Hello, after careful consideration I’ve decided to take a dip into the fascinating modular world. I’ve been watching the State Azure channel on Youtube since I’m into ambient myself as Sonmi451. So I've purchased a Pico Case with an Instruo Arbhar, a Make Noise Morphagene and a Happy Nerding FX Aid. But now I'm stuck... Can someone please explain what cable to use in order to get a sample out of the stereo out laptop or AC out of my Focusrite One into the Arbhar input? Same question for the Morphagene input. I have some mono patch cables but I’m in a bit of a conundrum on the switch/difference between AC and VC. I have a little Behringer USB mixer: how do I output the modules out’s to the inputs of the mixer? I’ve seen 3,5 to 6,3 patch cables: can I use these to lead the signal to the Behringer? For the moment, the Behringer is the only mixer I’ve got, the Focusrite One only has a guitar input which I use for my Mother32. I've searched and searched but I can't find a clear answer on the internet. Any advice highly appreciated !