Hey Buddy, Yeah Atraxia is good mate, well worth the money, the envelopes are quite snappy, not as snappy as the frequency central system X envelope, but quite close, and the lfo's can be triggered to your clock. Well worth the money. I also got the Nostalgia delay which is a lot of fun. How are you doing?

I have just set up a new soundcloud page, some tracks will be DAWless, and some will be eurorack and ableton. I think they both have there strenghts, here is a deep tech jam with my eurorack and ableton, with a cheeky little sample that filters in halfway some of you may recognize.

Check out the new module by DivKid, it's been released by Instruo and its called Ochd. Its basically 8 lfo's in one module unsynced but they all run at a different rat to each other, Very organic feel to it, perfect for generative.

Just my starting piont, from here I can add modulation as a where I feel it needs it. The O_c is running hemisphere, so one half has a midi cv and gate in and the other half has two trigger sequencers which can be selected via the tesseract switches. A clock trigger is coming from the drumbrute into the Takaab multiple on the right. The Steffcorp oscillators, DFAM, and Qu-bit chord are all routed thru the Divkids mutes and into the mixer, also chords has a second output going to the dreadbox delay via mutes.

Well done, it is really groovy. Is the bass coming from the dfam? it sounds sick.

By the way, how did you record the video? I'm thinking of using an iphone to record my jams but I'm not sure how to get the audio in.
-- Exposure
Hey Exposure thanks, The low bass is coming from the Steffcorp Arp2600 clone oscillator, and the DFAM is playing the acid riff on top of it. I use a cheap HD web cam camera straight into my USB and record the video in Quicktime on mac. The audio comes gets recorded thru a UAD apollo into Ableton, and I edit the video in imovie which is free with the mac

I understand totally about wanting to get awayfrom the computer, especially if you work on a comp all day. Its been over twenty years since I recorded on hard disk like the tascam, so I don't really know what there is on the market these days, I will have a look. When I first started recordings back in the late 80's we used tape, as a mate of mine had this massive ampex reel to reel in his living room, it was massive. Have you thought about recording on an ipad, there are some good apps out there. These days I record onto my mac with a UAD Apollo soundcard. I sometimes like to jam with the computer and have ableton live synced up to my hardware, that is good fun, and then sometimes I just run my hardware thru the comp without any DAW. But I am sure there are some really good choices of harddisk recorder out there.

Check out Tascam DP-24SD 24 Track Digital Portastudio

Ha ha....sorry man, I forget that not everybody on here is english, yeah if something is Phat, this means it sounds BIG and FAT. And the Bollocks is short for "The Dogs Bollocks", or "The Mutts Nuts", basically means its bloody good. I know what you mean about buying stuff blind, I am starting to learn about this as I have bought several modules over the past year or so that I have gone on to sell as they did not live up to expectation. The steffcorp are a bit special, and are quite hard to get as the company only makes a few at a time and they generally get snapped up immediately. I will probably buy a third one when I can.

She's a very naughty kitten, I have a polysix and a moog opus 3 that are at the top of my jasper stand and she has started using them as a climbing tree, so I have ordered some covers for them. The big black thing you see is an old yamaha RX17 that I recently picked up on ebay for £35, they are a fantastic addition to any analog drums, as you get that retro 12bit sound almost like the more expensive machines from that era, mid 80's. And it sounds great with some good compression. Have you got any videos of your stuff, I would love to have a watch.

I do love a good DAWless Jam, although I am partial to a bit of Live action every now and again ;)

Hi Apache-Raver,

Nice racks and gears you got yourself there :-)

You got a nice rhythm tuned there. Wasp filter is always fun, isn't it? By the way, how did you realised your drum sounds?

Divkids Mutes, at first I was interested in it, but now I am not too sure. Can you perhaps tell why you like it so much? What are the pros of the module? Any cons?

Kind regards, Garfield.
-- GarfieldModular
Hey buddy, Yeah what I love about the mutes switches is the fact you can flick them, so if I want to just flick a snippet of the beat into the delay, I will use this, I am using this technique in most of my performances. It reminds me of the sort of dynamics I would get when I use to DJ on vinyl, using the crossfader to flick bits of beats over the track you were playing.

I got a few notes to describe wat g’waan!
I have an old yamaha RX17 which I picked up recently on ebay for £35, and I am running it thru the wasp filter into my tesseract mixer also taking a second out of the wasp filter into the new dreadbox Nostalgia delay via Divkids Mutes (Which is an awesome module by the way). The main drums are from the drumbrute, and the sub bass is a sine wave from the steffcorp oscillator, the second oscillator is also a sine wave going thru an origami wavefolder with cv applied via an lfo. With lashings of compression and a sprinkle of reverb, I hope you enjoy my gentle jam.

Hi Apache-Raver,

For the fact that you call this "just noodling", I like it a lot :-)

Nice piece and kind regards, Garfield.
-- GarfieldModular
Thanks Garfield, I have only been doing this modular stuff for about two years now, still loads to learn

I finally got two of the new chromatic range, Nostalgia (The delay module) and Ataxia (dual modulation module), I have made a quick video demo, nothing profound, justa bit of noodling.

Really cool. Nice work dude


I tune mine in my computer, the audio is going thru my UAD card anyway, so I just use a plug in tuner. I do find it easier to tune an oscillator using it's sine wave.

Steffcorp ARP2600 clone oscillators, they are a bit pricey compared to the doepfers, but they are the bollocks. I have two in my rack, and they're extremely PHAT.

Hey ArmHead, I am a newbie as well, only been at it for just over a year, but if your after some really cool cv generation, check out ornament and crime, its a bit involved and quite a steep learning curve, but has some amazing apps for weird and wonderful cv patterns, sequences, envelopes, and complex lfo's

Thanks for the tips. I do have a dual VCA that I use with both the ARP oscillators. Its the Bastl Skis and the oC gives me all the lfo's and envelopes I need. All the 4 outs from the oC will be going into the buffer matrix for quick assignment to where ever I need them. And it's the DFAM not the M32, I love the DFAM, its just quirky and erky and Great for all those acid leads. Great tip about the vacuum tube next to the uzeus, I shall move that. Thanks.

Hi, I am new to the forum, what a great website and have been reading loads of posts on the forum, it seems like a lot of very knowledgable muffy's on here, which is great, as I am still quite a novice. I have only been into modular for just over a year after catching the bug from the Behringer Neutron. This is my live rack (well my only rack), I am still waiting for the tesseract modules to be completed, but everything else is here. I use the auturia drumbrute for drums and I have an old roland space echo that I send audio signals into via the Divkid switches (which sounds ace). All of this is routed out into my UAD apollo where it gets some solid pultec eq and SSL comp with a dash of reverb. I have released several tracks on RD recordings this year under the names Apache Raver and Mindscape. And I am planning on making some videos at some point in the future. Any and all patching suggestion would be most welcome. Cheers