Hi guys,
I am starting to build my first modular setup. I have got a case (Arturia Rackbrute 6U), sketched a couple of ideas for my first modules and ordered MI Rings as my first module :) One thing that worries me a lot is cables, and I need your advice on that.
What patch cables are good ones? (I ordered a couple of stackable ones by TipTip audio and a couple of regular ones by Doepfer to test)
What is the number of cables that is optimal for an average bedroom modular setup?
Are there any good ways to organize cable storage on the desktop so that the cables are easily accessible and there is no cable salad on the table? I did not find any suitable solution. The modular-specific Youtube bloggers usually keep their cables behind the camera so I have no idea how to place an optimal number of cables in a small bedroom space. For now, I am thinking of using IKEA SAMLA storage box.
Do you have any good suggestions?