what do y'all think about the erica synths black eg? I want something pretty simple to start with honestly. i want to explore with making my own synth voice for a little while. i have the erica synths wavetable vco already. i'm waiting on the a-106 doepfer x-treme filter, and the intellijel quad vca as soon as my next check comes, or stimulus money. but anyway, this should get me a pretty simple synth voice i presume? any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated as i tend to learn the more i read everyone's replies, etc.. -justin

wow, thanks. i have a lot of things to ponder now. i am definitely going to make some changes. i appreciate everyone's input and i think i have a much better idea about things now. I'll probably post again once i have a 'final' setup.

wow, thanks. this is starting to make a lot more sense. i think my original thought that i didn't ask was what the difference or if there is much of a difference than a 'mixer' or an output module or is the mixer basically serving the same function?

also i got the maths because i thought it was a filter. i still also need a envelope generator and a proper filter i suppose-if yall have any suggestions. also for an lfo. thanks a ton!

Thank you guys so much for info! I’m very new to this. I’m very new to this and I will just be happy to get sound out of this. So far I have the Erica Synths VCO and the Tiptop 808 module. The others are in the mail. I ditched a few things, now I’m looking to see what else I will need. I’m curious about my outpost module. I would like an output module that will give stereo outputs.

Anyway this is what my rack looks like at the moment.

ModularGrid Rack

*I got rid of the A-190, The Dual ADSR, and the Make Noise Output module.

Thank you’ll a ton!

Thank you! Got it fixed!


There's a link to the picture of it-I'm not sure how to post it on this forum. Again, please excuse my ignorance. And thanks a ton!

ModularGrid Rack

i am extremely new to all of this honestly. maximum 2 months of researching or just watching youtube videos on the subject. i'm still very much new and inexperienced with patching and signal flow/control flow, but i find it fascinating. I got really excited and ordered a case /power supply and a few modules, which I am now thinking was probably too fast. I should have waited, and learned more first but either way I am super excited to try and begin patching. I would absolutely love any and all opinions about what modules I choose to purchase. I think what I purchased should produce sound? I'd love to know what else you'll think I could use or need for my basic system. I'm sorry about how new I am to this and I apologize if I am butchering any phrasing or information. Any help would be super helpful and greatly appreciated. I'm glad to be apart a cool community that really dig into and love electronic/modular music.

Arturia 2x88HP Eurorack Case
Tiptop Audio 808 Bass Drum module
Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO
Make Noise Maths Complex Function Generator
Intellijel Quad VCA & Mixer
Doepfer A-190-4 USB/MIDI-to-CV/Gate/Sync
Intellijel Dual ADSR
Make Noise Rosie Cue System with FX
Patch Cables
Midi Controller Keyboard