I dig the Blade Runner / Cyberpunk vibe, well done sir.

Yes, it's awesome. I've used it in every patch so far.

Nice, works fine nearfield monitors with plain bottled water as well.
-- cmb_

Thanks, and good to know - I end up working on my stuff late at night and have a bad habit of setting the master volume while using my headphones.

Hi Vow3ll,

That's pretty nice and special, especially in combination with the video it's good fun too! :-) I got a bit of the Matrix feeling too ;-)

I am watching and listening at it now for the second time, still big fun and a great sound! Thanks a lot for sharing this little wonder and kind regards, Garfield.
-- GarfieldModular

Glad you enjoyed it, appreciate the comments.

"Warning: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy."

Acid Rain Maestro, Dnipro Krait, and Der Mann mit der Maschine DROID on modulation/sequencing, with Joranalogue Compare 2 driving random loops - Rossum ASSIMIL8OR chewing on multiple single-cycle waveforms. 1010 Bitbox Micro and Squarp Rample on rhythm via WMD Metron. Expert Sleepers disting EX on exciter duty, Electrosmith Daisy Patch for custom phaser & DSP, Happy Nerding FX Aid for reverb/shimmer, Xaoc Devices Katowice, and the usual suspects for everything else.

  • best consumed at ear-damaging volume with good (planar) headphones - pairs well with Absinthe.

historically (and continuing) poor quality - since the start of the company - way, way before they started on synthesizers/modular - currently this goes down to using poor quality glue on card inserts on knobs that fall off etc etc

cloning everything that he can get his hands on - mostly 'authentic' clones - so not a great deal of thought put into it - ie to make them more eurorack compatible

cloning modules that are still currently in production...

anti-semetic etc etc

suing people for giving poor reviews

etc etc

if you want more there's a fantastic thread on modwiggler - it's well over a hundred pages iirc - started to stop people commenting on these sorts of things in the main behringer module threads - which I think is poor judgement on modwiggler moderators part - anyone wanting to find information on b-company modules should have a lesson in the ethics of the company before deciding to buy - it's fine buying whatever you want - but you should at least be informed enough to make a decision!
-- JimHowell1970

Good to know for future decisions - sounds like they qualify for my no-supporting-douchebags policy.

Looks like an amazing (I want it more than life) rack, and I just got my GAS under control, so thanks for that.

Hi all,

Right now I've been using my Elektron Octatrack to sample modular but looking for an in rack solution. So far it seems like 1010 Music Bitbox and Rossum Assimil8r would do what I need to sample cool modular sounds for editing and playback like what my Octratrack does. What are your favorite sampler modules and why did you go with the particular solution? Rossum is very expensive compared to Bitbox so trying to see the pros/cons of both or perhaps consider another module? I just picked up Mutable Instruments Beads which is a granular sampler quite different than to read in an audio source and mangle for recording and playback.
-- sacguy71

If all your going to do is sample the rack, then you are far better off with your Octatrack, an MPC, or audio interface/DAW.

What that said. If you're looking for the one sampler/player to rule them all, in-rack, - then in my opinion - the Rossum Assimil8r is it. As it can not only sample, edit, pitch, and modulate samples as well as being a killer waveform oscillator using single cycle waveforms.

Here are 600 of them to choose from - https://www.adventurekid.se/akrt/waveforms/adventure-kid-waveforms/

The Bitbox is also very capable of doing most of the above, with a decent screen, effects, ADSR, and granular options.

I had the Erica Synths Sample Drum for a long time and it is also a very good sampler/player but I replaced it with the Squarp Rample .

As for my favorites? -I use them all in my sample-based rack using samples I prepare in a DAW, or by loading from Splice.

As others will no doubt tell you, do your research and use what works best for you and what you want to do.


Badass man! do you have any videos of your 6U mods?

-- jb61264

I will post some when it's all finished, the 6U cores are finally getting to the water jet for cutting on Friday (for the micro LCD screens on the back panel) which I'm using as eyes, and I have some breadboarding for the video, the led controls, fan speeds so on to finish up before I finalize the code. I was waiting on a few modules but then decided to just make my own (thank you Droid and Daisy), lol.

Anyways... Sorry, jb61264. not my intention to derail your thread.

The RackBrute 3U and 6U cases are actually 89 HP wide, and if you replace the PS panel, you've got an extra 2 hp.
-- Vow3ll
I'll be darned if you're not right! :)
Today I received my Quadrax QX Expander after searching for one for the last 4-5 months. It was the last component I needed in order to fill out the top row of my Rackbrute 6U. With the rack on Modular Grid, what I had in place for the advertised 88HP fit perfectly, but after moving my modules around to match how I had it laid out on MG, there is 1HP gap at the end.

I wonder why they didn't just build ventilation into the side of the panel? even a smaller circular vent would have been very efficient I think. I don't know how effective a 1HP gap will be but I guess its better than nothing.

-- jb61264

No idea, but my 6U's are heavily modified - power, custom ventilation, mixed media decoration. Why? For the same reason, I build custom PC's when others buy them off the shelf.

a. I've run completely stock -full 6U cases and had zero heat problems. And I've tested them with the same gear I use to do heat map, airflow, and ventilation design for the PCs.

b. Working to make some custom powder-coated blanks with varying ventilation designs and colors in useful hp sizes, but covid and paying projects have slowed things down a tad.

I use the Furman AC-215A for my rack, and everything (computer/gear) runs through an Eaton UPS.

The RackBrute 3U and 6U cases are actually 89 HP wide, and if you replace the PS panel, you've got an extra 2 hp.
-- Vow3ll
So Arturia falsely advertises 88HP? Not sure I'm following you...their website specifies 88 for 3U, 176 for 6U
What are you suggesting replacing the PS panel with?
-- jb61264


I've been looking for the DIY replacement panel, but it's been over a year since I was looking and have yet to find it.

The RackBrute 3U and 6U cases are actually 89 HP wide, and if you replace the PS panel, you've got an extra 2 hp.

Thanks for the suggestions! Haha sorry, I totally missed where you said hardware.

Of your non-modular samplers, is there one that would be able to successfully use orchestral samples? Have you tried something similar/had any success with it?

I’ll check out the module suggestions as well, actually haven’t heard of Rample! Looks like it could helpful in terms of sample grouping…
-- ethanlawrence

I haven't, but Biggi Veira uses an Akai MPC2500 to run his whole show including using midi to control the Doepfer modular.

Also, what Lugia said...

I was referring to hardware, ergo: MPC X, Octatrack MKII, so on - as I know full well the desire to get away from the DAW - my day job.

And modular excels as being a happy accident, song starter, concept, idea-generating machine. As I've run everything from classical to jazz through mine while trying to incorporate them into Techno, House, or Ambient.

Anyways, I can wholeheartedly recommend these samplers.


I run a sample-based rack for music. But for what you mentioned there are far better ways to it, than modular.

Akai, Elektron, Native Instruments, and Pioneer all have great sample-based hardware.

I got into modular because I've been making music in DAW's for a long, long time... and needed distraction.

But it was only after dipping my toe into the pool with a Moog / Erica starter rack, that I came to the conclusion that I really needed limitations to thrive creatively - probably why I love the Teenage Engineering OP-1 so dam much - these are all the functions, they are not limitless, this does this, that does that, go...

So, I set some reasonable goals, set some absolute limits (hp)(rack size), figured out what I wanted to do, and how I was going to do it - I love sound design, and I already have all the hardware and software needed to make killer samples, loops, whatever.

  • built - sample-based modular rack.

Works for me. Your mileage may vary.

*edit (postscript): also - splice>samples>rack = hours spent smiling incessantly.

Thread: Instruo 84

I completely forgot about the GXN, hopefully, it's out soon. Super-good build by the way.

Wow. If I hadn't already bought the Intellijel's TPS80W 3000 mA boards (because the new updated GST90A15-P1M power bricks were on Mouser), I would have definitely gone for those Trogotronics - 10A is crazy-land power.

Yes, we need to get those Telepods invented ASAP, hopefully, better than Brundle's attempt. I already miss brick and mortar (everything) and COVID put the death nail in so it's only going to get worse.

FedEx is terrible, the last five (modular) deliveries were all late by two or more days, the Dyson I ordered was left just inside the gate next to the sidewalk as they couldn't be bothered to even bring it up to the door, and it was signature required.

DHL is just as bad, the ECR+ I ordered was shipped "Express" on the 12th, the updated delivery date is the 23rd, how that is 3-day express is beyond me.

UPS is right up there in the race to be the worst carrier, every time a package goes through the main hub it sits there for days.

I'm not even going to mention Amazon or USPS because the majority of the post would be (expletive deleted).

The majority of the LFO, VCA, and other "necessary" modules are provided digitally via the *ES-9 interface (VCV/Softube/Reaktor 6/Reason/Air/Madrona/Bazile/Buchla/Voltage/Kilohearts/DAW) on all my builds.

The "starter" rack in the studio: https://imgur.com/yYtVTNM