I'd been recommended to have mults, just so you have the option of using one source of modulation/cv in multiple places. Could save the space and just use stackable cables I guess but my understanding is that buff mults keep the signal more consistent vs passive.

Yeah, not concerned about adding more voices too soon. I've got 7 between the 3 moogs.

Thanks, Jim.

I already own the Moog trinity and have them in the stacked tower config. Migrating the Moogs into this case is all about saving desktop space for now. I was going to build a smaller case and put it beside the Moog tower, but once I filled it up I'd have to spend another $1,000 on a bigger case, so just decided to start with the bigger case and put the Moogs in there until it's full. If I ever do fill it up I'll move the Moogs back into their tower and have another 180hp to start filling up. I'll just have to figure out a new desk at that point.

Once I get my case built I'll probably just start with the buff mult, maths, & batumi. Then we'll see what happens. I'm sure some of the other choices will change over time.

Appreciate the input.

Focus will be on darker sounding cinematic/ambient