Thread: Patch #1

Thank you so much! I appreciate your time!!

Thread: Patch #1

Dear @the-erc Thank you I've been enjoying so much.

It helped a lot. I have added and changed things up a bit. This is my current set up.

how would you patch this? If you are able to provide any direction I greatly appreciate it.

Million Thanks!!!

Thread: Patch #1

Hi @the-erc ,

I have tried your patch and its sounds so good!! Thank you for the direction. I'm going to experiment and add my op-1 by teenage Engineering using FH-1 expert sleepers to generate additional sounds! Cant wait to explore further.

Thank you

Thread: Patch #1

Thank you for your recommendation @the-erc I appreciate the attempt. Can't wait to try this patch!

Thread: Patch #1

Hello, can any one please help with patch ideas for this modular. Appreciate the guidence and ideas.
Thank you

Forever grateful for the guidance @Lugia. Cant wait to experiment.

You've got the uModII already? Well, don't let it go! I've thought for a while that that was a superior piece of gear, especially due to the separate "SUM" and "DIFF" functions. Most ring mods don't let you go there, and if you can find a quadrature VCO to pair with it, you can get fairly close in behavior to a Bode Frequency Shifter. Not spot-on, but pretty close.
-- Lugia

Thank you @Lugia for your insights. Excited to try it. Trapezoid Thru Zero Quadrature VCO by Doepfer as a pair to uModII?

ModularGrid Rack

get a quad cascading vca - such as veils or intellijel - either will be able to be 4 vcas, 4 external input amplifiers, a 2-4 channel voltage controlled mixer

Maths is a great module - but it is more than the sum of its parts - google the unofficial "maths illustrated manual"

kinks is another great module that will add a lot of functionality in a small space = including logic!
-- JimHowell1970

Thank you @JimHowell1970 just followed you on instagram

With your suggestions, updated rack looks like this. Appreciate the direction from both @Lugia and you
ModularGrid Rack

Thank you @Lugia for detailed feedback.

It would be foolish not to listen to experienced users as a beginner. Understood on the size of the rack. Expanding it will be wise and pair down from there.

I already own uModII but as this is my first move into the rack I'm not completely set on the set up and believe that it's better to take suggestions of more experienced users then try to learn through errors. I'm sure there will be plenty down the road anyway.

If I understand correctly it would be beneficial:
1. loose pico drum
2. no Circadian Rhythms (use stand alone machine)
3. need to add VCA (Erica synth is V2 is a good option here?), attenuators (something like Maths?) and logic (can Maths serve dual purpose for logic and attenuator)
4. Boolean logic by Adventure Audio?

Thank you again for the guidance.


Thank you in advance for any feedback. I'm new to the modulars and spent sometime thinking whether I should jump into it or not and after signing up to Chris Meyer's course decided to try.

This is my first attempt. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I'm a big fan of Plastikman's (Richie Hawtin) music. This is the type of music I would love to achieve to play down the road. I'm planing to use my OP-1 with it.

Can you please advise:

  1. placement (in which order) of the modulars inside the rack. I bought Make Noise 3U 104HP Skiff?
  2. what am I missing in this set up to achieve beginner level electronic music?

I appreciate the support and love of this community.

Thank you

ModularGrid Rack