my new album is out now - download is free, just enter zero

Thanks, everyone, for your feedback :)
@Arrandan yep, the hats came out a little too harsh, so I have made a new mixdown as this piece will be on my next release. Thank again!

A darkish mid-tempo piece, basic patch details in the video description, thanks for watching.

Hey all,

synths by Bean Jelly, drums by Disting Ex. More info in the video description. Thanks for watching.

Patch details in the video description.
Happy new year to y'all :)

Patch info in the video description.

A minimal piece with Instruo Ts-L, Mannequins Mangrove and Disting Ex. Basic patch info in the video description.

Thanks, Garfield :)
All sounds come from the Just Friends so that module + QPAS are responsible for all the beats here. I used the OP-1 for sequencing and pitch CV only.
Thanks again!

Originally I wanted to go somewhere else but I ended up with this glitchy, experimental and jazzy piece. The only voice in this patch is Just Friends with all its identity outputs patched into the Matrix Mixer on the Disting Ex. More info in the video description.

Thank you! :)

Thank you for the feedback everyone :)

Thanks for your feedback, guys! :)

@sacguy71 the OP-1 is connected to an iConnectMIDI2 interface, which is connected to the Mutable Instrument Yarns MIDI-to-CV module. From
Yarns I can go on with pitch CV and gates anywhere. So you’ll
need at least one interface between the OP-1 and your rack (there may be modules with USB MIDI-to-CV capabilities) but possibly two, like in my case. I normally use the OP-1 as the master clock source. Hope this helps.

This is pure suspense and noir. I loved it a lot.

In this patch all the 6 identity ouputs of Just Friends are connected to the Matrix Mixer running on Disting Ex, then routed on to various destinations. Beats by Plonk. Some
more info in the video description.

I have been enjoying the saw coming from my Ts-L :)
One thing I wish modular builders would start doing is switching the dials they use for coarse vs fine adjustments. I think the fine adjustment should always use the bigger dial...IMHO
-- jb61264

So true, fine tuning should come with larger dials.

this one is a little bit on the light side

@garfieldmodular - thank you! Yes, that’s the René mk1 in the bottom row :)

@jb61264 - the Disting Ex is starting to be capable of too many things so I’m thinking of getting another one or maybe two some point :) But seriously, I’d want one for drums alone, another one for everything poly, and a third one for utilities. One day :)
As for the new Poly Exciter algo., in this patch I used one of the built-in tables (sqr wave) as the base and patched the Alizon Devices APC Theremini’s audio out to input 5 on the Ex which I set in the algo’s menu to ‘external exciter’ - when the clean sound is getting distorted, the external exciting is happening. This is where the whole thing gets experimental and I like that a lot. The other three mod inputs (I used the default settings like tone, pressure..) were fed with Rungler output signals from the Benjolin. Modding Poly Exciter, as far as I can hear, can get you to interesing territories.
In this patch the Ex’s L-R stereo outs were patched into the Mimeophon and the Erbe-Verb. Pitch CV and gate to the Ex were arriving from the OP-1, via MI Yarns. In order to be able to fully use the Poly Exciter, you need to copy the exciter table(s) to the SD card - one is available through the Expert Sleepers website, in case you haven’t yet gotten that. There’s a way to create exciter tables/folders but that’s too complicated for me so I work with what’a been available by Expert Sleepers.


This patch is featuring the new Poly Ecxiter algorithm on the Disting Ex. Also starring were Instruo Ts-L and Plonk. More details in the video description.

My new album is out today on this small netlabel, Kossava. These pieces reside mostly in drone territory.

@cmb_ , @GarfieldModular - thanks for your feedback :)

Drums and percussion by Disting Ex, lows by Instruo Ts-L, highs by Mangrove.

Listened to track nr 1 and loved
every second of it.
Amazing work.

It was a couple of days ago that I finished reading the Infinite Jest. I spent 4 long months with the book so it’s had a lasting impact on me. This piece is my selfish hommage to the late author, David Foster Wallace. Some ambientish-drony-tribal downtempo or something. Basic patch info in the video description.

Hi Gabor,

Oh this is so cool! You get straight away started in a great way and then that Moog moaning sound that starts around the first half minute, wow! That gave me goosebumps, nice :-)

A lovely, playful track, thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.
-- GarfieldModular

Thank you, Garfield :)

nice! really enjoyed that!
-- jb61264

Thank you :)

A somewhat uplifting piece. Patch details in the video description.

all publicity is good publicity - we are all talking about them - the more we talk about them the more people hear the name etc etc etc

there's an Irish airline called Ryanair - their CEO has a similar approach - so he's been known to suggest standing room only flights and charging 5€ to use the toilet

every time he comes out with one of these the share prices go up

-- JimHowell1970

My sentiments exactly. The only reason I have heard of this module is because there's a discussion here, not that there's any problem with that.

Whoa, intense! Gave me a case confused robot head bobbing (in a good way)
-- Molerat99

Thank you for the feedback :)

Hi Gabor,

Ha, ha, yeah, this sounds like you had a lot of fun! :-) Nice interesting track from you. After this message, I am going to listen at it again, so much (sonic fun) to discover!

I think this is one of those tracks, the more you listen at them, the more you are going to appreciate it and after a while, you just can't let them go, you must hear it otherwise you are missing something :-) I love that!

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.
-- GarfieldModular

Thanks Garfield, as always, for your kind feedback :)

A somewhat hectic piece. Basic patch details in the video description.

I, for one, am surprised that anyone still gets surprised / annoyed / outraged by Uli's shenanigans. I'd be only surprised if he came up with something truly original ;)
Peace to ya'll.

Hi Gabor,

Oh that's a nice start of your track that sound, that introduction, nice touch!

I am always amazed to watch your videos, how can you be so creative and keep coming up with such interesting things? :-) Making it yet perfectly in harmony with the sound! :-)

Lovely jam, thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.
-- GarfieldModular

Thank you, again, for your feedback, Garfield ☺️ This time the images
were captured first, I just loved
those tulips + tested my new phone’s cam. The music came two
weeks later and when I finished it
I realized the tulips belong with the tunes and the concept of “from
colorless to color” kind of
presented itself to me ☺️

Thanks again and all the best :)

A more ambient piece with tulips. Basic patch details in the video description.

Thanks for the feedback, @wishbonebrewery :)

Thanks, Garfield! :)

In this patch QPAS is in "ping-mode" with triggers running into both of its inputs. More details in the video description.

Thanks for your feedback, as always, Garfield. Well, it was QPAS that convinced me, my friend was merely kind enough to make a temporary swap happen - his QPAS for my Rossum Morpheus, 18 hps of filter for 18 hps of filter, for a few days :) I've been keeping an eye on QPAS since it was released and now it got to me instantly and am looking at it as a central module in my rack (have one on backorder but might find one locally...). It's awesome as a stereo filter but can also be something like a 2 x mono filter/animator module. As a matter of fact, at one point, if and when my rack will expand to 4 or 5 x 104 hps, I might decide to add a second QPAS. But first I need the first :)

I borrowed a QPAS from a friend to decide whether I need one in my rack. Oh yes, I do, yes please! Recorded a few patches with QPAS, this one along with a video. Patch details in the video description.

Love this one too!

Hey All, thanks for your feedback!

If you have the time and air, watch this in complete darkness. A slow build, dark ambient-ish piece. Basic patch info in the video description.

Thread: Free Jazz!

It's a big jump in price for those of us in the US, but you're right. Resale value is good, for sure.

Here's another with upright, a little less skronky.

-- baltergeist

Wow, this is way more musical than most anything I did on the PB and the DK. Really like your tunes. As for my earlier shenanigans with these “esoteric” machines, here’s some of my PB and DK output:

Thread: Free Jazz!

I didn't know Peter B. had moved to Berlin. Just checked the prices, the Plumbutter is going for EUR 1600, pretty steep but CL instruments have a high resale value (I sold mine for 1300 euros). If had more space and funds for music gear I'd definitely buy a Plumbutter and a Double Knot again. I sold both to make room and money for the eurorack project. I have no regrets though a double-Double Knot is on my shopping list. It's more affordable and is the ideal West Coast percussion-synth for me. I've been missing my v1 eversince I had to let it go.

Thanks, as always, for your feedback, Garfield :)

It's all sunny here on our end so I went with the title 'tavasz', Hungarian for 'spring'. Patch info in the video description.

Thread: Free Jazz!

Great tunes here. Somehow I long for the Plumbutter and especially the Double Knot again (both of which I used to have).

Loved this a lot.

Blixa Bargeld thru the new delay engine on the Mannequins W/ (available with the new beta fw).
Details in the video.

Those of you who have the Mannequins W/ and are unaware of this just like I was: there's a totally new beta fw out there which transforms the module into something completely different: there are 3 different engines - W/Tape (most of the original tape functions are available), W/Syn (a polyphonic 2-op, 4-voice FM synth) and W/Del (vari-speed delay+looper with modulation).
I, for one like the new engines a lot better than the original (and very obscure) tape engine, though I have yet to figure W/Tape out as I couldn't get it work (I may have a corrupted micro SD card or do something wrong...). However, both W/Syn and W/Del are amazing and seem to work as described. The delay is very lo-fi and sounds crazier, in a very good way, than any delay I've worked with before. The FM-synth is also pretty wild and harsh, noisy and metallic, I like it a lot. Now W/, so far used intermittently, has become so much more than it originally was.

Here's where you'll find the fw and all the info:

Hey All,

Thanks for the feedback!