hey @dubheadz !
btw what kind of reverb do you use in this one?

-- mamonu

Hi, there! FX chain comprises Milky Way from Endorphin.es and Boss RV-6.

Lol :)) Thanks a lot for the kind words, @Garfield ! It is indeed self generative but I don't remember exactly the modules involved. Turing Machine from Music Thing Modular and Mal-2 from Sonic Potions provided the base voltages. I was drunk at the time of the recording anyway and it happened sometime ago.
I have some fresh takes on Instagramif anyone interested https://www.instagram.com/iondelirescu/


I wanted the sound to have volume and a wide stage. I tend to center my patches on low frequencies and build from there. I use tape because I like its effects on the overall soundscape.
If it sounds majestic, that's great. It's a fine compliment. It encourages me to post more sessions. I much of the time get caught in the act and forget to hit rec.

These are interesting patches. The range of beautiful tones is impressive. Trying to think of the right adjective to describe your sound... “majestic,” maybe?
Great work!
-- farkas

I would personally need an esquisite analog vco in that setup. I could make do for a long while just like that + the vco...

Thank you! Quite delighted to be here! I've been a lurker for some time, but now, as my setup grows bigger, it helps me keep track of things...:)

Nice vibes @dubheadz, welcome and thanks for sharing!
-- troux

Ok. My very first post here so... Bless you all!
I call it deep ambient sometimes, music for trippers, psychedelia... It gives me nice vibes most of the time.
I control the thing in parameters, I patch it, and still I am amazed of the output. It has a life of its own and this makes me very much apprehensive about my role in the process.