Noted, I'll be sure to do that in the future.

Sweet, I'm glad we finally arrived at something. I'll definitely take your advice on which pieces to buy first. Time to start (slowly) gathering and building. Thanks again for taking the time to help a newbie!

Love the Atlantis! I’ve mapped out a few new 104 hp racks, one with the Atlantis and another with an attempt for quadraphony for a 4 voice piece I’m composing in school.

Quad Osc:


I’m going to try to replicate them both in VCV and play around to find out the best way to use the extra space to modulate signals coming through these modules.

I think I underestimated the limitations of such a small set up. I’ll keep going in VCV for sure; I’ve been having a ton of fun learning and building performative ensembles in there without limitation, but I’m definitely wanting to begin taking steps towards building a eurorack. I feel confident enough to start by buying a larger (maybe 104hp) skiff, a full synth voice, and few other supporting modules to modulate and modify then build slowly from there.

Thanks again for the help, y’all. This page has been an invaluable resource.

Gotcha, makes sense. I think you’re right. I’ve considered a few synth voice modules (with OSC/VCA/FILTER) paired with some other oscilators, effects, and utilities modules, but couldn’t land on one. Any suggestions?

Woops! The mixer/attenuator/inverter was too deep. Swapped it out in this one.

Yeah, that's the feeling that I'm getting. Nonetheless, I've enjoyed trying to plan out this mini-rack, and it's taught me a bit about planning a rack in general. I took another shot at it running with Jeff's suggestion with just a few minor alterations:

How's that look?

I think these modules give me the added benefit of being able to test them (or similar modules) out in VCV Rack and see what the capabilities would be.

I'm gonna plan out a larger 104hp rack later on and compare costs.

Thanks a lot for your detailed responses! I think I overestimated the capabilities of the SWN. I’ll definitely go back to the drawing board then post here in a bit.

Hey, y’all!

I’m building my first rack inside of a 40ms 60hp Pod. I’ve mapped out a few of the modules I’d like to use, and have 6hp of space I’m unsure about.

Modules I’ve planned so far:
Mutable Yarns
4ms Spherical Waveform Navigator
MakeNoise Rosie

I’m wondering if there’s anything I’m forgetting to be able to perform this thing. If there isn’t, what kind of module could I throw in there that could give me the ability to modulate things differently, or generally get the most use of the space with the features already available? Maybe some extra effects or a VCA for the Audio Out of the 4ms Spherical Waveform Nav? I thought maybe some utilities, like 2hp Mult, 2hp Mixer, and a 2hp inverter, to be able to modify control voltages from the LFOs, wavetable, & Yarns.

The 60hp Pod is only 34mm deep, so modules such as the Expert Sleepers Dister & 2hp products are not compatible.

Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated, thank you!