Hi mowse,
Glad you like.
Yes I guess this kind of "DAW arrangement feeling" is thanks to Hermod which is so powerful, but I'm just use a minimal part of its potential. Anyway, I like the fact you could attach a midi controller, and record the notes into it for sending them to differents modules. Even you could record several sequences... but I'm too lazy for that kind of complex arrangement, and only record one sequence with differents tracks and playing with mutes for building a structure in live context.

Even more, I like to patch plonk for playing fills manually, around switches, offsets, attenuverter, crossfaders or whatever in this direction to send manually a specific voltage, or just modify the original voltage sequence from hermod. This allows me keep into the patch, and more important is so fun :D

Hi Garfield,
Thanks, I appreciate your feedback.
Glad you listen some kind of jazzy-ambient stuff as I'd pretended in this patch :).


Using a white noise signal from Qubit Nanorand2 as a sound pad thru Mutable Instruments Rings in chord mode. The pad is filtered and delayed by Prism. Reverb from Happy Neerding FX AID XL .

Drums from Intellijel Plonk thru Qubit Databender for glitches. Nanorand2 send a random signal to plonk v/oct to get glitch kind sound too. Those two signal glitches: Plonk out to Databender, and Nanorand2 rand to Plonk v/oct are manually trigger thru Instruo Tain switch. To get more glitchy like sound, Instruo [1]f crossfader making the cross signal to select patches in Plonk, between manually thru Intellijel Triplatt and pre-programmed from Squarp Instruments Hermod allows me fun while jamming :).

Bass from Mutable Instruments Plaits kick model.

Bellish melody from Rings in fm mode thru Noise Engineering desmodus Versio.

Mixed and mastered in ableton live.

Love the concept of this mixer. Faders and lot of channels are a success. Hope come in production soon.

@TumeniKnobs @farkas
Thanks for listening and your feedback.

Wow! I love the seemingly off-kilter scales/notes/progression in this. It somehow sounds like it shouldn't work, but it really does. I went back and listened to a bunch of your more ambient tracks and again really loved Pandorum. You have a great Kenji Kawai - Ghost in the Shell soundtrack thing going on. Subbed. :-)
-- TumeniKnobs

I guess what do you mean. I like to make complex arp/melodies... but it's difficult always fit them in random stuff or pseudo random. But if you keep the same scale in all elements, it somehow to keep on scale/on tone. I've tried go ahead in this direction, and I like to experiment around this concept. Sometimes seems works, sometimes it's catastrophic :).
And sure I've hard inspired in general with cyberpunk/space/sci-fi content. I've lost the count of my GITS' views.

Hey! Glad you like it. I guess you mean the fillers I use. All drums comes from Plonk, I use the V/oct to change the sound drum with a programed track into hermod, but it's passed thru a switch (tain) and this is patched on triplatt, which allows me switch manually between the programmed track, and the voltage sent with triplatt. So I tweak knobs and push buttoms to make fillers with the drum line in live, it's so funny :).

Hey! Thanks @garfieldmodular and @tumeniknobs for listen and give a feedback :)

Generative ambient patch.
Main sequence from Rene modulated&feeded by Rampage.
Rene sequence Rings on FM mode thru Prism and Beads.
Piano from Bitbox Micro thru Typhoon on looping delay mode. Bitbox sequenced on hermod.
Modulation from: ochd, function, rampage, kinks and PNW.

Hi! Thanks for listening.
I wrote a little summary of the patch on the youtube video description. Let me know if you need to clarify some detail :)

Pseudo generative patch around rings, plaits and plonk.

Just a simple patch around a melody from Plaits, and rampage as enveloppe modulated by ochd.

Hi Garfield,
When I listen my stuff, I'm notice all my mistakes... So if someone like it, make me more comfortable with all of that. So thanks a lot, I appreciate so much your feedback :)

Little fun jam around this liquid d&b modular patch.

Chords pad from Plaits thru Prism and FX AID XL. Arp melody from Rings thru Typhoon (on delay looping mode). Second melody from BIA thru volante (not in shot). Bass from second ring thru c4rbn. All drums from Plonk.
Modulation from Ochd, sequenced on Hermod.

Recorded on Ableton live. Mix with Fabfilter plugins. Master with Ozone.

Hi Nokulture,

Oh this is a beautiful and playful jam. Must have been a lot of fun when you were busy with it :-) So many nice interesting sounds you are using here and I am impressed by the recording quality other than perhaps a bit too much on the left channel, it sounds really crystal clear, nice! How did you manage to get that crystal clearness in your recording?

I can't wait to hear more done from your hands and kind regards, Garfield.
-- GarfieldModular

Curious you notice the clear recording, because in this one I was so lazy to make my usual workflow, where I record each individual track, then mixing and mastering in ableton.
In this case I've just record the mixed stereo track from modular on ableton, and after that I've used Ozone. So nothing special.

On other hand, I try always to keep in mind the statement "Keep it simple", even when I don't achieve at all. And I try find the way to that thinking in real live music group too. In instance, for this jam, I was thinking in a jazz trio music group: drums, bass and piano. Just thinking to keep in mind the sound structure, not to make an approach of jazz composition music (only in my dreams :) ) .
Thinking in this way allows me to get a result where everyone know that works fine in a musical/sound context, because mostly "instruments" keep in their range spectrum of frequencies. So you are sure you don't get the wrong surprises after all, because you go to the nature of each instrument. I've used the filters to control a little bit this, on drums, and on bassline in this jam.

Well, maybe it's a wrong approach, or maybe not, I don't know, just walking on this way to see where I go.

I've jammed around a couple of sequences from my hermod.
Love so much the simple and beauty fm synth sounds from Rings, I've used one from bassline and the other one to the lead melody.
I've found so useful tain + triplatt to changing sounds in live on plonk, so there, I could play a programmed sequence from hermod, but thanks to tain+triplatt changing manually the send voltage, so I could make fills and changes from the first melody, so fun.

What's differents uses do you find around switches?

Hi Garfield,
Thanks! You're right, maybe a little bit longer was fine, but I was afraid the patch would be repetitive. The next time I'll try better :).

Little generative ambient patch around BIA on main lead and rings on back lead sequenced by Rene. I've tried to emulate an old tape taste around FX aid, kinks and plaits.

Hi @Lugia , thanks for the suggestion, I'll think about it.
I'd like to note my workflow to audio path, usually I make a hard use of stereo path, is for this reason I have 2 veils (for the moment I don't find another solution). I use one veils for left channel and the another for right channel. Sometimes I use HPO as a merger stereo, sometimes I use an external mixer. When I make a recording session I use each out from veils to sending the audio to external mixer. I've spent a while searching a solutions mixer to keep the stereo path in eurorack, and save hp as possible... but I didn't find nothing better, so I continue with this workflow.
Because I'm working with hard stereo path, mostly I use the buffered multi (links too, so useful for those works) as a mixer/splitter/merger the audio path. Sometimes I make a hard use of that, sometimes less. Maybe I should replace the buff mult from wmd to another links better for this kind of audio works.

Well, now I've replaced clouds, by Prism. Yes, I know, they aren't the same thing... but I'll keep it for the next rack. In this one I've notice I don't use it so much, clouds sounds too much to clouds :D

In this rack after de replacement, I have 6 hp free. At the moment, I've thought to add a pip slope and another multi (buff multi from intellijel), but I'm not sure if I'll need it, unlike my first config I've missed a lot more modulation, in this case I think I have a lot, so add another more it seems no sense. In other hand another FX Aid seems interesting to me, but anyway I don't know. Or maybe an uFold from intellijel give me another tool to audio sculpt.
What do you think? If you have 6 hp free in this rack, wich module you miss?

P.S. I try to make ambient, experimental and idm stuff with the rack.

Another rack? ;-)
-- GarfieldModular

Yeah! Now I'm close to finish this one, that's possible! :D

A filter?
-- the-erc

Interesting, I didn't miss it for the moment, but it could give me some different colors of sounds.

A filter?
-- the-erc

Good suggestion, maybe a Steve's MS-22 or a WMD MMF or C4RBN
-- troux

I'll check all of this, thx :)

Edit: Oh! That C4RBN from WMD is awesome and so flexible. That's ok, I'll get it! :D


I have 4 hp free in my rack, I think I have so many utilities now, and several sources of sounds. What do you miss there, and wich module do you get to fill the free 4 hp?

alt text

I would agree with most of the above (though I am a Plaits fan). Just a correction for anyone in the future who is interested, the AJH Minimod VCOs do have an LFO mode (marked "Lo" on the panel). They are by far the best and most used modules in my rack. I can't say enough good things about AJH.

-- farkas

Yeah, I'm a fan too of Plaits, it's a so handy and versatile module, overall in small systems. I think it's a good compromise in terms of size, price, and characteristics IMHO.

Hi Ambientnun,
I'm using mmMidi, and it's a great midi couple to Pamela, you could send the clock thru x24 output and the transport to start pamela thru run output. It's only 4hp, and you got 2 channels midi to send CV/gate to your modules. No issues found in my use, so handy imho.

I had the same feeling about Maths, but this tutorial completely changed my mind:
-- TheMM

Yeah, I've watched the video several times, but honestly I don't sure I'd use a quarter of all functionalities, and that quarter I could cover with other modules. Maybe, I've said yet, it's just my inexperience... probably I'll test in future.

Anyway, glad you are liking the new modules, post some tunes soon!
-- troux

Well, maybe it isn't representative of all modules in my system, but I've made a video of some kind deep/ethnique techno and jamming around Eyesy from C&G for visuals

And yeah, I can't resist switch my old veils for the new ones:


I've just fill my case with 2 old veils... and today launch this new one. I fall in love with this. I think I'll upgrade my two veils because I find so handy the sliders in mix module. And it's not so much but I'll get 2hp from each one.

@nokulture how's it going here? Do you like the new setup?
-- troux

Yeah, zadar is great and kinks so handy, I'm so happy with both. Otherwise, I don't be sure with Ochd, because I miss a bit of control with it. Sometimes Ochd is great if you don't care the expression of modulations, for example when you search random stuff. But other times if you'd like a bit expression is little bit annoying. It helps a lot I have available attenuverters in most of my source modules.

Anyway, I guess is the best choice to get plenty modulation in 4hp. So I'll keep for the moment for testing a little more while I find another option.

Well, finally, I've decided add ochd, kinks and Zadar. I'll keep function for the moment, and the others modules. The result rack will look like:

alt text

Ochd and kinks had arrived, and in first test I've noted it was a good choice, because I'll free so much outputs from PNW's, and now I could modulate almost all parameters on elements, and keep outputs from Pamela's for the others modules. I guess when Zadar arrive it will be even better.

Thanks you so much for the tips, they are so helpful.

Make Noise Function is more attractive to me than the SSF Mini Slew.

-- Sammy3000

I guess if you know well how it works maths, and you need more or less the same in less hp... function is a natural choice.
I'm still learning Function, I don't know all its possibilities, but I discover a few of them, and it's amazing. Maybe in future I'll switch to maths, but in this moment function seems ok to me (in less hp).

I'm using Function, it's only one complex channel from maths, and you haven't got logic operations, but anyway I find so handy, and you have EOR, EOC, positive and negative outs: 2 gates out, 2 cv out in 8hp. The hang input (doesn't present on maths) has interesants utilities.
So in short, you could do the same thing with one complex channel of maths, and little more.

It seems a big consensus about kinks :)

Thanks a lot for tips troux.

5) Add an Ochd
I've considered a lot ochd, it's great to have 8 lfo on 4 hp, but I always wonder how useful could be it, considering all lfo are unsynced and it isn't capable to sync with a external clock, or maybe I miss something? Anyway I guess it was always in scope, just I've hope to find something more handy.

4) Add a Kinks
Yeah, you make me to validate :).

3) Add a Doepfer A-118-2 for your Clouds (and for #2, keep in mind that this needs a square cutoff to trigger)
Interesting... but adding this is worth it , considering you could generate differents waves on PNW (including random)?

2) Add either a Batumi or a Zadar, depending on your end priority here of modulation (Batumi) or expression (Zadar)
I think my priority is expression, but I'm afraid I haven't got enough modulation... maybe if I add an Ochd I'll get enough?

1) Upgrade the Function to a Maths
I'm not sure with this, function it's enough complex for me to keep it a while, upgrade to maths make me a bit scare. Sure maybe in a future when I feel more comfortable. For now, I try to learn and discover.

Hi Jim,
my actual rack is this


The place available I would like to add a modulation source, a multi... and maybe if it's possible a kind of utility module like kinks. But I guess the modulation is more prioritaire...


I'm new in modular, almost finish my case with sources of sound, sequencer, vca/mixer, some modulation, but I keep some place to modulation between 8 and 10 hp. I would like complement my PNW and Function. I saw as true option on micro temps utile, micro ornament & crime or XAOC Zadar. What do you choose from those ? Do you have another option?