That is very cool. It peels like the real thing. Very nice!

Reuploaded to fix the high frequency noise. Luckily I ran the delay output to its own track instead of blending them, so it was an easy fix.

One hour ambient modular self driving patch.

Like Tiki Bleepy one, only twice as bleepy.

Dug out an old Sony Walkman from the 80s and plugged it into my rack. Ran it into my interface at first just to see if it would even turn on and was surprised to find that a lot of the FM radio stations were still there and still playing the same music they would have been playing the last time I used it. That is where I got the title for this piece. These stations are ensconced in amber, stuck in place and perfectly preserved history. In a way I was dismayed that they seem kind of stuck in place for 30 plus years, on the other hand I am glad that all that music wasn't just thrown away and forgotten.

The first thing that I did was started adding plugins on top and made a really cool piece that I was thinking of posting here, but it isn't at all modular. I'm not sure if anyone would want a Walkman + Ableton plugins track posted here. Then I ran it into my rack and had fun for hours. This is a little bit of that.

Thread: Mento Foam

Self driving drone with a voice over of a psychologist examining a schizophrenic. I see that Halloween decorations went up middle of September, which seems a bit early, but I can groove with that.

Self driving patch

Atmospheric soundscape inspired by watching nighttime live streams of the Space X spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas, and pondering the significance in pedal depressed pan chromatic resonances and other highly ambient domains.


Thread: Mumble Drone

Self driving modular

Thread: Blade Wader

This one reminds me of the trailer shots for Blade Runner 2049 that are on a lake shore. It was created with my usual process of designing the scene and letting the synths run without touching them during recording.

This is a piece that I made as a follow up to The Near Future.

I never thought that I would see the day that I would title a piece what I titled this. Today people here will celebrate this day and I don't understand what they think that they are celebrating.

Thread: Tiki Bleepy

Thank you both. I hear a room full of people playing various percussion instruments. I am not sure what an alien fire drill is, but it sounds fun.

Thread: 2079

Thank you. Glad you like it.

Thread: 2079

Meris Mercury7 reverb

Thread: Tiki Bleepy

I ran into a problem rendering with Ableton for a bit where it would cut off the track before the end, so this has an abrupt ending. As usual for me it is all synths synthing themselves, no touch while recording, no post production.

No touch, no post production. Pitttsburgh Modular Sv-1b, Moog Subharmonicon, Eowave Titan through a Doepfer Wasp Filter, are the main voices.

The Sv-1b is the bubbling and most, I think it might be all, of the other mid frequency sounds.
The Titan through the Wasp is the raspy mosquito drone type of sound. Not drone as in synth but drone as in quad copter.
The Subharmonicon is the low frequency whump.
The sort of shot that rings out is a Minibrute.
Reverb is a Meris Mercury7

Very nice track!

Cool track. It's like it has a point of view that is constantly moving forward.

Very cool, I like how it sounds like all the parts are pushing and pulling on the rhythm.

Thank you for the kind words! I don't remember exactly what I used on this but I think it is a Doepfer 101-2 low pass gate through a Pittsburgh Modular Crow filter. There also might be an oscilator in front of the LPG. It might be a Crow being pinged and run through another Crow. The reverb is a Meris Mercury 7, and it does sound great cranked, but I try not to do that all the time. As far as the voltages triggering and varying everything I don't remember but I usually start with a couple of waves through logic or a clock divider. I spend hours patching and tweaking to get it to sound human and realistic.