Looking for a versatile dual filter. Both of these filters seem really cool in their own rights but limited demos of the Bionic Lester have not made this clear cut.

Would probably prefer the one that can accomplish most of these...
- Really nice acidic liquid sound
- Self oscillation and pinging for percussion
- ability to run both filters independently
- options for running both in series or parallel
- destruction and unconventional distortion
- format filtering(vocal vowel sounds)

Interested to hear what people's experiences with these are. What did you like/dislike about either?

If it is very close you could also stack some washers between your rails and the module to give that hairs difference, but make sure you have some long screws if you want washers on the front. Haha

My issues with the NerdSeq largely stem from my philosophy around modular. I prefer to treat my patches less as realization of a cohesive musical idea, but rather a meditative exploration that may or may not grow into something more. I hold on to the NerdSeq in hopes firmware updates, expanders, and creative patching solutions will offer new promise, but I do seriously wonder if I'd be happier with a Metron and a couple Volteras.
-- epsteinframe

I feel exactly the same. It is one of the most comprehensive modules out there. Continued updates have made it to the point it could work stand alone.

That being said, I continue to feel some issue with the philosophy. The interface and act of programming take a little getting used to having never used a tracker, but at this point, it feels incredibly natural and programming on the fly is where I have the most fun. I would highly recommend reading the manual to get and idea for what is capable of and if that's desirable to you.

I am curious if anyone has experimented with the any FSR tile as a way to record CV and Gate patterns.

I have expanded once again to 104hp 7u. Have mapped out the DIY route and found it to be the most affordable with accommodations for more than adequate power.

ModularGrid Rack

My thoughts were expanding on from the 2hp ARP. I see the Midi tile so I am not sure how much sequencing you are doing externally, but the WMD Arpitecht might compliment the Chainsaw and Ensemble nicely. Should be a quick fun way to get some really nice sounding sequences. The ALM Beast's Chalkboard would also work well in having differing octaves across oscillators. The ALM Boss Bow Two would be a good addition to triggers to form complex rhythms based on the initial arpeggio(also for CV)

Ugh perfect. Massive electro and dub fan so that is very intriguing so the vactoral lpg almost seem like a done deal

The case looks nice too. Ill probably drop them a line and see what they can do.


Wow, thank you so much for all the feedback and redesign. Really appreciated.

Yeah agree with you on the Pulp logic 1u modules. They appeal to me far more, but the cases are often hard to find(wondering if the Make noise CV bus case is formatted for pulp logic and if I could flip just the CV bus for a little cash). The utility of them seems hard to beat compared to intellijel. I have built a couple of cases and they never seem to come out cheaper at a certain point.

Your mixing solution makes a ton of sense and seems really fun. I have been enjoying using matrix mixers but they are not the most economic use of space in a small system.

The vactoral percussion also seems super cool. I will have to look into that.

Overall thank you so much, given me a lot to research and consider for the moment.


Thanks. I refreshed the build page so I hope it working now. The 1u tiles will probably be the Intellijel format. I left in blank because I am curious about what would complement or be replaced within the 1u row.


After initial feedback, I have revised my portable system with a small expansion from 140 6u to 164 7u.

The aim of the rack was to make a portable techno machine with improvements
- internal stereo mixing to complement a small external mixer
- modulation mixing and managing
- accesses to performance controls(mutes)

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

ModularGrid Rack

Not workable. There's too many utilities missing here, which is ironic since many of these expensive modules need those unsexy, cheap ones to do what they do.

Tear this down, and start over in a larger cab. MUCH larger. Build what you think SHOULD work...then start paring that down while continuing to make sure you've got the basic functionalities you need.

One other point: this actually DOES NOT have enough VCAs.

Hey thanks for the feedback. I am currently not looking to make the case any larger. Really intrigued with the idea of having something that is very portable as I don't have a place I can really "set up" permanently. I have revised the system and included more utilities(VCA, Manglers, mixers). Let me know what you think.

ModularGrid Rack


Looking for feedback on my rack(suggestions for replacements or things I may have overlooked. My aim was to create a rack that could create pounding warehouse techno and other variations.

The second dilemma that has occurred to me is the prevalence of digital and occasionally menu filled modules. This include the NerdSeq, Sample drum, and Zadar. While on one hand, these modules offer tremendous flexibility in both their features and functionality, the screens and menu can sometimes feel like a hassle in putting and idea down. Though I have never used a DAW, I feel like I have almost indulged in what I found so despicable about them(too many menu, too many options).

Anyway, rant aside curious what people think about both these questions.

ModularGrid Rack