Also a BIG thank you to SCALEBRAIN for designing this rack, I already see that it's better than mine and as I said I will pull the DFAM out once I can get enough money. I wanted to start this project and build on it gradually!

I agree with Lugia - also note standard size for rack cases is 19" which gives 84hp a row - not about 100hp - so unless it's a special order you may be disappointed - or you are confusing us (me) with thon rack case and purpose built 104hp thon eurorack case

also had a quick look at ASEC - music was ok, but I hate that frentic constantly micro moving knobs and touching the modular for no purpose performance style - the only module he really appeared to be paying any attention to was the erica bassline - by that I mean he twiddled those knobs for at least 2 seconds continuously at one point - he seemed to spend much more time interacting with the elektron boxes than with the modular

also I'm not convinced the DFAM is that good for "riffy hypnotic leads" - I think you would probably be better off with something else for this and for "hypnotic" I usually think of modulated reverbs and delays

-- JimHowell1970
ASEC is not the only one that inspired me I also did a lot of research on Blawan, Ansome, Surgeon and Benki.
As far as I checked DFAM is really good for this kind of techno as it's not just a drum synth, but again I may be wrong about that as I am completely new to all this.

If you don't have the $$$ for two cases, then don't put the DFAM in the cab. It's that simple. It already has power and a housing, ergo it doesn't need one, and by putting it in the Eurorack cab you're not only inflating the cost of the DFAM for no good reason, but you're taking up much of an entire row of the Thon cab that should be filled with modules that need both power and housing. And 60 hp is NOT a trivial amount of space! Same advice applies to the Neutron as well.
-- Lugia
I don't even have enough to fill the rack all at once so I want to have at least two functional synths in it for now. As I would progress with filling up the rack I would eventually take it out and replace it with other modules.

Yes I apologize for not explaining it in the post. So I have an separate groovebox (EMX-1) which would be for making drums and some synths (speaking for a live situation). So the eurorack would be for more percussive sounds, leads or riffs. Wanted to do it a bit like ASEC (check him out on youtube).
DFAM would mostly be for riffy hypnotic leads.
I would also like to use this setup in my studio for now as I do not have enough money to make two cases (one for studio and one for live).

In conclusion the rack would serve as the main synth and percussion part for live techno.

Hello guys,
I am new to this community and I decided to build my own Eurorack. I am starting with building my case from a Thon rack case (about 100hp and 6U). I already have a Behringer Neutron which I now is not that good but I will use it until a can afford to replace it with better modules.
This is my rack:
ModularGrid Rack

I would love to hear your opinion on it and if it's even functional like that.
Side note:
I will first buy the things that are on this rack and then I am planning on removing the Neutron and replacing it with better modules.
This is the final one:
ModularGrid Rack

Thank you for all your answers :)