@JimHowell1970 SOLD! I never looked at the Tex Mix, but it seems amazing! Love that it's expandable and the price tag is a huge plus! A bit of bleed will certainly not bug me, very used to it:)

ModularGrid Rack
(Not sure why the preview doesn't show the updated rack... hahahaha)

@JimHowell1970 Thank you much! Would the Mixology do the trick on the mixing/panning? I've gotten to use one a while back and liked it quite a bit. seemed very straight forward. And the Black Output instead of the XOH?

@jb61264 I'm fine with some menu diving, especially as it seems to have some good tutorials around! Thanks for that!

Thank you so much for the help!

@JimHowell1970 I absolutely see what you're saying! I took the DPO out as I think it might just be a bit "much" and did the same by replacing the filter. The DTM also sounds great, thanks for that. Took your advice on the Pamela too, I've only ever messed around with the Tempi but heard from people that they really like Pamela.
I was looking at the Mantis actually and it's great to hear that they hold up! They look great and the price point is a real plus :)

@jb61264 Oh man, the DistingEX got my attention! hahahaha

ModularGrid Rack

Hi all,

I'm looking for some help putting together a first rack. Here's a bit of what I'm looking to do:
- I use "classical" and semi modular synths but this will be my first modular system.
- I'm looking for a 6Ux104HP case so there is space to expand eventually but it stays portable.
- This will largely live away from any DAW, so I'm looking to house FX in the rack.
- I'm looking for a good all around system with which I can produce dark ambient sounds but mainly learn a new way of creating music.

Thank you all so much already for your help and advice :)