Hey ArmHead, I am a newbie as well, only been at it for just over a year, but if your after some really cool cv generation, check out ornament and crime, its a bit involved and quite a steep learning curve, but has some amazing apps for weird and wonderful cv patterns, sequences, envelopes, and complex lfo's

Thanks for the tips. I do have a dual VCA that I use with both the ARP oscillators. Its the Bastl Skis and the oC gives me all the lfo's and envelopes I need. All the 4 outs from the oC will be going into the buffer matrix for quick assignment to where ever I need them. And it's the DFAM not the M32, I love the DFAM, its just quirky and erky and Great for all those acid leads. Great tip about the vacuum tube next to the uzeus, I shall move that. Thanks.

Hi, I am new to the forum, what a great website and have been reading loads of posts on the forum, it seems like a lot of very knowledgable muffy's on here, which is great, as I am still quite a novice. I have only been into modular for just over a year after catching the bug from the Behringer Neutron. This is my live rack (well my only rack), I am still waiting for the tesseract modules to be completed, but everything else is here. I use the auturia drumbrute for drums and I have an old roland space echo that I send audio signals into via the Divkid switches (which sounds ace). All of this is routed out into my UAD apollo where it gets some solid pultec eq and SSL comp with a dash of reverb. I have released several tracks on RD recordings this year under the names Apache Raver and Mindscape. And I am planning on making some videos at some point in the future. Any and all patching suggestion would be most welcome. Cheers