Thread: Krell

PNW 1 + 2 = smooth random into Maths attack and decay CV ins. smooth random from ch. 1 also controls filter frequency (mod in)
Modbox - S&H to OSC 1v/oct - trigger from Maths EOC. LFO to OSC waveform CV in
Hysteria set to quantize.


Bloom Ch 1 - simple 4 note minor Do Re Me Fa sequence into LEAD input on Chord. Branches turned up manually to 4 part way in. Path moved around a bit.

Bloom Ch 2 - simple control of Chord's chord changes from i to v. Clock triggered S&H (via Pam's) turns the Voicing knob to create the cascading chords partway through (physically plugged it in).

Maths Ch 1 used for EG on SE VCA for Lead VCO from Chord Gate 1 output. Ch 2 for EG on SE VCA 2 to create snare sound from ModBox noise output.

Chord Mix out to Neutron VCF in -> VCA in ->SE Mixer. Gate 2 from Chord into Neutron EG1.

Mixer - 1. Snare(ModBox Noise) 2. Kick (Moog VCO/VCF/EG/VCA) 3. Lead from Chord (via Maths/SE VCA) 4. Mix from Chord (via Neutron)

1. x1 gate for kick
3. /2 gate for snare. Euclidean used to rotate to 2+4.
4. Reset for Bloom with trigger set at stop (doesn't really work quite right)
5. x1 gate for s&h trigger in ModBox to trigger movements in Chord's Voicing input
6. x1 gate for Mimeophon clock
7. x1 gate for Bloom clock

Mimeophone L/R outputs to external mixer/PT.