Just wanted to share this with you guys: my first build is ready! I just finished my first jam with the upper 2x84hp rack and built a simple (but beautiful, methinks) patch with Batumi, Telharmonic, Morphing Terrarium, Dual ADSR and Serge VCF. The journey has just begun but I’m super excited with the paths this opens up for me. Once again, thanks GarfieldModular and Ronin1973 for your invaluable help!

ModularGrid Rack

This is where I’m at atm. So I grabbed another small case dirt cheap (bottom row, the blind modules are just to note it’s only 68hp)... The Erica Synths will be swapped to the Batumi at some point and there are some modules I still haven’t bought but I’m getting there! Edges was actually the first module I bought in the spring, although I’m not sure if it’ll go into the rack in the end.

GarfieldModular and Ronin1973, thanks ever so much for your help! I’ll take a good look at your recommendations. You’ve addressed the two things I knew were either slightly off (for some reason utility modules have been hard for me to get my head around) or not taken into consideration enough (modulation). I’ll be back... Thanks again!

Edit: Sticking with the Erica eg/lfo for now in my projected build as I have some space issues. Will keep an eye on the Intellijel Dual ADSR module.

Hello everyone! I’m Antti and like many others before me have just fallen for eurorack... I’ve got some experience with hardware synthesizers, including some semi-modular ones (0-Coast, DFAM, Dreadbox Nyx) that I love and will be trying to hook up with my forthcoming eurorack, but I’d much appreciate your thoughts on my current build plan. The idea is to create dark (organic-sounding) ambient with some percussive elements and rich textures. I’ve found myself a 6U 84hp GMSN! case second-hand, so for the time being I’ll be sticking with that. I can see myself expanding in the not too distant future but I’d appreciate it if you could point out ways to make the current 2x 84hp as well as possible.

As for fx, I’m planning to run the modular through Octatrack and/or external fx, so I don’t see myself acquiring a huge amount of fx modules. I’m also planning to sequence the eurorack from the OT. Anyway, here’s what I’ve planned and (to a large extent) bought so far. Again, huge thanks to anyone and everyone who’ll take the time to comment!

ModularGrid Rack