with the new firmware out : thinking out of the box : how to create 8 s & h with 8 random triggers and 1 noise source?

also many thanks to @rsillsley for a Pulsar in very good shape! I will definitely would buy from hopefully in the near future

i should buy one of these ...

hi, indeed nice work; perhaps a silly question, i see movement on the marbles but no patching, if yes, how does it work then (i don't know the marbles module ...)

Kind regards, Dirk

hi Lugia, your mind has discovered a lack of necessary functionalities : modulation sources and mixing
(btw: the buff mults are there to "fill the gasps" and indeed redundant
thanks and i'll start projecting right away, Dirk

thoughts are usefull

hi, i want to extend my existing eurorack with a third row (the bottom row mostly)
ModularGrid Rack
i'm working a lot with sequencing and whistles, bells, blows etc waveforms; percussive sounds
mostly by DFAM ("stand alone"); still i've that gut feeling that somethings are missing ...
any ideas?

thanks, Dirk

Thread: patches

how to find a patch by keyword? is there any search engine?