Oh for sure, I appreciate that the larger size has upsides, and I've heard many good things about Veils. Out of curiosity, how do you "play" a VCA? Other modules I get, but is it just manually changing the level?

Thanks for Links & Kinks btw, I use those in VCV all the time but forgot about them for this.

Oh it also doesnt need to interface with VCV Rack, I did look at an ES-8 but I make better stuff with my actual hands than on the computer. What I meant was for playing stuff, I'm fine with that being on the PC with a Keystep.

get a quad vca (the one you have in the rack already seems ok, personally I'd go with veils)
-- JimHowell1970

Veils is big for a quad, I could get a Hexagram and have 6 VCAs for 2hp less. I was looking at the Malekko one which is 8hp, if I needed to squeeze something else in.

don't you want envelope and pitch following and gate extraction?!?

No, otherwise I'd get an Ears or something like that. I'm not looking to use the bass as something to control the system. I know you can set it up so you can do some really cool things, but for the type of stuff I do it's not relevant. Thank you for suggesting that though.

The intrfx has 3 channels, and I only have 4 pedals (2 of which are used together or not at all) so one will do me fine. It can do some fun feedback stuff as well. I'll only be using the bass at home, so permanently using up space for something that I can run outboard didnt seem like the way to go for me.

I'd want to go slowly and learn each module pretty well and how it interacts with other modules first
-- JimHowell1970

That's the plan, planning out a full system makes it easier for me to visualise and aim for something so I don't end up with random components.

I'll look into the Mantis for sure, I chose the mods because of the lower intial cost (about half the price of a Mantis) and because they'd be easier to carry around.

Don't do this. Put the controls on the floor, sure...but NOT the modules!!!
-- Lugia

nothing is going on the floor, pedals go on the desk too.

Pedalboard, just for reference: https://www.modulargrid.net/p/pedalboards/view/1030188

Hi! Looking to get into modular stuff, been putting it off for years but some of the more recent Make Noise efforts and some other things have finally pushed me into starting to build a system. This is something that will be built up over a fairly long time, and as such things will probably change along the way, but this is the kind of system I'd be aiming for.

It's designed with the intent of running in 3 separate 4ms pod 48Xs, daisy-chained together, with each row representing an individual pod. The aim is to let me take 1 or 2 pods out with me during the day, without limiting my overall space at home. I'll build/buy a rack for them to sit on like a baby big system.

So with that out of the way, as you can see each row has a main "function" in mind. From the top we've got: modulation (2nd on purchase list), looping/granular stuff (this is going to be what I get first, with an intrfx to interface with my effects pedals and bass), and voices/tone generators for when I want to play 'music' and sequences and stuff (last, a KeyStep and VCV rack does me for now).

Just wondering if I've got the important stuff covered (enough modulation, enough VCAs, etc.) before I start buying things.
Lots of words I know, but any and all feedback is appreciated!

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