Thanks for the reply. Yeah I get that about Nebulae being a granular unit. I had just brought up plaits because of the whole not only having chord as the primary oscillator and nothing else. I was thinking maybe that would solve that problem. Modulation, I get that too. I'm going to be building the system over time, I'm just trying to put together a grouping of modules that I can work with for basic stuff to start. Additional modules on down the line I'd add would be bautami (sp?), tides, more VCA's, a proper mixer etc, etc, etc...

^Thabks for the reply!
I really love the chord module and will definitely check that video out. What would you think if I added a plaits to the current build up top and another vca? Do you think that would be enough to at least get going and build from?

Thanks for the reply.

What if I ditched nebulae and added Plaits and another 4x vca? I had my eyes on Batumi but was going to add it later. I really like the concept of the chord module and would like to keep it. But, I don’t want to spend the $$ or the HP on a second one. Just looking for something basic to start that will get me going.

Hey guys...
Been researching and talking to a seller on line about a set of modules. I told them a few modules I liked and they helped me get to this. I know my way around synths pretty well, never dipped into eurorack. Going to get a tiptop mantis case and start with the modules below. With the rack I think I would have enough to get me started - sequencing, synthesis, sampling, basic modulation and filtering.

The 2u 104hp would definitely leave room to grow. Not sure where I’ll go with it next. I’ll know more once I start playing with a few modules what exactly my needs are. I know you guys say every rack needs a maths. Depending on what I find with this setup maybe maths and a erebverb would be next.

Let me know what you guys think. Oh, and I’ll need an output module as well, just haven’t added it yet.

ModularGrid Rack