Hi Xerah,

Do you have already some other synth stuff or just your laptop and this rack design? If you just have (or going to have) what's displayed here in your rack then I think you miss a few basic modules like: oscillators (you never can have enough of them; even though if I see the Atom and you most probably using that one), filters, EGs, perhaps a mixer and a logic module too?

What I like from your rack design is that you have left quite some free space for (near) future extension that's very good because you will need that. You might want to consider the 2*104 HP case from Intellijel instead; that one is easily to be extended with yet the same case for future purposes and has a bit more space compared to this one.

If you do most of it with your laptop then this might be fine, with the available information a bit difficult to advise you. Good luck with the planning and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hey Apache-Raver,

Ah, that's the Yamaha RX17 you spoke about it, okay, interesting.

He, he, I never even made a video or a sound recording and published it here. I admire people like you and many others here who are so creative and get some decent sounds out of their modular system. Though I am deep into modular, it's just recently and I still have to learn a lot and buy a camera to make videos too ;-) Give me more time to get first more experience then I might consider a video or at least a sound recording but I guess most persons will switch that off after a few seconds ;-)

And beside that I am currently more into playing and exploring the modules rather than really making music with it.

Just recently I work a lot abroad and barely have time to explore and play with my modular system so it will take even longer for me to get some experience to get at a level where one could consider to publish sound (or video).

Additionally I gave myself a "huge task" by not allowing to use my computer for modular. So whatever I do with it, I don't want to use my computer since I use that for business already 12 hours a day or more and that's more than enough... So for me modular is something to keep me away from the computer (I use the computer to read the manuals though and being on this forum). Thus... making a recording without a computer, I still need to explore that further how I want to do that. For simple and basic fun recordings I have now a Zoom H5 but that's just for some basic and fun stuff, recordings from that doesn't sound fantastic though.

So any suggestions to a mixer/recorder that's able to have most important recording functions and enough input & output possibilities, is very welcome. I had a look at the Tascam Model 24 and wonder if that would fulfill all the needs for a proper recording? But the thing is huge and currently I don't have the space for it (and might never have). Model 16 is space-wise of course a bit better, same for model 12. The big con, beside the space and the price, is the somewhat low sample frequency of 48 kHz. I rather look into something like 24 or 32 bit and 192 kHz (or better) but that's difficult to find without using the computer.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Blinkenlichten,

Are you sure you are not going to fry your power supply PSU3 when using the 4 A fuse?

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Worstname,

Sounds good! I think you got yourself a nice rack here, enjoy modular and have a lot of fun with it :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Apache-Raver,

Ha, ha, it's nice to see you are busy with it and the creativity of it I like it! What sequencer you got there, that black quite big thing? What is it exactly?

Most nice part of it is your cat, looking curiously at you what you are doing, cute! Just be careful that your cat doesn't put one of your patch cables in her nose and got LFO-controlled ;-)

Keep up the good work and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Apache-Raver,

That's an interesting point about the Mutes, to flick a snippet of something into it, interesting way of using it :-) Thanks for the hint, I will keep that in mind and I will reconsider the Mutes again.

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi RobH,

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences and it's good to let us know.

Please note that for this kind of feedback there is within this forum a special post for it (for good and less good feedback): Forums / ModularGrid / Good Traders on the Marketplace

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thread: Bumbo

Hi Wawawa1349,

Not sure if everybody understands German ;-) But nice to hear you like your rack.

So have fun with your modular system and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Rookie,

I agree with Wishbonebrewery, nice and enjoyable!

Now the only thing I miss is a cat ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi k0s0,

Ha, ha, you had some more modular on your sleeve ;-) Yes all sounds good to me, pity that the René isn't as good as expected, for the space it takes and then being almost disappointing, that's a real pity then. Sorry to hear that, good to know as well, will focus for the moment on another sequencers then :-)

I am waiting for and hope to test soon the Endorphin.es Ground Control sequencer and the Erica Synth Black Sequencer, both not on the market yet, waiting patiently ;-)

He, he, the OP-1 is a nice thing to play with and for such a small thing amazing what it all can do, it's the (new) price I don't like though... the old price was already pretty steep but perhaps worth it.

How is the Morphagene coming along, do you like it? Is it worth? More worth than the René? :-)

And how about the huge E370? Is it the space (and financial efforts) worth it? You got quite a few modules that are interesting. Three 6-channel mixers... did you configure them as one large 18-channel mixer or as 3 separate mixers? I got myself the Doepfer A-138o/p combination with two p's (i.e. 8 channels), quite nice.

I see you got yourself an Octasource too, I enjoy mine almost every time, I love the craziness of it :-)

Enjoy your stuff and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Apache-Raver,

Nice racks and gears you got yourself there :-)

You got a nice rhythm tuned there. Wasp filter is always fun, isn't it? By the way, how did you realised your drum sounds?

Divkids Mutes, at first I was interested in it, but now I am not too sure. Can you perhaps tell why you like it so much? What are the pros of the module? Any cons?

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Apache-Raver,

On one hand you are of course totally right, still loads to learn, I totally agree with you! :-)

On the other hand... are we every old enough to stop learning? Modular has so many possibilities with tons of modules and combinations with them that I don't think we ever can stop learning :-)

Enjoy modular and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi k0s0,

How about a bigger rack? ;-) I would go for at least 3 x 84 HP so you have some space left for the future.

Consider at least one or two more filters and indeed EGs and VCAs are always useful. How about one or two more oscillators? Ehm... speaking of oscillators... I don't know all the modules in your rack but... do you have any oscillators in that rack at all? Did I overlooked them?

Of course, the René module is nice but if you calculate your 2 x 84 HP space and René is 34 HP, that means it takes one fifth (20.2%) of your total capacity... are you sure that's worth it?

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Wouldn't it be just nicer and easier if posts are generally a bit clearer so it's easier to understand what people might have meant? :-)

Having said that... Gcanta, what did you mean? :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Yeah good point, but if you live after one year under the bridge because you can't pay the rental anymore... and that just all because of modular... ;-) But other than that, modular is fine, nothing to worry about, he, he.

Fair enough, let's talk in a year time again and let me know if you still have a car and a house ;-)

Hi Apache-Raver,

For the fact that you call this "just noodling", I like it a lot :-)

Nice piece and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Notbasho,

He, he, yeah that's what you are saying now. Once you sold your car and start thinking of selling your house for your modular stuff then please repeat again your above statement ;-)

Other than that modular is fantastic :-D Cheers, Garfield.

Hi Apache-Raver,

Thanks for the hint. He, he, I am not too familiar with "modern English", so I don't know what's PHAT but I guess you mean it's an fantastic nice module to use, right? :-)

Bollocks... hmm, I always thought if something is bollocks, it sucks or it's not worth it but I guess you mean the opposite of that ;-)

I do apologise for my poor English.

Steffcorp, I am afraid my usual dealers don't carry this brand, so I wouldn't be able to test it at my dealer. Buying it "blind", not sure about it. Thank you very much anyway, I will keep this VCO in mind.

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Notbasho,

Well... you still have to get yourself a few patch cables but that should be it ;-)

Welcome to modular and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thread: LOH_Patch_1


Hi Jazzy,

I am in a kind of similar situation as you are. I recently also had to travel quite a bit for work and worried like hell about my just all bought modular stuff. I was thinking about an Intellijel 7U case (with the option to extend with yet another same case that can be connected with some metal connection plates, optional available/purchasable). But just at the moment I actually almost bought the Intellijel 7U case, for my situation I decided against it...

I bought instead an Elektron A4 (Analogue Four), it's nice small and handy and fits in my hand luggage. So I don't have to worry which modules I put into a casing that most likely is going to be too small soon enough anyway. So opted for the A4 when I am abroad and I play with my modular whenever I am at home. Might be not what you wanted to hear but I had too much "headache" regarding deciding which case would be good and big enough but is still comfortable to travel with, etcetera. I admit it might not be everybody's choice of "solving this", but for me this worked out great.

Your Digitakt, if I remember well, is even a bit smaller than the A4, so there should be even more space left in your suitcase!

Good luck with the projects abroad and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Colo98,

Most of it JimHowell1970 answered you already, just about the audio output: Please keep in mind that Eurorack level voltage is higher than the usual audio level. So either be damn careful or if you don't won't too worry too much get yourself a proper audio input (if you need that) and output module aka audio interface module.

You also can sleep better at night because of possible DC signal on your output will be filtered away if you use a proper audio interface module; though your mixer might take care of that too, but as I said, I sleep much better at night knowing I don't need to worry about all that because I am using an audio interface module. Up to you of course but you can't say you haven't been warned :-)

Good luck with everything and welcome into modular! Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi JimHowell1970,

Hmm, could be yes, but why two prices? One for brand new and one for second hand modules? :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Colo98,

Interesting idea of processing your acoustic piano but ehm... are you sure that modular will be the right solution? If yes, keep reading ;-)

As you indicated yourself, modular with just 84 HP is asking for trouble (space-wise). Go straight for 3 * 84 HP or 2 * 104 then at least you don't need straight away to buy yet another case.

I had a look at your rack but I can't find your audio (i.e. piano) input. Into which audio interface module does that go? I think you might have forgotten an audio input/output module? If you don't need a headphones output then Intellijel Audio Input/Output is a nice one.

Please carefully plan this rack since the limited space you have it will be very difficult to choose the correct modules for your need. On the other hand, once you got your rack, enjoy it :-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Gcanta,

What does 4715 e and 3150 e mean?

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Edit: Remove typo

Hi Worstname,

If you go to your specific rack that you want to show us, you copy that URL into this conversation here, that should work, but please make sure that if you had it set to "Private" that that is switched off. But I can see your rack actually (by the way Defragmenteur mentioned here above). And here is the link to your rack, if I am not mistaken:

ModularGrid Rack

(I tested it in the preview possibility when doing a post and it seems to work)

Yes, exactly! That's what I miss a bit with the A4 as well, the input-trigger possibility :-) Other than that all quite fine. Oh yes, and if I could change something to the A4, the direction of the sequencer with a few options like backwards, back & fro, random, etcetera.

Why not the Intellijel case 7U then? That's a travel case and you got the nice 1U row as well for the util modules, saving you space for the 3U modules. And in the (far) future when that case is full you can consider yet another one of that, still easy to travel with them and they can be mounted together quite nicely!

Thanks a lot, I just need to find more time to play more with the A4 and discover all its possibilities.

Good luck with the planning and have fun :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Defragmenteur,

Great, thanks a lot for the hint, didn't realise that yet :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Nothing in here so difficult to reply to something that's not mentioned ;-)

Hi Worstname,

Ha, ha, I like your name :-) !

Well... I can see your rack as a picture image but not as a link to your rack. So please allow people to have a look at your rack and provide the link to your rack. Then I can have a more detailed look at it.

My first few impressions:

Yes your rack looks nice but for my personal taste a bit too many "nice & good looking modules" used and less focused on classic components, the "famous but partly boring ones like" VCOs, LFOs, EGs, filters, VCAs and other stuff like a logic module or something else to make your rack a bit more spicy :-)

I recognise the Maths module, certainly nice but a bit pity to use it "only" as a dual or semi-quad EG. René is certainly a nice module, it's also on my wishlist but it uses a lot of HP space and you might want to focus instead on other components first and then later with more (modular) experience looking into those "real nice modules" ;-)

Also found the Tempi in your rack, yes that's definitely a nice module, I use that one myself and I like it, so that one you can keep in your planning first.

Do I see there the Wogglebug as well? Funny and weird thing. I just got that module myself and just played a few days ago with it. Man what a module, it's difficult to tame that thing but I believe once one got more experience with using it, you can do some really weird and nice stuff with it. However to start with a module like that? I would rather start with the STO of Make Noise, that's a nice VCO and though it might look simple but after using the STO for a while one will realise that's a damn good oscillator.

By the way, we can shake hands regarding your Elektron A4, I just got recently one too. Nice device! I love the user interface and the decent quality of just using it, fantastic! I am still practicing with it. Yes it got 4 CVs/gates out and you need that. It sounds a lot but personally I feel a device never can have enough CV/gate outputs :-) Still... I am missing CV ins and gate inputs (or a clock input) on the A4, a real missed chance I think. So controlling with your A4 a modular system, yes that's feasible. However controlling with your modular an A4 (without using MIDI) that's difficult or just not possible; so I feel that's a bit of a pity other than that: A4 versus modular, yeah great! :-D

So in general please consider following:

  • Check out the classic components and see if you can use a bit more of those and a bit less of the "fancy" ones
  • Check out the rack size you are going to plan. You planned now already a full rack, so no space for extension. The "issue" with modular is that you always need more HP space. I planned a huge HP rack space and just recently got it full (seriously in no time it was full), not knowing what to do now, my hands in my hair so to speak (I am overdoing this here a bit but keep an eye on your HP space) --> thus plan a bigger one either plan to start with for example an Intellijel 7U case so you can extend it in the future with yet another same rack (there are rack plates on the market from Intellijel to connect two such cases; nice combination!) Or straight away plan something bigger like a Doepfer A-100 LC9 PSU3 (3 * 84 HP) or even better a Doepfer A-100 (3 * 168 HP) it's the most cost efficient rack if you look at $ or Euro per HP.
  • Plan also free space in your rack, so let's assume you get yourself a rack with 3 rows, keep at least one row free when you start into modular, so you have at least some initial space to extend without the need to buy a new rack

Modular is quite different from your A4, they are so to speak two different worlds, both are fantastic if you can value the positives (and accept the negatives). Once you got into Modular, wow, it's so great, especially in your case in combination with the A4, heaven opens to you ;-)

Welcome to modular, careful with the planning though, few thousand bucks is nothing in modular and wrong planning means bye bye bucks. Make sure that what you plan, is what you need and want. On the other hand don't worry to make mistakes too much, it's part of modular too, as long as you are open to learn from mistakes, with future extension planning you can then improve your modular system.

Good luck and kind regards,

Garfield Modular.

Edit: Update a typo.

Hi Beardobees,

Perhaps the fuse solved your problem? Now slowly start using one by one or batch of a few modules by a batch of a next few modules, to see what caused it? Most likely your power consumption was too high when you switched on the system. I managed at home to blow out the (automated) fuse on the electric circuit I am running my modular system. I am nowadays slowly powering on one by one my racks to avoid blowing a fuse.

I know, your case is a slightly bit different because you blew the fuse inside the Doepfer case. It's still the same though, too much power consumption at once (especially during the startup it consumes more power). Check if you can move a round a bit with high power usage modules to another PSU to balance it better. If you have already everything nicely balanced then it means that you total power consumption is too high, hence adding a new rack (with higher PSU capacity) might do the trick.

I am not sure by heart (but it's mentioned on the doepfer.de site) when Doepfer updated the PSUs of their racks, anyway, the newer Doepfer racks have the PSU generation 3 units and they can handle more power. I got already those newer Doepfer racks so that's why I don't have a problem with the racks itself but with my electric circuit providing the power to the racks ;-)

Good luck with the troubleshooting and kind regards,

Garfield Modular.

Hi Wavne,

That's a fantastic and creative idea! :-) Looks to me that there is space enough for extending it to an 8 channel sequencer or are there some limitations on the electronics?

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Guys,

That's some serious stuff! Anywhere links to CDs or Vinyl where I can buy it? :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Michael,

That's fantastic! It's amazing all those "jungle sounds", beautiful!

He, he, wiggler55550's reference to Ummagumma is a good one too! :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Have a full read on this Make Noise Maths manual:


It might do what you want: channels 1 & 4 are kind of the "classical" EGs and you might want to use the channels 2 & 3 for a similar purpose as well, however in such case I would just go for a more classical quad-EG and use that instead.

Defragmenteur is right, the Maths module can do so many things that it's a bit pity to use it as "just a plain quad EG".

If you just want to shoot 4 triggers (each by a separate EG) perhaps a quad AD would be sufficient?

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Turk128,

I think you have to give access to your rack. Once I try to open your rack, I get the warning that this rack is private.

Sorry, I don't have a clue what's a system80 810. Is System80 the brand name and 810 the module name? I just had a look at the modules page, sorry haven't heard from the Sysgtem80 brand before, always something to learn :-) If the 810 is your thing, perhaps a Behringer Neutron is something for you as well?

Do you have already some other equipment and/or experiences with synthesizers? Just asking to get a better view on your rack and trying to understand why you came up with this rack.

If the Neutron might be your thing and you haven't bought any Eurorack stuff yet, may I advice to start with the Neutron first, get some experience with it and if you get that "hungry feeling" that you want more and have this urge to get into Modular then yes, things will be all right :-) That's how I started too.

Particular experience with bassline (Erica Synths) I don't have but I have quite a few modules from Erica Synths and generally I am quite happy with their modules. The user interface is usually very good (pico modules a bit less because of the limited HP space but for what they offer within 3 HP still good) and most modules of Erica Synths offer a good value & play-ability. This all might sound a bit "neutral" to you perhaps but Erica Synths is definitely one of my preferred brands.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: Finishing up

Hi JH Dees,

Well of course you are right that the Metropolis would give you an increase of the play-ability of your rack, no doubt about that but it consumes quite some HP, so you should ask yourself if that's worth it (the HP usage).

Nice ADSR? Well perhaps not nice to see it but just simple and straight forward to use it is a Doepfer A-140, for the classic ADSR work and easy on your wallet. Personally, my nicest ADSR at the moment is the Erica Synths - Black VC EG (and I got the extension Black VC EG as well). I love to use this EG, not sure if it's still available though... might be not.

An AD I am also very impressed and happy with is the Triple AD from Hikari. Nice & good module and the good news is it's only 8 HP; it uses LED-sliders. And if you don't mind the HP but I guess you do :-) The MOD1 from Waldorf, I am quite happy with it too. Don't buy a Waldorf if you straight away want to get started. I did that with one of the Waldorf modules (I think it was the NW1) and perhaps it was just me, but without properly reading the manual a Waldorf might not be your thing. But I took the time and patience to go through the entire manual once I got the time for it and then Waldorf modules are actually quite enjoyable and offer many possibilities; so does the MOD1.

Sorry, I don't have experiences yet with the Stages.

I wish you good luck on looking for a suitable EG and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Frank,

Weird, now both links work for me, might have been an issue with my computer then.

Everything good now, will keep an eye on this mixer too :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Hedgemunkees,

That's quite nice. Thanks for sharing the link.

Is that you making this music from CyberneticOhm or are you just sharing the link here?

Thanks and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Rookie,

Nice one and a nice Arturia casing too! :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh this is a good one! Lot's of fun here! :-)

Fantastic, keep it up like this! Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

That's a very good question. I asked that myself about the Erica Synth Black VC EG. I like that one so much, should I just get yet another piece of it or should I rather get different ADSRs to extend my horizon? I got already a few other ADSRs by the way and so far, for me, the Black VC EG is the nicest one (under the ADSRs).

I think at the end, nobody can answer our question; I do think, we have to answer ourselves that question. I think my approach is going to be:

If I like that module so much... so what?! Just get another one and enjoy even more!

It's just that I am running at the moment short on HPs and my extension plans need some time, so that's why I haven't bought the second Black VC EG one yet.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: Thread Titel

Hi Gorilla,

Is it just me or do I miss your questions in your above post?

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Turk128,

Could you please provide the link to your rack, so it's easier to have a look at it? A picture doesn't help much, since I would like to check certain modules to see what they do, hence a link to your rack is required.

First impression: you are using some very huge modules for a very limited space-wise rack, you might want to reconsider that or better start to plan with a larger rack :-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thread: Finishing up

Hi JH Dees,

Even though you mentioned that you will be adding more rows in the future, why not starting directly with a larger case, saving yourself money for near future so you don't have to directly buy another casing?

The above rack is I think a picture but not a link, so I couldn't have a detailed look at your rack and the used modules for the details. I think (from what I can see from your picture without being sure) you could need at least one more filter and one more ADSR; hence at least another row to plan/add :-)

The pressure points and Metropolis are for sure nice modules but they take up a huge amount of your space and you should consider to start with an additional filter and ADSR first before thinking of using/adding such large modules, at least that is what I would do if I would have had such limited space.

By the way, the WASP filter (Doepfer, A-124) you plan there is a fantastic filter. I got it myself and from all my filters that the best so far I got. Now I have to admit that I am having a bit of a lack on filters in my setup but still this A-124 is a beauty (to use it)!

Since you plan anyway quite a bit of Intellijel stuff, why don't you consider at least an Intellijel 7U casing? Then that output stuff you can do by those 1U-tiles and that gives you just that bit more space for other modules. Just an idea. I know the 7u case is a bit expensive (at least if you live in Europe) but I do think it's worth it.

Good luck with the planning and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Blackpaws,

I got a Wasp filter (Doepfer A-124) and have no problems. Thoughts... did you check the connection to the power bus? And all the modules on that same power unit too?

Other than that, nothing comes to mind. Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Frank,

Your video is somehow not working, not sure why, will try it another time. I like the idea (and the realisation within this module) of a dual 6-channel mixer, that's pretty neat!

I will consider this module too, first I wait for your filter then let's see. I need HP space, my rack got almost full just recently :-(

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Frank,

Interesting! Just...

when do I win the lottery so I can buy all the modules I like (which are tons) and I can buy a house where that all fits? ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Yalivec,

Nice one too! :-)

But ehm... modular only? What's that tape doing there then? ;-) Or is that for recording purposes only?

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Rudy,

Nice one! And a bit... spooky? :-) Very interesting and I am jealous you managed to got yourself a Cwejman ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.