Hi Garfield,

Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me. It's very generous of you :)

Hi GM and thanks for the reply.

I must be missing something. All of these modules are described as Eurorack. What must they be compatible with exactly?

Is it a voltage spec or firmware?

I was under the impression these modules were universal

School me please :)

Hello all,

I guess this is the usual newcomer request for helpful advice thread.
I am a complete amateur with a developing passion for synths. I have recently ordered the Neutron and look forward to cutting my teeth with it when it arrives.
While I anxiously await its arrival I discovered this site and thought I'd have a play and hopefully learn a bit along the way. I have the Moog model 15 app and thought I'd have a crack at replicating what I could using the Behringer system 55 range of modules.

There seems to be a few gaps with what Behringer has on offer and what is on the IOS app so I'm unsure how practical this set up would be.
I'm definitely interested in putting something like this together once I know how it will all work and the price being as attractive as it is for the Behringer modules should allow me to just get away with it without the Wife getting too angry with me ;)

Thanks all and I look forward to hearing some thoughts :)