hello, thank you all for the kind replies!
I'm thinking about adding a complex oscillator like the void modular one. I also stumbled upon the joranalogue generate 3 and the 4ms ensemble oscillator. what do you think about those two?

I tried to build a rack around the 4ms ensemble oscillator: ModularGrid Rack
I've never had a bigger system like the one I posted above. therefore, I'm not sure if the one I build has everything I will need.

again, thanks for your help!

dear modular grid community!
I need some advice for my last module I want to add to my system (right now).

this is my current system:
ModularGrid Rack

I think that my pamelas new workout and my new nerdseq are a little redundant, especially for my little system I want to build. I guess I will trade my pamelas for a new sound source.

Just some information on what I'm doing or want to do in the future: these are some examples I sequenced with pamelas:

I was happy with it for quite some time, but I wanted more control and keep some randomness in my sequences. this is where the nerdseq came in. it's probable a little overkill but in the end besides the supreme sequencer capabilities I got a lot of modulation outputs (lfos, envelopes), a sample player + basic digital oscillator voices. I'm planning something in between ambient / electronica music production (complete without the computer).

I'm fairly new to the modular world, and my current feeling is a need for a new voice / oscillator. There is the disting ex and I use it a lot for all kind of sound sources, but I also want the other functions of it as well (you know what I mean?). I sometimes use the filter 8 for oscillator, but then I don't have a proper filter. That are my thoughts right now. I'm currently looking at the make noise telharmonic, sto or intellijel dixie. I don't want to spend more than €250 (used) - maybe a little more. are there any other good sound sources you think are out there that would my system pretty well? If you have some other recommendation I should consider as well, please let me know! :-)

I appreciate your help a lot!