Hi ChewySoap,

Did you bought already the Eurorack casing? If yes then never mind ;-) But if no, try to plan a bigger case, it looks pretty full in your rack and you should keep some space left for future extensions.

You got yourself there a few nice modules planned, however perhaps you should look into a few classical modules as well, like to plain but good oscillators? Add a ring modulator to it, if possible a dual ring modular, the output of those two oscillators in the first modulator, the output of that first modulator into the 2nd modulator together with the output of that Chord module and you might get some interesting results ;-) Just an example, not saying you must do that. Just showing that you need more space really :-)

Perhaps one more filter?

I see you also planned the Contour 1, that's an AD/AR if I understand the module right. Perhaps you might want to consider a classic ADSR as well, sometimes you want to have just a bit more than just an AD.

If you bought the rack already, perhaps you should wait with the Make Noise Pressure Points (I know it's a nice module, got it myself) and the Stereo Triggered Sampler from 4ms. For such a small rack these modules take away a lot of your available space. Get some more classic/basic modules first and when you are still happy with modular, then consider to get yourself a second casing and then you might want to add those larger modules. Just an idea to save space here.

You also might want to have a look at other rack comments here in the same forum category to get some ideas and feedback that other users got.

Good luck with the planning, think about the available space :-) and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

He, he, nice idea of using ADSR to play snippets of your samples. Once I got time I will try that too. I got a crazy LFO (Black Octasource from Erica Synths), might use that one as well. Let's see if we can get the Disting on its knees ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Great stuff Wishbonebrewery!

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Ha, ha, yeah I also just got an SD card to put it in the Disting. I managed to put it in using my nail to put it in. The nail was thin enough to reach the thing, being scarred though that the SD card goes under my nail causing some unpleasant pain but just survived it :-)

I need to find time to use it as a samples player. Let's see how that goes.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Diego,

Well I got recently an Elektron A4 but I prefer the Elektron over the Disting if it comes to the user interface. Actually if it comes to almost everything ;-) Looks like you are more comfortable with modules like the Disting :-)

Thanks for the hint on the samples playing. Will keep that in mind.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Defragmenteur,

Thanks a lot for those both documents, that's helpful, especially for a module like the Disting :-)

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Hello Frank,

Do you have already an accurate date when the Euporie becomes available? I am quite keen on that module.

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Ziddabit,

Interesting module this filter. How to switch from Moog to Sallen & Key and vice versa? Is that done with the A/B button?

Are you representing the IO Instruments new setup?

Good luck with the startup and let's hope you will be as successful as for example Erica Synths or Intellijel :-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

He, he, yeah, similar feelings here with the Disting Mk IV. Far too much menu stuff, but I knew this is what would happen on forehand but I still bought it... I keep the Disting as an "emergency" module: In case I miss a certain functionality or I need more modules of the same functionality but I don't have enough, then the Disting jumps into place --> though I have to go through the manual first then to figure out how to get that functionality. Nothing self-explanatory here :-)

You gave me a good hint though, I like your idea of using it as a sample-player, better than hanging idle in my casing while it's waiting to become the hot-spare/emergency module :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Yalivec,

Nice and impressive music, thanks a lot for sharing this!

Especially the guitar is nice and impressive :-) That brings me, though, at least for me personally, to one point... I wouldn't have mind a bit more accent on the Eurorack modular system to give that here and there a bit a higher chance of "shining through" so to speak. The guitar is quite leading and overwhelming in a good way but it's a bit pity for the modular sounds; slightly bit too much in the background if you would ask me. Of course this is most likely wanted in this music, so it's rather my personal view on it.

Other than that, I am very jealous about the fact that you produce nice music of which I only can dream of, I wouldn't be able to make nice music like that!

I wish you good luck and I look forward to your next release :-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Defragmenteur,

I think you helped me already a lot with your comment that without individual output for each voice, the result is ok but flat.

So if I want to do recording & mastering outside my modular system but without a computer... I need something that can handle a lot of voices or at least as many voices as I might want to use.

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Modular Freq,

Nice demo and drum beat :-) I like the way you explain how you get a certain sound, it's very educative as well as interesting!

Thank you very much for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Guitarsenal,

Ha, ha, yeah just two very plain filters, but might be useful if you just want to cutoff at a certain frequency.

Did you or anyone have heard of any update regarding Behringer versus their Eurorack modules? Pretty quiet around that theme, isn't it?

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi s_____,

Have a look at the Erica Synth - Black Octasource, there you have 8 phase-shifted outputs equally spread over the 360º, thus 45º each. Is that what you are looking for?

I am having this module and I love it. This module is totally bananas and if you start modulating even your dullest modules, they become rather interesting :-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Defragmenteur and Exposure,

Defragmenteur: Thank you very much for sharing those links, that's very helpful! I will look for quiet moments to read those entirely.

Exposure: The feedback from Senor-bling to check out the audio input/output modular might be still worth checking though; at least for my setup I will have a closer look at that.

Another thought is the audio interface, any issues there perhaps?

Defragmenteur / All: If I don't want to record via DAW on a computer but just recording (and mastering) without a computer, what would be the best way of doing so? Any recommendations? Currently I am using (as an intermediate solution) a Zoom H5 which is okay for some basic stuff but compared to the shared track here from Exposure, I can "throw away" my H5 ;-) Regarding recording/mastering I have nil experience.

Thank you very much in advance and kind regards, Garfield.

Hello Exposure,

My goodness, you "complain" about your music being "muddy" and I wish I could make music like what you just did here with "Animated Cheese". I love this mellow, long-ongoing music, fantastic! I could listen at that something like one hour in a row with perhaps here and there some small variations rather than your "short" 5 minutes :-)

I am not a sound- nor a recording-engineer, so let's hope some of our members are and can help you on that level with your matter. I took the efforts though to listen your music (both tracks) in my rather basic Hi-Fi stereo setup, being a NAD C368 digital amplifier and B&W 683 S2 speakers (so not monitors) in bi-amping setup with (basic) Audioquest cabling and I have to say this doesn't sound to bad at all! I have CD recordings that sound really worse compared to your recording!

Okay, to your recording, what exactly do you mean with "muddy"? Do you mean that it's kind of muffled? Kind of not 100% crystal clear? If that's what you mean, yeah... far away I recognise that but as said I got CDs they would kneel down for your recording quality.

But one thing comes to mind... and that's cabling, especially the quality of cabling which is seriously underestimated by many people (not saying that you are one of them :-) Just trying to make sure if you have thought of everything). With what kind of (quality) cables are you handling your audio path within your modular system? Not the one or two dollar stackable cables I hope? Nothing against it, for testing purposes, but if you are trying to boost up your recording quality, you certainly should check your entire audio path regarding cables and their quality. Now I don't want to go into the discussion of "define quality", everyone for themselves can decide, I guess, if you have reached the level of quality for your cables or perhaps not yet.

But let's say a stackable cable might be not as good as, just taking an example here, a Cordial CPI x ZZ ZZound patch cable. That one is using a cable with wires of 0.18 mm2 which I feel is still a bit less :-) I for example use for non-audio cables (CVs, triggers, gates, etc.) self made cables of 0.2 mm2 and the more simple patch cables of Make Noise (which might be less good in quality than the Cordial CPI x ZZ) and for my audio path I use cables with 0.34 mm2 wires (about the maximum that still fits within a 3.5 mm plug ;-) ). Not saying that you have to do the same thing but just as an example here. Anyway within the modular most likely not so important.

However going out from your modular, those cables to your mixer and from your mixer to the recording device, I would take there a bit more than a one or two dollar cable so to speak.

Your second track, the "Animated Cheese Edit" sounds to me just a fraction more crisp, which is good I think. Though the noise-hi-hat sounds I hear, these sounds could be improved in quality in my opinion, but we are talking here about "high level nagging" towards audio quality ;-) But I don't think these noise-hi-hat sounds are related to your muddy or muffled issue. I think that's rather the sound source of the noise-hi-hat itself. It also is a sound that you just might want to sound it like that.

Other than that (check the cables you are using I mean), I can't help you I am afraid. On my stereo installation I am happy to listen to your music.

For taking this to another (higher) recording level, I think you need advice of members who are more into recording engineering.

Good luck with your recording-quality-improvement and I can't wait for your next track(s)!

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Jim van der Steege,

Looking at your name you might be located in Europe. In case you are indeed in Europe and you purchased your module within the EU, you should be able to make use of the return rights of goods, usually within 7 or 8 days. Check with the dealer you bought from for the details; if you exceeded those 7 or 8 days, most dealers offer a period of 30 days (for example) where you can't receive the money back but at least exchange it for another item. Then you can replace it with Doepfer's A-190-x which is the MIDI to CV module series.

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Interesting thought. I don't think I came across such module yet. If you do please let me/us know, might be an interesting one!

Good luck for the search of such module and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Andrea,

Oh that's great news that the Moog Grandmother is 100% Eurorack compatible... didn't expect that.

Regarding mixers with panning options, I am using the Doepfer A-138p and A-138o combination and I am really happy with this mixer. The beauty of that is that you can expend it with another A-138p once you need more channels. Only space (and money) is an issue then :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Fausto Castillo,

Well I have checked the mutable-instruments.net website and it tells me it's a filter and a VCA thus a VCFA. Shouldn't be too difficult to find any use for that, isn't it? If you are lack on a VCF then use it as a VCF and if you need more VCAs then use it as a VCA. Nicer would be of course to start using it, where it's made for... combine the VCA with the filter possibilities!

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Fastus,

Nice demo sound!

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi ModularFreq,

Thanks a lot, interesting!

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Diego,

Yes that's the real and perhaps only con of Waldorf modules, they are huge. On the other hand that makes those modules very nice and comfortable to use. Things like cables blocking you and not being able to reach the knobs, which can be a common issue with some smaller modules, is an almost non-existing issue with the Waldorf stuff. The Waldorfs aren't modules you just install and start playing. You have to sit for it. Read the manual, understand how to use it, taking your time for it, and then I realise the Waldorf shows you the beautiful side of enjoying their modules. I really like them but I have to agree since I got now 4 Waldorf modules, one row is pretty much full with Waldorf stuff, there goes about one seventh of the entire HP capacity :-(

Yes, you shouldn't hurry things, if you need more time and more space, then that sounds like a good decision.

Thanks a lot for your advice on the A4, I will have a look into using it for drums too. And yes indeed, the A4 is a very enjoyable device :-)

Since I was hesitating between the Tòna and the Ts-L, I think I go for the Tòna, that one is a bit more spacious and has less issues with the small knobs as you mentioned. Thanks for sharing that info.

I wish you good luck with getting your studio up and running again and stay in touch, kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Babel,

I can't help you much there only that my HiPass has no problems. So yes, perhaps you either use too much power and/or next or close to your HiPass module is another module that's interfering your signal perhaps?

Good luck with the troubleshooting and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Andrea,

Welcome to modular synthesizers :-) Did you bought already the rack or not yet? If not yet, I would recommend to go for a bigger case, for example the Intellijel 7U case (2 x 104 HP) or the Doepfer A-100LC9 (3 x 84 HP) as an absolute minimum. So you have some space for extension and you don't have to buy straight away yet another rack (which might come soon enough anyway).

1) Ha, ha, sorry that I have to laugh a little bit here, if you don't really know what to do with it, why you need it then? :-) Perhaps look into this matter a bit more before you decide on it? It's totally okay to start with a half full rack (or even less). Build up experience and then decide if you need a certain module or not.

Or start with one or two of them, if you are happy with it then consider the others you mentioned. Up to you of course but I would take it easy, especially since you notice yourself it might be a bit too much and keep in mind that you planned here a rather small rack so space is (extremely) valuable here to use it as good and as efficient as possible.

2) I feel this is a difficult question to answer. On one hand because I feel one should consider for herself/himself if something is enough or too much on the other hand because... can you ever have enough modulation? :-) The same question goes for oscillators, filters, VCAs, envelopes and LFOs, you usually have too less of them rather than too many of them. Talking about modulation, how about one or two more classical/standard LFOs? I see you planned the Batumi that I guess is certainly not too bad and yes it's a quad LFO, but perhaps a second separate LFO?

Personally, for this rather small setup, I feel the Magneto is perhaps not necessarily? Yes it's a nice to have module but A) it's expensive and B) it consumes a lot of space that you might want to consider to use for other modules.

3) Do you have an external mixer with panning? If yes, you might want to decide for yourself that you don't need panning on your Eurorack mixer. Personally I still would go for a mixer with panning (even if I have externally a mixer with panning too), but as mentioned that's personally, you might think differently about that. That's the nice thing with Eurorack, it's all about flexibility and possibilities but there are no rules that says you must have or you must not have panning. It's at the end totally up to you to decide :-) I feel that's one of the beauties of Eurorack, that kind of freedom to decide for yourself what you are going to do. Which doesn't mean you shouldn't ask here around in the forum for advice though.

4) Ask yourself if a "plain" VCA (that quad VCA for example) is good enough for you or do you really need (straight from the beginning) a polariser? Personally I would start with rather the "normal" VCA first and then later, when build up some experience with Eurorack, decide if you would need a polariser? So if you would want to save some space you might want to let go one of the modules first. On the other hand Blinds has VCA functionality as well, so as long as you don't use the polariser functionality of it, it can be used as a "simple" VCA too. So perhaps start with just the Blinds and then for later consider an additional VCA? Hey this is Eurorack, everything is possible but at the end it's up to you :-)

5) Usually with smaller racks you might not even need a multiple at all. After that (when the small racks becomes bigger or completely filled up) a passive multiple might be for most cases good enough. Only if you know already that straight from the beginning you going to split certain signals into many the same, and that especially for CVs/triggers, then perhaps you could directly start with an active multiple. If you just want to have a multiple for the sake of putting your mind at rest that in case you need one, you got one (that was my approach ;-) ) then go for the passive one. If you then after a while realise you splitting the signal too much then you still can consider an active one. They don't cost the world, money-wise as well as space-wise.

At first sight my above "answers" might not completely been the answers you are looking for. What I however try to accomplish with my replies is that you start thinking about those matters and try to figure out a bit more about those matters and after that you might be able to answer yourself those questions.

You asked what our thoughts about your planned rack is... well to summarise, two things: I feel the biggest issue is that the rack is too small (see already my first comment before point 1). Second... without wanting to remove your enthusiasm here... perhaps you focus a slightly bit less on fancy modules like for example that Magneto and a bit more on some classic/basic stuff?

Since you got already a Grandmother (I mean the device ;-) ) you got there already quite some functionality, so don't worry too much. There is no way that we can plan a Eurorack perfectly without making here and there a "mistake". As long as you are willing to learn from "mistakes" and update/extend your Eurorack accordingly to the gained experience, I think you should be fine and just enjoy the ride :-)

This Grandmother's of yours, I am not hundred percent sure if it's Eurorack compatible, I am afraid it isn't. Perhaps other members can help you there on some details of that. Worst case scenario is that you might need a converter module. So please have that checked.

Good luck, have fun with the planning and for later enjoy modular :-) Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for pointing out the Bateleur to me, will keep this in mind. My local dealer doesn't have it for testing so that might holding me off from buying it blindly but I will still keep this in my mind. Perhaps if I ever can make it to Berlin, Schneidersladen (who seems to have it), perhaps I can test it there :-)

HP wasn't an issue but slowly becomes an issue. Because I wasn't looking much at the HPs, I now suddenly found myself a rack that's getting quite full... so I have keep an eye on it. If I can find a kind of dream VCO and that needs 22 HP then that's still worth it to me though.

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Diego and Ronin,

Wow Diego, that music that you made and provided here is fantastic. I wish I was able to do something like that! But now you make me curious to what you can do with a modular system and your music, so hopefully you soon release some nice modular music? :-)

Regarding wavetable VCO, I got a Waldorf NW-1 and I am quite happy about it, perhaps something to consider? The price is reasonably offered at about Euro 200 here in Europe.

I finally got my Disting module received from my local dealer, it's indeed amazing what it all can do. I rather use it as a kind of emergency and functionality module: In case I need some functionality that I don't have with my modules the Disting comes into play or if I have already a certain functionality but already used it in my patch and I need more, I will consider the Disting too however practically other than have it tested, I didn't come across an emergency case yet where I really had to use the Disting. That's why I call it my backup and emergency module...

If you are looking into reverb, try the Intellijel SpringRay II, I got for that one the small and medium tank. Funny, I didn't expect that but I like the smaller tank over the medium one. The smaller tank is more rough, gives a more direct effect. The medium tank is way more subtle, but in its subtle way nice too. I really enjoy this spring reverb module.

Ronin, you are absolutely right. I am looking for an extensive drum module for Eurorack. My hope was put for a big part to the Blck_Noir from Endorphin.es however once I tested it at my local dealer... I am not sure any more. It wasn't a bad module but (and especially for that price) it didn't give me that wow effect on me where I was hoping for. It's difficult to find a good drum module for Eurorack.

I am currently looking into a non-Eurorack solution (which is actually against my "Eurorack principles" meaning I try to do as much as possible within Eurorack), i.e. the Vermona DRM1 (with trigger inputs so it can be used in combination with Eurorack). The sounds and demos I have heard on the Internet about this one is overwhelming good in my opinion. I hope to be able to test this one soon at my local dealer to see if it's really that fantastic. Any experience/info about/for this one?

Regarding "my Eurorack principles", it looks like I let that go a bit... I just got myself an Elektron Analogue Four Mk II (aka A4), great device, easy to take on travels (instead of Eurorack travel cases that I consider first but decided against it, at least for the moment) and nice to play with, even on its own; or should I say especially on its own? :-) I haven't had the time yet but want to hook it up with my modular system as well to see how the A4 goes in combination with modular.

By the way Diego, how is your Instruo Ts-L module getting along? Happy with it? Please tell me your experiences. I am still considering the Instruo Tóna.

Oh and I wouldn't have mind if you would had hijacked my OSC post ("Some good VCOs required"), that's where it is for :-)

Man... I can't wait for your modular music, you made me seriously curious! All the best and kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: petitRêve

Hi Paperplanets,

I wish you good luck ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

P.S.: For advice please check the many posts here under the Racks section. Personally I feel your rack is a "slightly bit" too small but it also might depends on what you want to do with it and what other gear you have beside this planned rack.

Hi Lugia,

If this would be the first synthesizer of Behringer fitting in a Eurorack I have to agree with you, however looking at Neutron, Model D, K-2 and Pro-1 to name a few, this Wasp thingy is about in the same context. I agree however with you that it has disappointing less patch points...

Shall we keep it first in the modules overview for the sake of doubt? :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: Box of Noise

Hi Groc,

After reading your reply I am less worried and I think you are going the right way. As long as you know (or think you know) what you are doing regarding those sexy and fancy looking modules then that's all right.

Making a mistake is totally okay within Eurorack, has there been anybody out there that never made a mistake? :-) It's so common, that's totally fine and from those mistakes we can learn and improve ourselves regarding Eurorack or modular in common.

Did you bought already the casing? If not yet, then please consider a bigger one, for example the 7U of Intellijel, as already mentioned.

As Ronin mentioned there's always an interesting way to do things. It's like that old phrase saying: "There are many roads leading to Rome". The same is applicable for Eurorack. There are many different ways to get things done within Eurorack. With the exception of a few small matters, you actually can just do anything with Eurorack. You can patch whatever you like, you can experiment the way you want and during that process you learn a lot. So enjoy your first few modules and welcome to Eurorack :-)

Have fun, good luck and don't hesitate to check/ask here, kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Ronin,

Yeah! That demo "says" it all, doesn't it? :-) So when are we going to the shop and buy it? ;-) Still my question stands regarding a convertor module for it... or how are you going to use it with modular?

Kind regards and thanks for sharing the above link, Garfield.

Thread: Box of Noise

Hi Groc,

Please read the posts in this forum under the Rack section this post: "Why your 6U x 84 generative rig won't work", that's very useful to people new into modular. Please also consider to plan a (much) bigger casing. Please also read other posts in the Rack section to get an idea of what other new persons to modular came across.

Please try to plan less "fancy" or "sexy" modules however more classic components (they might look boring, they do look boring but you seriously need them) like VCOs, VCFs, EGs, LFOs, VCAs, etcetera.

The Arturia Keystep is a good start to get a sequence into your modular. Don't forget to look at an audio input/output module. The Eurorack signals are not 100% compatible with the audio signals so the best way to go is for an audio input/output module. But if you really plan to go for an Intellijel case (take the 7U, not the 4U), then that should be fine.

Good luck with reading, investigating, understanding (check/ask here if any info required) and planning your modular system, and please try to read the entire posts in the Rack section of this forum. Try to avoid the "TL;DR" principle ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Moderator,

Yes that would be great! Separately from the rack it would be good to be enable it for the public or keep it private (that note I mean).

Thank you very much and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Lugia, Ronin, All,

Coming back to this post regarding above mentioned Behringer & Arp Odyssey, the Behringer K-2 and a little on ASM Hydrysynth (desktop model).

Beginning of this week I had the opportunity to get to my local dealer and voila! There it was the Behringer Odyssey and the K-2, ready to test. I didn't had too much time but I had some quick looks and a short test on each of them. Here are my impressions:

Behringer Odyssey, well let's start again with the Arp Odyssey, personally I wasn't too impressed by it (scroll above to my post of the 1st of September). This time I tested the just new Behringer Odyssey. What a difference with the (new) Arp Odyssey! In a good way this time!

Let me start with the touch and feel of it, which is good, the switches are good to use and the (LED) sliders are quite nice to use too. The housing is made like a tank, there is pretty thick sheet- or plate-metal used and that's rock solid. I tried to lift up the Odyssey. The good news is that is possible but you can feel the heavy weight. For people who want to take it under their arm with them, it might be not so ideal but I actually like that kind of "build like a tank" feeling :-)

Then the sound, wow yes, that's some serious old, "fat" synthesizer sound, personally I like that. When I compare this one with the lately Arp Odyssey, I would definitely go for the Behringer edition and not Arp; sorry Arp. Here in Europe at Euro 449 it isn't too cheap (however compared to Arp it is) but for the fact that you get a "solid tank" with a good sound and switches and sliders that are nice to use, it might be worth it. Personally, the Odyssey is too deep for the space I have available left, so I have to let it go for the moment but will keep an eye on it. If there is ever a good special offer for it, I still might decide to get one.

Then the K-2... I got already the Neutron from Behringer and I am actually very positive about the Neutron. So when I tested the K-2 I just couldn't believe it... in my opinion the K-2 is beating the Neutron, it's beating it with ease! My goodness, what a lovely little synthesizer that is. Now I don't know the original Korg MS-20 (because that's what the K-2 is, a kind of replica of it) sound but this K-2 has a sound that's beyond believing (for that price) and that puts the Neutron easily in its shadow.

If the Behringer Odyssey sound was kind of old fashion, nice, fat, sound, the K-2 doesn't sound "as fat" as the Odyssey but it has its own characteristic of sound that's, at least for me, close to unbeatable, what a lovely sound.

Then the touch & feel, for the housing that's very similar to the Neutron (and the Model D), however the knobs of the K-2, somehow I feel they are even better than the Neutron, or at least very similar/good as the Neutron.

So I definitely will consider the K-2, most likely I am going for that one. The only issue is... what would be a good and available(!) Eurorack convertor module to be used with the K-2 to make it Eurorack compatible? I think we started that discussion about the convertor module already earlier in this thread (somewhere up here) but if I remember well we didn't found an available module yet that would be suitable. Or is there an available convertor module that does?

Then I spoke with my contact at my local dealer about the ASM Hydrasynth, not sure when that becomes available, let's hope in December but that seems not to be sure; at least not here in Europe. This guy I spoke with had tested for just a very short while the ASM Hydrasynth desktop variant and he was very impressed about it. It seemed to be build good, the synthesizer seems to offer a good deal. The only con he could find in the limited time he had was the limited number of available preset sounds. So I can't wait for the Hydrasynth to arrive in Europe and to have it tested.

Wish you all a good weekend and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Ronin,

Skiff? I don't have that, at least not yet, my desk is pretty full with some Doepfer A-100 casings. I might consider a double Intellijel 7U case because I am recently a lot away from home and don't have much time left to play with my modular system (when I am back home) but I put that "traveling case" on hold till next year and then will check if I want really a traveling case or not. Let's see.

Oh that's good, that the Rubicon 2 got an LFO that can go quite slow, sounds good too :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Danjas,

Regarding point 1, not sure but maybe the ACL Sinfonion can do this, you might want to check that module out. The con is the price.

About point 2 not too sure what you want, do you mean something like a random generator or something like that? If yes, there are several random generator modules, just go in this forum at modules and look there for what you might need.

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Nniikkoo (Niko? :-) ) and Ronin,

Nniikkoo/Niko, thanks a lot, I definitely will consider the E330, though I don't have a dealer where I can test it, but it's on my list :-)

Ronin, thanks a lot for your information. Yes I thought already it would be something like that but it's good you had confirmed that in details. So looks like I have to go for the Rubicon 2 then, instead of the Dixie 2+ :-) I will change in my wish list the priority of Dixie 2+ (lower the prio) and prefer in my list the Rubicon 2 (higher prio).

I got the Doepfer A-110-4, it's a more simple VCO but also has this "through zero" capabilities, fantastic what you can do with that, so since the Rubicon 2 got that capability as well, I am really thinking of that Rubicon 2 now (instead of Dixie 2+); it's just the budget ;-) But yes, you are right, it's worth it to go that extra mile (i.e. extend the budget) and go for the Rubicon 2 instead.

Thanks a lot and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Ikke1996,

To be honest, I do think you need to get more experience with the Neutron. The more experience you get with it, you will start to feel what you might miss on the Neutron and that might translate into what you might want to consider to look at it in modular. If I may say it like this: "I don't think you are "ripe" (i.e. ready) yet for modular" ;-)

So build up more experience, while doing that you can check things like check your budget, what are you willing to spend on modular (do realise that it can costs several thousands and that's just for the beginning of it). Check the size of your planned modular case, choose a size that can hold for the future too, not that after a few months or something you need another case. So think in terms of at least 2x104 HP (Intellijel 7U case for example) or 3x84 HP cases (Doepfer A-100 for example) as a real minimum, better is to think bigger. Meanwhile still building up experience with the Neutron.

You also can check for yourself how happy are you with components of Neutron like:

Oscillators (VCOs)
Envelopes (EGs)
Filters (VCFs)
Audio input/output interfaces for modular

Check component by component what's important for you? How should it work, what should it give you? You can check the basics with the Neutron, try to create an opinion for yourself with that for each component. Once you got that, you can answer easier your above questions by yourself. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want to help you but the best learning curve is if you are going to figure that out for yourself. That requires experience and with that you can easier build an opinion for yourself what you want from each component and from modular in general.

This might sound dull but it really helps is to read the posts in the Racks part of the forum. Don't read the first few lines but read the entire posts to understand why people give certain advices. Start to read with the post that's called "Why your 6U x 84 generative rig won't work" post, that covers most of the starting issues, after that some other posts in the same section (Racks) of this forum.

Modular is not only about making music with it, it's in the beginning a hell of a job to start reading into it, learning about its components and its basic understandings, then the planning, investigations that are required for that planning. And then, and only then, perhaps then start think about buying a modular case. Not straight away fill it up fully, no keep it about half empty. Start with getting experience with the basic components, build up again more experience, adjust your opinion again on the gained experience and then check again what you might require. It's a long road to go (if you don't want to waste money like hell), but a very nice way to go if you are really into modular.

Oh by the way, and also be prepared to learn from mistakes, that's pretty common in modular too ;-) I mean to make mistakes, as long as you see that positively and take that as a lesson learnt, then that's fine.

I hope this helps a bit for starters and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Ronin,

No problem, good advice comes never too late :-)

Hmm... interesting... I had already a look at the Intellijel's Dixie II+ and I heard about the Rubicon II but haven't really check it out yet, I guess its price was stopping me from doing so :-) Do I see this correctly that the Dixie II+ is actually a small version of the Rubicon II or are there some significant differences between them that I should be aware off?

Thank you very much for pointing out that one and I will check at my dealer if they have the Rubicon II for testing it, best would be if they got the Dixie II+ for testing too, so I can compare them.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hello Elodin,

If LED sliders make you happy then consider the Triple AD module from Hikari Instruments. I got that module and indeed it makes me really happy to use it. The module consists of 3 AD envelopes and is quite flexible in usage.

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hello Babel,

Feedback: Are you nuts? ;-) I mean regarding your comment to get rid of your Octatrack. Keep your Octatrack! That's a fantastic device and that can do so many things so easily (if you know how to use it, which I don't, but I know somebody who does) that if you want to get that kind of functionality in modular, I guess you need to reserve a pretty big part of your wall to make that full with modular then...

You could use the MIDI output on the Octatrack to a MIDI-in module in modular (unless your case got already a MIDI-in of course) and extract from that one the clock to keep everything in sync. The output of the modular back into the Octatrack and your Octatrack has such fantastic sample possibilities, I would use the Octatrack for sampling and not kind of in a forced way looking for a sample module in modular unless you really found the sample module that all does what the Octatrack can and more (and I doubt if it exists).

Other than that I think you are good on your way into modular and with keeping the advice of Ronin in mind, I think you should be all right.

Enjoy your system setup and don't you dare to sell that Octatrack ;-) Kind regards,

Garfield Modular.

Hi Antti,

That sounds good! :-) I wish you much fun with your modular synth!

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi WishboneBrewery,

Is that just me or is this getting better and better?! Great sound, I am so jealous you can produce such nice sounds. The only thing I managed so far with my modular system are screaming VCOs and puking filters that don't know about cut-off frequencies ;-) Just joking of course, but yeah, great track!

Nice cable-spaghetti picture too! :-)

Again, can't wait for your next one! Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi MikeNoFace,

I think you answered your own question :-)

Edit: I think what I'm missing is more envelope shaping for the drums. Sigh...can't have it all in 62hp.

If you haven't bought the case yet, you seriously might want to consider a larger case... I also see you are planning a Doepfer A-111-6, that has a VCO too, fair enough, though (unless I overlooked it) is that the only VCO planned in this rack? You might want to consider at least two VCOs though.

Please also refer to other postings in this forum section "Racks" for further ideas and advice you might find there.

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi All,

Picking up the discussion on Pro-1 again, here (Germany) the Pro-1 has been announced in the shops. Looks like it either comes this month or early December, well... knowing the delays of releases... I would be happy if it's in by mid or end of December ;-)

I look forward in testing it soon and kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: DIY modules

Hi Dabbous,

Not sure if this helps but check out the book "Make: Analog Synthesizers" from author Ray Wilson, ISBN 978 1 449 34522 8, perhaps that's the kind of information you are looking for?

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Oilpanic and Phineas,

Thanks a lot for pointing out the Synthesis Technology E330 VCO to me. I just watched a video about it and that might be just a VCO I was looking for. Pity that my dealer nearby doesn't carry this brand, so I might have to buy it "blind". I certainly will put this on my wish list!

Thanks again and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Marcel Riccelli,

I started with a Behringer Neutron before I went into Eurorack and the Neutron thought me a lot, it allows some basic patching and has everything to get started. Budget-wise the Neutron is very reasonable, in Europe it's at about Euro 299. Or you can consider the Behringer Model-D, I don't have experience with that one yet but it's on my wish list. I think to start with, the Neutron is really not a bad choice.

Once you know the Neutron in and out and you are happy with patching it, then, and only then, you should consider to move to Eurorack. Start then with planning a new rack with the buildup experience you got from the Neutron and keep checking this forum of course :-) Please also follow up the advice of Ronin1973 to practice in VCV as well before spending tons of money into Eurorack ;-)

Good luck and kind regards,

Garfield Modular.

Hi Diego,

Looks like our messages got crossed, I only saw yours now :-)

Yes you are right of course and a manual is still helpful. I just try to avoid that Lugia puts, initially, too much efforts in it, especially regarding the "TL;DR" effects ;-)

It is also nice to hear from you that it's still a good thing to work on this, thanks a lot for this positive support!

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Lugia and Ronin,

You both hit the nail on its head and I totally agree.

Lugia, about the manual, I am afraid that what you think might happen, indeed will happen: that people don't bother to read large manuals and still focus, indeed Ronin, on the cool & fancy looking modules...

So therefore my suggestion, just write a real basic manual, I wouldn't go over 10 or max 20 pages or so because otherwise you put way too much efforts in it, and I agree, the danger that people don't completely read it becomes quite big and that would be a real pity of your efforts, it would cause frustrations to you and, let's be honest, you should/could have put that time better in enjoying your own rack and creating fantastic sounds! :-)

I wanted to start yesterday evening with a basic Visio drawing but I have a problem with by laptop (MacOS) and Parallels. I think I need to update my Parallels first before I can use Visio again. So at the moment I can't help you with a basic synth drawing, sorry about that.

Take it easy Lugia on yourself and I do think a basic manual of a few pages should be sufficient to get people starting with modular synth into the right direction. Looking at the efforts it would costs, my advice is to keep it simple and don't try to come with an extensive manual (that might be something for later in case the "basic manual" would work well). But hey, that's just my two cents, it's up to you of course.

And a big thank you for being so honest, that at the same time hits a few real good points!

Kind regards, Garfield.