put the modules in a public rack and post the url in this thread! then we can see them!!!

all those modules will fit in a case - but you'll probably need 9-12u - these are still portable, if not so compact - I'm pro finding the modules you want, adding the modules you need to support them and then finding the right case - not buying a tiny case because it looks good (and you can fit it in your handbag) and then trying to cram (miniaturized) modules into it - but I do believe a lot of people are into that these days

However I would start smaller - 6u/104hp is a good starter size, not too big, not too small - Mantis is a good example - decent power and reasonably priced - difficult to find right now, but I believe re-stock is imminent

pick one sound source, one sound modifier, one modulation source, a way to play and a way to listen and go for it - add 1 or 2 more modules once you know these modules inside and out - maybe a month or 2 - and then repeat

The list of modules though is made up completely of what I would call feature modules - shiny expensive things - and no support modules (utilities) - these are usually overlooked by newbies - so don't worry you are not alone

utilities are the dull inexpensive polish that makes the shiny modules actually shine and prevents them from tarnishing!

in my experience you can do a lot more with fewer sound sources and modifiers and more modulation and utilities, than you can with a load of sound sources and sound modifiers and less modulation and utilities

I think about 50% of a modular case should be devoted to modulation and utilities - mostly utilities!

a good starter set of utilities is for example - mutable links, kinks, shades and veils - or other modules that cover all or most of the functionality of these modules (wmd/ssf toolbox goes a long way for example)

-- JimHowell1970

Public modular is above :)

So this is the starting place for the rack:

ModularGrid Rack

Thoughts so far?

Hey guys,

I have created a playlist of only two videos that have inspired me that I will link here:

I am a noobie but I would like the case to be portable and compact for live shows and be able to connect a korg minilogue synthesizer for a sound source or midi controller for setting VCOs.

Modules that interest me:
- XAOC Devices - Batumi
- Make Noise Morphagene
- Qu-Bit Electronix Chord v2
- 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator
- 4ms Ensemble Oscillator
- Pamela's Workout
- Mannequins MANGROVE
- Mannequins Three Sisters
- Instruō's Lúbadh
- Instruō's Arbhar
- Pachinko
- Vector Space Spatial Voltage Processor
- Hermod
- Rample

Obviously, not all these modules will fit in a case, but I wanted to provide some ideas.

Lmk if you have any questions and thank you for the help :)