more. Good luck and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thread: DivKid Ochd

Hi Mowse,

Wow, this is seriously good and entertaining! So lovely to listen at it. I mean you already managed to provide us a quick demo the day after you received this module in the You section of this Forum, but this demo, that plays in a total different league!

Well done and I look forward in hearing more from you :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Jingo,

Ha, ha, funny title "Fall Asleep", well I can assure you I did everything, listening carefully, felt interested, was amazed about certain sounds and rhythms you managed here but one thing I didn't... I didn't fall asleep for that your music is far too interesting and nice!

By the way, everything done by modular synths? The drums/percussions as well, or if not how did you managed that?

Well done and I look forward in hearing more from you, kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Igor,

Nice to hear from you again and this, I agree with Warren, is cool. Again a nice track to listen at :-)

I hope you will steady deliver us lovely tracks like this!

Thank you very much for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.


Glad to hear that you managed to get one of your dreams come through and can work on the next one on your list, well done!