Hi Ronin1973
Thanks for your reply. I think i am gonna get the quad vca from intellijel. Having read plenty on the subject and Lugia’s advice no vca would indeed feel like leaving the best part of modular out.

The only concern i have withe quad (because i am not fully understanding its modus openredi) is that it has a mixer functionality. I understand that if i were not to use the vca it would operate as a mixer but if i use it as vca, can it still serve as a mixer? If i were to plug in plaits in ch 1, but yet use vca 1 for marble, would plaits on ch1 have marble vca setting applied to it?

Hi Luigia! Only getting back to now. It was a busy week!!
Thank you very much the details.. i had to read your last post a couple of times but took away most of it, done some bedtime reading on the subject!

One last question. On the noted rack at the beginning of the post , i see 2x6 channels which by seeing his videos/routing seems to be fully used.
If i were to maximise space. Could i remove 1 mixer and use one along the intellijel quad? Since it does mixer too? You may say depending my needs I’d suppose.. but would this be a good way to efficiently manage hp?

I was thinking as alternative to use a doepfer 130-2 and see where it takes me.. but 2vcas now that understand better it purpose seems little and indeed 4 by default seems better!!

Thank you

Hi Lugia
I sincerely cannot thank you enough for taking the time to post the above priceless advices!
That brought notions i didn’t have and enlarge the scope of my research! Thank you!

I have few more questions which hopefully you know the answers to or guide me if thats ok?

Re vca & specially the intellijel quad vca.
Watching their video on module, tthe presenter goes on about tge fact that it can also serve as a mixer! Which in my modest 84hp would be a godsend it terms of space/functionality ratio.
But can it be a vca & mixer at the time or if cv plugged in, there is a chain or priority order (for lack of better terminology i have) where then ouput 1 for instance will be subject to the vca? I hope i am making sense??

Secondly do the curve knobs control how quick or fast the modulation occurs? (Sorry if this is a silly question)
Could i potentially control this curve with an
Lfo? I cannot picture the cable mapping to do this

Thank you for your time again

Hi Lugia & Garfieldmodular

Thank you both very much for taking the time to respond. Your inputs are so valuable to me.
Thanks for clarifying the mult purpose, i have a better idea now.
As for the vca, yes i am taking this in account for my ongoing build. Having read on this (unless i misunderstood) i picture vca as the equivalent of automations in a DAW, create variations which if i picture right i feel is indeed necessary to bring a rack to life with ‘movements’

On note, I am considering the intellijel quad vca, but must do a bit of research as i would like to maximise hp size vs functionality.
But are there any brands that you would recommend over intellijel? Size?

Yes Lugia you are 100% right in respect to what work for some might not for others. So i am definitely taking the time to learn the few modules i am getting .
Unfortunately i do not have dealers with showroom in the country i am living in..my only way is using vcv!

As for the mixers, the only thing i can think of is size constraints.. but not the builder so it’s just a guess.

Thank you again for taking the time to respond and provide your thoughts on this topic, it does help me a lot!

Hey Defragmenteur
Question around the mult- following your example
“For example you could send the sine wave from a pamela channel to modulate Marbles Deja Vu and Rings Damping.”
Can the same result also be achieved with a multiplier such as this: or am i misunderstanding?


Thank you your time & help

Thanks defragmenteur.
I understand the need for vca, and previously watched the video you just posted. But looking at his rack in action here:

It feels like it’s doing just fine.. hence my original question.But again i have just started my journey into modular in the last few months so i could be missing something?

Will definitely check the quad.
in terms of mixer is there a more streamlined approach to take?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my query with honesty. I much prefer this approach!

Having watched this rack in action on YT and very much liking this kind of music, I used this rack as a foundation for me to understand each module functionality as The user illustrates what it can do.

Indeed i am using vcv to increase my knowledge, i have built modules in the past using reaktor software which perhaps irrelevant here!?

I donot mind the 84hp at all as i am not considering buying a lot even in the long run as
a) money & time required to invest
b) the fact that i will not rely exclusively on an eurorack. Time will tell but i can be very disciplined on this matter!
C) space

My main questions were whether this rack had a lack of utilities such as vca, lfo

I understand pnw & p_c have lfo functions available but i could not see (due to not fully understanding the behaviour of each module) any vcas.. and i am not fully understanding what the mult 1u module serve to in here?

You are are raising query around the mixers! I would like to understand too and hope you can advise if thats ok?

On the 1u layout - i will put the 1u audio io, midi to cv for external hardware, noise tool. In this copied rack you will see the mult but unsure if this is required?

I managed to get my hands on a new 7u 84hp so this is the set space i have.( for reasons mentioned above)

Again i do not intend to buy all modules and blindly put this rack together.
Have studied for the last 2 months with YT video modular synthesis, my first reaction when looking at this rack was : where are the vcas in this??

I only want to use this rack as an example for me to understand the modules , make informed decisions on my way!
The YT videos the user posted put the rack for me in context as serve (for me) as an acceptable approach to learn along vcv.

Help appreciated, thoughts on above questions is much appreciated!
Thank you

Hi there.
New here. Just stumbled on an ambient eurorack YT video. I really like ambient as a whole and what this user has produced.. which really pushed me researching so..
Since a few month, i have been reading and watching videos about modular synthesis- principles , concept etc and have read/watched videos about most of the presented modules to understand their respective functionality. But i am a bit at loss when see this rack and i read ‘you never have to many vca’ which is quite essential to allow ambient modulation..

NOw i do not mean to copy/paste this rack but i would like it to serve as a foundation for me to learn- i do not intend to buy everything that would be madness considering the need to understand and appreciate each module..

So i have a couple of questions!

1:Does this rack miss vca? Or the like of O_C , PNW & marbles are sufficient source of modulation?
2: what is the mult module used for in there?
3: any issues you see with it?

Advice much appreciated


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