What do you want to get out of physically patching synth modules that you're not going to get out of a DAW or traditional self-contained synth?

-- Ronin1973

A number of things really, some easy to explain and others not so much.

I've been making music on computers for over 20 years now. I've taken a hiatus from music for the last 5 and I'm looking to get back into it. I currently work on computers doing video editing and social media stuffs so I want something that will allow me to have a more visceral hands on approach top music making and less screens and drawing curves. Ultimately a computer will be necessary in order to capture and finalize but the goal is to do as much of it hands on and live as possible.

The plan is (at this point) to create multi leveled and textured music that is simultaneously industrial/aggressive and delicate/beautiful (yeah...I have no idea what that means either!). The rack I have currently laid out is what I consider Stage One...a few vital components that I either know I will need and have fallen in love with matched top some utilities to create a setup that is somewhat useful with the Minibrute 2S to start with before Stage Two.

Stage Two starts with a greater understanding of what I have, where I want to go and what I need to add to make that happen.

Thanks guys,

You've given me some great tips there, a few things I wouldn't have even thought about!

@Cangore I'll have to look into Kinks ...a little bit of random on noise sounds right up my alley. Mutable Links is something else I'll need to look into....so many options it's easy to get over whelmed!

Blades is pretty much only there as a placeholder. I know I'll want a filter and I was impressed with what I saw from MI

@JimHowell1970 I have Beads on preorder. I'm willing to wait for that one besides...it gives me time to figure out the other stuff. :D

RE: Veils & Maths Likes I said, I'm new. No idea really which versions are the newest. When it comes shopping time I'll p[probably grab which ever ones my local retailers have (unless I find a good deal used)

I was planning on running the output through the Minibrute to start with then expand with mixer and a seq on the next round of impulse shopping.

attenuation/attenuversion a is somerthing I hadn't even considered.

As for planned music? something between old school industrial and early periods of Aphex Twin with a dash of 80's New Wave...I think...we'll see what it morphs into :D

About to take a leap into the world of Eurorack and go on a spending spree.

I have a Minibrute 2S and I plan on getting a Rackbrute 6U to start building in.

AS far as I can tell I've covered all the bases here but I am admittedly new to this, Can y'all see any glaring omissions?

ModularGrid Rack