Thanks for detailed answer @JimHowell1970 and @Lugia
Indeed I need to change my way to procede. Looking for modules on Youtube isn't the best way to explore patches and trigger your creativity. You get easily seduce by sexy modules while being new. I totally agree

First yeah I have to take those moog modules out of the case to free the space in order to add a bunch of utility and logic modules (I haven't looked up for a matix mixer but now that I did, I cleary need one) I think I'll go for a joystick too (Planar² seems great fun)

For sound sources, it's clear that I need more. I was planning to get a piston Honda and some filters (one Polivoks filter for sure)

I was planing to get more VCAs (Hexvca Befaco) and a quad attenuator in order to throw a bunch of them in my patches to have more control of each patches and send them to my mixer Worn Soundstage. I believe this enough to have a good mix of all my patches, but I'm not 100% certain.

I'm not planing to sell anything yet, I'll buy more modules and explore the patches. See what do fits the best and then sell what I don't need anymore.
Thanks a lot for bringing your expertise!

Hi everyone.
I'm new since a couple of months to modular world. I've bought all modules used or did some DIY kits. I have great fun playing on my modular with a Roland TR8S for beats and I can improvise easily 1 hour with both.

The thing is that I'm kind of stuck on the same patch since the start and when I try to change it I don’t have enough creativity on my patches! How would you patch this up?

ModularGrid Rack

Thanks a lot guys!