Hi Splendor, thanks for sharing!
Maybe this is a bit off topic but how do you like the ergonomics of the two RackBrutes? The lower part is laying flat on the table and the top part in an almost 90 degrees angle, if I see it correctly. Quite often I see „angled systems“, so I wonder if you had any issues with that (I‘m noob, so haven’t tried out myself).
Regards, C.

Besides what Lugia said you could maybe build a single mono synth voice in this case. You already have a basic sequencer and a dual vco plus LFO. So you might want to start „east coast“ and add two envelopes (imho Maths is too big for your case), vcas, a filter and are ready for some bleeps and bloops. Possibly you even have some space left for later additions.
Maybe you could also go west and add something like Happy Nerding FM Aid or some Waveshapkng utility and a Low Pass Gate (LxD) plus some envelopes and vcas of course.

One more question, is there any advantage of the Mimetic digitalis over V4+ that I am missing. It’s only 10HP, has four cv channels but it’s basically non-programmable if I understand the module details correctly. Also no Gates, which might be ok if I have triggers from DFAM, a square LFO and a 2hp Euclid. After all, the V4+ still seems more versatile, correct?

@mamonu, yes, the size of vb made me think. I switched to v4+ and kinks to save space. However, as none of the Malekko modules is currently available I’ll have some time to think through this anyway. Maybe I switch a few more times. ;-)

@ThanosF, thanks for your thoughts. Delay and reverb are indeed important. I’m not sure, if I’ll have those in the case or if I stick to guitar pedals. One sees this quite often, I believe.

Thank you, mamonu. I was thinking about V4+ as well. However I‘ve watched a performance by Baseck with the VB modulating all cv inputs of a NE Synth, that made me curious. Since DFAM is negative volts as well and the NE VCOs accept only positive, I wonder if they would pair well at all? I mean CV-wise. Kinks looks like a useful many-in-one utilities. Haven’t seen this before.

Hi all,

I‘m new here and new to modular. I started off with a DFAM (leaving the Electribe aside) and upgraded with a 60HP case. Currently I‘m having a dual LFO and some attenuverters in the case, which add quite a bit of modulation to the DFAM.

my current rack

I‘m running an external 4 Ch mixer with one aux send to some guitar pedals (RE-20 and tc hall of fame) but would like have everything in the case, if possible. Probably no way this is possible!? Obviously, I‘m into (minimal) techno and like the restrictions a small system imposes. Also, I don’t have room for significantly more. I thought about the following option to fill the 60HP. I would probably start with getting a BIA next, can be patched to the ext in of DFAM as long as I don’t have a dedicated output module.

my planned rack

What are your thoughts? Am I missing something?