Thanks again @garfielmodular and @Lugia for the incredible list of filters. I wish I had a Buchla Blue Box and no reason to worry about them.

Like you both said, the choice of a VCF is nonetheless personal. I love the sound of a Joranalogue Filter 8, for example, and felt in love by the rythmic timbres of Serge's VCFQ. Since I am working in a compact - but hopefully efficient and flexible case - I will test the ones that bring me more sonic possibilities.

About the Envelope Generators A-140-2 or A-140 should be my choice, instead of Quadra since I have Function from Make Noise as a sort of AD option.

Lastly, Garfield, thanks for the wife's advice, although she is too cleaver, any trick I use she will know in advance.

Hey @GarfieldModular, thanks for your comments. I agree (and it's on my plans) to have more than one VCO, not sure if a Dixie. My fault it's not there.
A second Filter wasn't planned but I will consider with care. I really look for a Filter that could give me more than just Low Pass Gates or Distortion, something that I could modulate and use as a sound source if necessary. Suggestions are more than welcome.

Regarding the AD or ADSR,I consider also the Doepfer A-140-2 as an option, it's also way cheaper than Intellijel Quadra.
The case can't be too big at the moment 9u would be wonderful but I don't want to scare my wife with my sonic ambitions, I will wait for her to get used to my little box before anything bigger land in the room!
Thanks and take care!

Searching (through addictive Ebay auctions) I have purchased a couple of modules that I love to form my first Eurorack.
Until now I have my first row ready (TOP ROW) and I am deciding which missing parts are crucial, or that could suit this composition.
Ideally I need a module that survives alone, but it will definitely complemented by NI Reaktor (via a DC Coupled interface that I already have).

Top row I have, lower row not yet.
My first option VCF would be Serge's Random Source, VCO I thought about Dixie, and I thought Quadra could act as envelope source, I might be mistaken.

Looking for opinions, suggestions for the Drama.

ModularGrid Rack