I found an interesting book about generative music: ” A Systematic Introduction To Making Generative Music With Modular Synths”.
It is an e-book that can be downloaded for $24.50 here:

There is even a volume 2:

Link to a pdf with a list of the 3x32 presets for the FM synth in Plaits firmware 1.2:

Many beginners post their racks and wonder if they are suitable for ambient generative patches. Most of the time the answer is NO with patient explanations from guys like Lugia, GarfieldModular and JimHowell.
I think it would be very valuable if you and others designed proposals for generative racks as simple and basic as possible. Hopefully no bigger than 3x104 HP.

Which module manufacturers have the best manuals?
My impression is that the manuals are often far too concentrated and difficult for beginners like me.
Although I do not have so many modules, I have downloaded and read several manuals from different manufacturers.
Some that I like are those from Mutable Instruments and Doepfer.

I’m quiet happy with my rack but want some more modulation possibilitys.
Mainly for modulation of Plaits, Monsoon and Marbles in generative patches.
I have 8 HP free space and think that DivKid ochd could be a good choice.
But I should be happy for other suggestions.

ModularGrid Rack

Thank you very much piragde!
Now I understand how to think.

I have problems understanding my Metabolic Devices 2Win.
If input 2 is at 3v and window size is 1v the output gets high when input 1 is between 2v and 4v.
But how do I get a high output only if input 1 is higher than for example 3v?
And the opposite: a high output only if input 1 is lower than 3v?

Thread: Only Pluck

Thank you OLDAN, vow311 and jb61264 for your comments.
Minibrute 2 and Rackbrute 6U is a perfect combo for me. Of cource it would be nice with a larger rack when I realize that I need a new specific module for a new patch idea. But I have found out that I often can get close to that modules function by clever combinations of the utility modules that I actually have.
For me the most valuable modules are Marbles, Plaits and Maths.
Here is my setup:
ModularGrid Rack

Thread: Only Pluck

Thank you cmb and ryanthegecko for nice comments!
I was surprised that one single oscillator could sound like this.

Thread: Only Pluck

2hp Pluck is the only sound source used in this patch.
CV:s from 2hp EG, 2hp TM and one LFO are mixed in Veils modulated with LFO:s and sent to 2hp Tune playing a harmonic minor scale sent to Pluck v/oct. And then some delay and reverb.

Two Plaits (chords), Monsoon and Ripples modulated by seven LFOs and Marbles.

Thank you TumeniKnobs and GarfieldModular for taking your time to listen and your kind remarks!

Audio: Minibrute 2S Osc 1+2, Plaits Particle Noise, µOsc-II Chords, 2hp Pluck, Disting mk4 sampled flute.
Random: Minibrute 2S Sequencer, 2hp TM+Tune, Marbles.

Thread: Derivator

I'm giving Ladik a few months ;-)
By the way, Dovemans SHFT is hard to find.
Is Metabolic Devices 2Win a good alternative?

Thread: Derivator

I need a derivator. The only one I have found is Ladik J-110 but that is out of stock.
Is there any alternative?

My goal is to build the rack suggested by Lugia.
But I have to do it in steps.
1. I remove the buffered multi (4 HP). Now I have 14 HP free space.
2. I add Doveman SHFT (6 HP), Ladik Derivator (4 HP) and Ladik Skipper (4 HP).

ModularGrid Rack

4. ”Shrink” Marbles, Plaits and Veils plus removing modules for making space for the rest of the suggested modules.
What do you think?

1. Never tried to use noise with Marbles but now I will :-)
2. This is a new way for me using the quantizer. Very interesting.

I read the manuals, check reviews and look at the Youtube videos about the modules you have suggested.
I think they will be a great improvement for my generative struggle.
But there are two issues in your comment that I dont really understand.
1. How shall I use noise for modulating Marbles?
2. How to use the quantizisised modulation curves?

You are absolutely right JimHowell1970.
My rack is to small. But when I started my intention was only to add som functionality to my Minibrute 2S, not going deep into modularity. But then I get caught and are now module dependent.
And what I have heard there is no cure for this kind of addiction ;-)

Thanks again Lugia for taking your time helping me. Much of my current rack is a result of your earlier advice and I like it a lot.
Your suggested remake of my rack seems to be a killer (small scale) generative machine. I will carefully evaluate the new modules and replace my old modules one at a time. But there are so many of my current modules that I have to skip so I must try to sell them before I can buy new ones.
If I don’t find any buyer I maybe go for one of my earlier ideas; getting a small skiff where I can put them.
I really look forward to plan my new rack!

Thank you nickgreenberg for the sloth explanation. It seems to be a very interesting companion to Marbles that is my main random source.

Thanks for the advice!
Never heard about the Triple Sloths and I do not understand how to use it. But I will check it out and try to understand how it works :-)

I have removed two modules I never/seldom use so now I have 10 HP free space.
I will fill this space with modules that can help me improve my generative patches. So I would be very pleased to get some tips which modules I should choose.
ModularGrid Rack

Thread: Oscilloscope

Here is a simple stand alone DIY oscilloscope from China that was easy to assemble and works well. It costs about $25 including housing and shipment. It works well with my modular rack so I could really recommend it.

Thank you GarfieldModular, troux and sacguy71 for your kind remarks!
Very encouraging for a ”rookie”.

Marbles plays an A minor pentatonic scale to µOSC-II (Plaits clone) and to 2hp Pluck processed by Monsoon (Clouds clone).
Plaits plays Amin, Dmin and Emin chords fed by Minibrute 2S sequencer.

Thread: A new start

I thougt my 6U rack would be enough for me. Then I thought about a small skiff as a complement. But now I think I need about 6U more.
I am mostly into generative patches and would develop that further.
So I would be glad for some advice about new modules.
It would take some time before I can fill all the new 6U so it wold be fine with a developing plane with for example a start with 4 or 5 modules and then adding 3 or 4 at a time.

ModularGrid Rack

I have found a very good modular channel on Youtube.
”Monotrail Tech Talks”

There are videos like:
How to use modular utilities.


Introduction to Eurorack drones.

Introduction to generative patches.

For a Patreon fee ($4/month) you can download all patches from the videos as PDF:s

Thread: Next step?

Thanks again for good advice!
Do you think I need a Turing machine when I have MI Marbles?
I also have Ladik B-010 Boolean logic module. What ”beefed-up” module do you think could be a complement?

Thread: Next step?

I am pretty satisfied with my setup for basic generative ambient patches.
I can easily patch three or four individual voices and have many modulation possibilities.
But I am aware of that my rack is pretty small for more serious generative experiments. But I have no good ideas how to reach a new level.
I will keep my Minibrute 2S and the 6U Rackbrute. I don’t have space for a new large rack but considering a small skiff as a complement.
So now I hope getting some advice what to fill the planned skiff with.
I guess I can afford about ten new modules at an average price around $250.
As I have built my setup almost entierly from advice in this forum I really hope that I can get some more help.

ModularGrid Rack

Here is a great story about TD from 1982 covering their equipment and much more:

There is a very good You Tube video explaining how to patch generative music.

I bought both the Boolean and the Gate Delay after your recommendations, so I hoped you would leave a comment.
And so you did :-)
Thanks a lot for the tips about how to use them. I look forward for checking out the patch ideas.
I am not aware of the 88/89 ”debate”. But the rack in Modulargrid is exactly how my rack looks IRL.
When I mesaures the Rackbrute and the MB 2S I find that the width of both is 455 mm.
So there is actually room for 91 hp!

After recommendations I bought Ladik S-186 Dual trig/gate delay module for my generative patches.
I know how the module works but I can’t figure out how to use in an interesting way :-(
I would really appreciate some tips how to use it.
ModularGrid Rack

Glad you like it!
This is my first serious patch with Monsoon. Very tricky and unpredictable. Even the smallest adjustments can make great differences. But that is good :-)
The device in the front is my Minibrute 2S and the rack is Rackbrute 6U.

A flute sampled in Disting mk4 and 2hp Pluck processed by Monsoon Parasite Granular mode.
All sequenced with Marbles.
Modulation with Marbles, four LFO:s, Maths and Synthorek Sequence 8.

Your Shepard tone sounds good, both up and down.
Interesting that Telharmonic has that as an option. Have to put that module on my wish list.
I tried Lugias patch but I do not have enough EG/VCO combos and my Seq Switch could not (as I hoped) work as a trigger sequencer.
Then I tried a patch from a Youtube video that seemed to be easier. Only 2 VCO, 2 LFO and 3 VCA. But with limited success.

But I will continue to struggle with theese two patches.
A Shepard tone would be a perfect backdrop for an ambient piece I’m working with.

Thank you very much for the explanation!
I do not have all the modules that seems to be needed but I will make a try with what I have.
ModularGrid Rack

Several years ago I heard a strange musical illusion. I think it was on Jean-Claude Elloy's album Shanti.
It sounded like the tone was constantly rising in pitch without stopping.
Now I know that it is called the Shepard tone which can even decrease in a similar way.

Is there any one who knows how to recreate this in a modular patch?

Here are two Youtube examples:

Thread: Thank you!

ModularGrid Rack

After one year I have now filled the last hole in my rack. It happends to be with the Monsoon from Michigan Synth Works.
I just want to thank all of you that have helped me chosing the right modules by your comments to my posts.
A special thanks to GarfieldModular, Lugia and Ronin1974!

I have also learned a lot from the Youtube channels:



3 Modules:

My own choice for just three module are Marbles, Plaits and Maths.
I think you can create incredible patches with just theese 3 modules plus the standard utilities.
Kind regards,

Thanks again for a nice comment!
Symphony: It is maybe enough with about 40 new complete voices and a load of sequencers. So if I could convince my wife to sell our car it’s doable ;-)

I was so inspired by DonghyukHeo’s fantastic interpretations of classical music so I had to try for myself.
The piece is ”Invention 15” by J.S. Bach that I programmed from sheet music into the two track sequencer of a Minibrute 2S.
The sound sources are just two Plaits in chord modes and osc 1 in MB. (One original module and one clone).
Sorry for the bad sound quality but I only have a GoPro for capturing video and audio.

Just out of curiosity:
What is the estimate for the number of people using modulars?
Who are the largest manufacturers of Eurorack modules?
How many units are sold of the most popular modules?

Thread: Closing time

ModularGrid Rack

During the last 11 months I have gradually built my rack as a complement to my Minibrute 2S.
The advice I have got in this forum has been invaluable. Thanks!
Now I will ”close” my rack and fill the remaining 19 HP with some more modules.
I am most into generative ambient stuff and think I have enough of utility modules.
But I need some more sound generating/manipulating sources and it is hard to make a choice.
My present ocillators: Minibrutes two VCO, Plaits, 2hp Pluck and Erica Synths Pico VCO.
One module I am thinking of is a Clouds clone like Monsoon.
Another choice could be som kind of complex oscillator as I like my Plaits very much.
But I am also considering a chord module like Chord v2 from Qu-Bit Electronix.
I would be very glad If I can get some advice how to beef up my ambient patches.

Thank you very much for your remarks!
They make me very happy and you have such a kind attitude in all your posts in MG:s forums.

Plaits and 2hp Pluck plays the chord sequence Am Dm Bdim and Em. Minibrute VCO1 and a Disting sampled flute plays an A minor pentatonic scale randomly.

Thank you for the suggestion. BitBox is a kind of module I have not checked yet but it seems to be an interesting addition.

I have during the last ten month gradually built the rack you can see in my post. I'm pretty happy with it and the modules in my wish list is what I think I need for going further.

Thank you very much for taking your time helping me!
I will carefully evalute your recommendations and inform me about the modules I don’t know, as Kinks and FXAid.
I think it is a good idea to wait with O&C despite many recommendations from others.
I did not know about the 4 channel attenuator ”problem” with Clouds.
Is it the same with Monsoon?

ModularGrid Rack
My rack aimed for ambient generative patches has space for 31 more HP modules.
The modules that I want to fill the empty hole with is:
2HP Tune Quantizer. 2HP.
Doepfer A-151 Quad sequential Switch. 4 HP.
Ladik B-010 Bool2 – logic module. 4 HP.
Ladik S-186 Trig/Gate Delay. 4 HP.
Doepfer A-118-2 Noise S&H. 4 HP.
After Late Audio uBurst (Clouds).8 HP.
Doepfer A-135-2 Quad VCA. 8 HP.
Michigan Synth Works uO_C. 8 HP.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

But they cover 42 HP :-(

Please help me with which of them I shall choose.