Thanks for your feedback. I learnt a lot from your comments.

All the best

alt text

Based on your feedback, I came up with this one. It looks like the Disting EX could cover many FX duties, so took out the dual FX and added the Pico DSP. On Ronin's recommendation, added the small Pico CV/ Audio Mixer to cover the extra 3hp. Finally, added the Pico RND for extra modulation and randomness.

Thanks again for your helpful comments.

The P/S for the Rackbrute is missing; you'll find it under "Arturia" in the manufacturer list. And I don't think that Neutron belongs in there, since it already has a cab and power on its own. You want to use the not-exactly-cheap Eurorack cab space for things that DON'T have those. Or, a better way to put it:

Rackbrute 6 = $359 @ 171 hp (176 - 5 for the P/S). $359/171 = 2.10 (ish). This is the cost per hp of each space in the cab.
Neutron cost = $329. A Neutron takes up 80 hp, so $2.10 x 80 = $168. This is the cost to house the Neutron in the Rackbrute, which you would then add to the Neutron's cost, giving you an ACTUAL cost for the Neutron of $497.00.

Honestly, you would probably be better off if you used the space the Neutron's stealing for a basic voice AND a good sequencer AND some modules to screw with timing for the interface with the Minibrute AND the Neutron. The above might look convenient, but it's going to cost you some real $$$ in the long run.
-- Lugia

Thanks very much for your detailed feedback, Lugia. I feel very fortunate to be able to ask experienced users these questions in this forum - it's a great learning tool, and saves beginners like me money.

Thanks for your point about adding the power supply to the build. I will have to add that to the rack.

I appreciate your thoughts on the redundancy of the Neutron. To be honest, this build will probably be a slow one, owing to finances, with the first rack (pictured) taking a while to come together, before stripping out the Neturon and adding another voice. For that, I thought of the Morphagene for its compatibility with Beads as a start.

I guess you may have already checked this one, but the combination of Morphagene and Beads seems like a real winner. Add to that a Pamela's and Akemi's, and I think I would be sorted for a while.

Once again, thanks a lot for your time and detailed comments.

All the best

If you're looking for pieces to add to your Neutron, it's okay. But if you remove the Neutron, you're pretty limited.

If you're going to buy a Disting, get the EX. It has more features and a better display. It can also do the work of two of the Mk4 Distings in most cases. A small submixer that can also handle DC would be nice. Rings, Filter 8, and the Disting can all act as oscillators and you might want to combine them or some CV in a patch.
-- Ronin1973

Thanks a lot for your comment above, Ronin1973. I really appreciate your feedback about the Disting Ex, and totally blanked on that when loading up the case. It really does look like an excellent addition to this set up.

I agree with your comments regarding an additional small DC (operable) mixer. Would you have any recommendations?

Thanks again!

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Hi All,

I have just ordered the Minibrute 2s and am looking to purchase the Rackbrute 6U.

*I already have the Neutron and will look to sequence the rack with the sequencer on the Minibrute.
*Eventually I will look to replace the Neutron when funds allow.
*Joranalogue was included for juiciness and functionality (also considering the Polaris)

Is there any redundancy here or anything else I have overlooked?

I greatly appreciate any comments/ feedback.


Many thanks to you both for your replies. I am very grateful to be able to ask these questions here!

Thanks again for your comments, Jim! Point taken re LFO and functions.

I agree with you regarding the Neutron space hog issue, jb. Actually, it's a 'gas stop' until I can start filling the bottom rack;)

Many thanks again!

Dear all,

I am looking to enter the modular rabbit hole with the Minibrute 2s and Rackbrute 6u system.

I am looking for a versatile semi-mobile set up with the potential for live jamming with friends. Following feedback on previous racks, I have whittled it down to this set up.

• I already have a Neutron
• The sequencer on the Minibrute 2 s will be used for sequencing duties
• Feedback on previous rack posts mentioned the importance of utility modules. Would the 2 LFOs on the (Minibrute), patch bay on the Neutron and the Maths provide enough in this regard?

Here’s an improvisation to give an idea of the musical territory.

Any feedback would be welcome and much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Hi Jim,

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback on my post. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to give your honest appraisal and module suggestions.

Your post has given me few very useful hints regarding mono vs stereo in a modular rig.

Many thanks!


ModularGrid Rack

This will be mainly used for jamming with a group and solo exploration. Looking to sequence it with the Keystep Pro.

Would greatly appreciate your feedback before taking the plunge.

Here's a link to a solo improvisation below.

Many thanks!

Thanks greenfly. Those Dreadbox modules do look great! I have been lusting after the Typon for a good while now, too. :)

Thank you all for your feedback. I agree that this set up lacks modulation and sufficient mixing capabilities. Lots of food for thought. Thanks!

ModularGrid Rack

Hi all. I'm new to all this and would very much appreciate your opinions. Basically, I'm on a very tight budget and trying to set up a portable rack for groove/ ambient purposes and live jamming with my group.

I'm sure I must be overlooking some fundamentals. Thanks for any feedback!

  • Pam's for clocking
  • New Cre8audio modules (bang for buck)
  • Envelopes, Amp & Mixing in the middle
  • Pico drum set in the middle
  • Mutable (enough said)